Ghost Whisperer

Season 5 Episode 14

Dead to Me

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2010 on CBS

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  • To the guy below; You are blaming them because you don't understand a simple plot. The ghost followed Alex, it wasn't arbitrary. And you didn't know Grandview had a hospital? Thats stupid. Do you know acting on a professional level?

    No. You don't. So don't say they were not professional. Only that you didn't like it. Thats just your opinion, not any failing on the part of the show. The plot is very clear with the head doctor at Jim's ward(not Jim's boss btw). He is also a professor of medicine who taught Jim. At the hospital that has been in Grandview as of the first season, even if you haven't noticed. He was going to be university president. But the shadows wanted Bedford, so they could get the book. So they discredited him. Its all logical. He is a new character, so thats why he isn't more deep yet. We just met him! Or do you think only the people that Melinda knows well, so they are well known to the audience should ever be important to the shadows, who have a world wide reach? Thats pretty silly. Also, this depth thing...Eli has plenty of fleshing out as a character. You might not like him, but its not a problem with the writing. A well written show isn't all "chilling plots" where dead people misunderstood something and its resolved before parting. It has to have more, even if you don't like it.
  • I was very disappointed with this Ghost Whisperer episode. The script is poorly written. The characters from this episode were poorly introduced and things weren't executed professionally.

    Why is Ned being used too to bring about ghosts so much? It feels a struggle to watch an episode. The dialogue between characters seem to be poorly written. Ned's teacher is a very bad actress and doesn't provoke enough sympathy throughout along with her new love interest. The end to the episode was great and chilling. It was the only proper ghost whisperer bit to it. It feels like Ghost Whisperer has lost its story telling arc. It's too much of a coincidence that ghosts keep showing up at the hospital(which just suddenly appeared in Grandview)and at Ned's college They don't explain things enough, which leaves no emotion in any episode. The shinys and Shadows are a good sub plot and will obviously play a big part in the finale of the season but the filler episodes are just too hard to watch. They're poorly told and involve a poor cast except for Mel and Co.
    Ghost Whisperer usually is about shocking twists and stories connecting with each other brilliantly. It seems that all of this has vanished. The writers need to up their game or else GW will lose a lot of viewers!
    They don't explain anything anymore. They just throw stuff at the audience and expect us to deal with it. For example: Jim's boss was suddenly part of the whole big plot in his first episode. There was no depth to his character, which I found really interesting in past Ghost Whisperer characters. I don't like Eli for the same thing.
  • As Ned's occult Anthropology professor is haunted by a mysterious ghost. Ned is trying to help his professor by communicating with the Ghost by Quija boards. Ned suspects that the ghost was the dead boyfriend of his professor.

    As Ned becomes more involved on the haunting experienced by his professor. Avery Grant Ned's professor was getting the wrong impression that all the weird things that happens to her was all Ned's doing. But as Melinda intervene Avery was able to understand clearly that she may be haunted by his dead boyfriend. Avery attempted to communicate with the ghost with the Quija board given by Ned but she was not able to communicate.

    Ned is getting obsessed on communicating with ghost as he was able to get a tool to communicate with them. Eli also tries to solve the mystery but only added to the equation by adding Avery's grandmother to be the possible ghost. Melinda got a message from the ghost to stop intervening with Avery's issues. Aiden gave Melinda a very helpful information by sensing the girl ghost who's communicating with the Quija Board. This girl is the daughter of the Video rental shop owner. They soon to find out that the girl who's haunting Avery was also involve on Avery's dead boyfriend cause of death. View Complete review:
  • A... different episode!

    An episode which was very touching and very sweet, this one was basically the whole package. It combined some great heartwarming scenes ast the end, with a great storyline and some great acting.

    I really enjoyed the idea of th e 'spirit' board. It was a spooky theme, that's for sure, but I loved the way that they ended off this episodes.

    The storyline was really sad, and I loved the ghost and what she tried to fdo for the father and the professor. Really sweet stuff!

    I'd highly recommend this one, and I think that this show is fantastic! Can't wait to see how it will all end, but it will be sad to see this hshow go. Keep it up, guys!