Ghost Whisperer

Season 2 Episode 13

Deja Boo

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2007 on CBS
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Melinda finds that she must stop a ghost who doesn't want to be reincarnated again. Melinda finds out that someone knows her secret. Delia has second thoughts about a dinner date.

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  • Ghost Busting Just Got Personal

    Okay. This episode was soooo much better than the last. Both the ghost story, and the stories surrounding the main characters were engaging, well written, and easy to get invested in.

    So let's start with the ghost story. This time, we're adding a new twist with the concept of reincarnation. It was a cool idea to have a ghost be identified by all of his past lives as well as his most recent one. The banter with Melinda and Payne about how he wanted to stay one step ahead added some nice comedic moments to the episode, with the final stamp on the gag being delivered by Jim, who is also one-upping her ghostbusting skills.

    Eric's story becomes linked to Jim and Melinda in a way they never imagined. This was such a great way to bring back Melinda's doubts about having a child. I was completely shocked when Melinda realizes that the reason she has been feeling sick is not because of having to deal with Eric's multiple identities, but because his next identity was to be that of her and Jim's child. Woah! The reactions that result from her and Jim are written well within their pre-established feelings about parenthood, which is an issue that has come up several times before. The conversation they have in the living room was something that I think both of them needed. While the two of them, as I've said before, are clearly partners who are willing to sacrifice most anything for one another, they have never within the world of the show explicitly stated that to one another, and definitely not in the midst of a big life moment like this. It has just been kind of a general assumption based on character observation and interaction. I think this story, if anything, solidifies them as a couple that the show is not going to mess with. Raising doubt about whether or not one of them might be able to handle a big life change, like the one presented in this episode, allows viewers to question what would happen to the core of the show were something to separate the two of them. Honestly, for me, Jim and Melinda's relationship is extremely important to the overall appeal of the show. My heart broke just a little bit when Eric says he will stay for Melinda, and she says that is why she wants him to leave. I feel like it completely tears her up that she is not ready for something that she knows would make Jim so happy. The fact is, her reasons for not being ready are completely understandable and within reason, something that Jim also realizes. I do hope though that she can work through these feelings and get to a point where she is ready for a child, as her and Jim will make excellent parents, as Eric so duly noted.

    I was so happy and excited for Delia in this episode, and then that ending just totally ruined it. Why do I feel like Jim might end up in some trouble for this one, since he assured Melinda that Tim was just shy around women, but that he is really a nice guy? I'm sorry, but standing up a date does not make you look like a "nice There will be fallout, I just don't know who is going to take the brunt of it. Unless Tim magically had some brilliant excuse for why he was a no show.

    Overall, this was a great episode. It has interesting stories, and the way they all twisted together was well done. Kuddos to the writers of this episode. No season arc stuff this time, but I was okay with it because of all of the character development/story progression that went on. When I tend to get upset is when we get a boring episode of the week that also has no tie to the rest of the season. This episode was by no means boring. It is one of my favorites of the season.

  • This is one of the best episodes of the season.

    I was really happy with this episode. It was a great twist having Melinda be pregant. It really shocked me. It also really shocked me when at the end she wasn't pregnant anymore. It was interesting how once she didn't get to have the baby she actually seemed really sad. I was suprised that Delia's date didn't show up. I am expecting that that issue will be brought up again. It was a great cliffhanger involving Delia's life. I was really pleased about the light humor between Melinda and the Proffesor since the show in general is very serious. This relationship makes the show a little more light-hearted at times. This episode had a great plot.moreless
  • Touching. The kind of episode I want to see

    A ghost who keeps being reincarnated and doesn't want to be born again. Melinda definately had a challenge with this one. He didn't seem to know who he truly was. Melinda was getting really sick with this one. When I heard that she might be pregnant I was excited for her. The end of course was the best part of this show. Jim loves Melinda and would be proud to be the father of her children. She really needed him there for her. She was not pregnant in the end but she did manage to cross Eric over when he learned to really love and know what it means to do so. Especially when he said that he would come back to be her son because of her.moreless
  • Melinda meets a ghost who seems to have multiple personalities and does not want to cross over.

    This was a very powerful and moving episode. Melinda tries to help a ghost who has been reincarnated at least 4 times, but he does not want help, nor does he want to be reincarnated again. The ghost, Eric, seems to be following Melinda's college friend, Holly, who is expecting and due any day. Eric says he will do anything he has to not to be born again. Holly is rushed to the hospital in labor. Melinda sees Eric in the operating room, but cannot go in. When Holly's little girl is born, Eric is still there to Melinda's surprise. Then she has a realization that Eric may be attached to her, to be reincarnated through her baby. Eric hears how Melinda and Jim will take care of him and love him and offers to stay, for her. Through this selfless act, Eric sees the light and his fathers. Melinda wants him to go to the light. Later at home, Melinda and Jim find out together that they are not pregnant and neither one knows how to feel about it. I cried like a baby myself.moreless
  • This has to be the best and saddest episode yet!

    OMG this yas to be the absolute best and saddest episode of Ghost Whisperer that they have every made. I absoulutely loved it. I have to say that I was crying the enire time. Like when Eric was going to go through one more life for Melinda. And then I was so happy when Melinda thought the was prenant and then once again at the end when the pregnancy test came back negative I was crying my eyes out. I also can't believe that Tim stood Delia up, he was so sweet at the beginning, how could he do that. If I could I would watch it over and over again, it was just so good and yet so sad.moreless
Monica Keena

Monica Keena

Holly Newman

Guest Star

Niklaus Lange

Niklaus Lange

Scott Newman

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David Rogers

David Rogers

Eric Sanborn

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Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr

Professor Rick Payne

Recurring Role

Thomas F. Wilson

Thomas F. Wilson

Tim Flaherty

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    • Melinda: I don't know why the ghost is hurting Holly, I don't even know why he's obsessed with her.
      Jim: Holly used to be a poster child for "Girls Gone Wild", you don't think it's possible?

    • Delia: You're going to think I'm crazy.
      Melinda: You would be surprised at my crazy threshold.

    • Eric: Sounds crazy.
      Melinda: Eric, you're dead and yet you're standing here talking to me. Let's get a grip on what's crazy.

    • Professor Payne (to Melinda about Eric): Come on, this guy had multiple personality disorder when he was alive and now he's dead, so he's using his alter-egos to haunt you. That's it, case closed. This ghost thing is easy once you get the hang of it, I don't even know why you guys make such a big deal about it.

    • (After Melinda's pregnancy test is negative)
      Jim: I'm not sure how I feel.
      Melinda: Me neither.
      Jim: I do know one thing.
      Melinda: What?
      Jim: I'm ready. No matter what's ahead for us. I'm ready to go down any road with you. Go through any door. I know that now, more than I ever did.
      Melinda: That's all I need.

    • Brenda : (About Eric) You know, my brother was a selfish bastard. I gave up everything for him. My mom died, I raised him. My dad died, I skipped college so he wouldn't have to go into foster care. This store, this is his dream, not mine, but I put everything I had into it to make it work, and he couldn't care less. That's who he was.
      Melinda: So why do you keep doing it?
      Brenda: Because he was my brother.

    • Brenda (about Eric): You know, I kept thinking that em, if he could see how much I loved him then maybe one day he would love me back.

    • Delia: You look familiar to me.
      Tim: Delia Banks.
      Delia: No, that's me.

    • Professor Payne: You know what? I think I'm a little tired of you using me just for my brain.
      Melinda: Oh, if only that were possible, but so much of your mouth comes with it.

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