Ghost Whisperer

Season 2 Episode 19

Delia's First Ghost

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2007 on CBS

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  • Wow. I loved this episode. Very unpredictable.

    I thought this episode was very unpredictable. I was sooooo surprised when Melinda told Delia that she could see ghosts I thought Delia would act somewhat like Andrea. I hated Delia at that moment. Ahh I love it Jim is soooo supportive. He's just soo adorable. I thought Charlie would be soo much different especially when he's talking to Melinda. I didn't think he would want Delia dating other men especially Tim. I liked thats flashback scene they showed with Charlie and Tim it was pretty kewl. I knew that Delia was going to come back to the store at tyhe end though because that was pretty predictable but that was the only thing that was predictable. This wasn't my favourtie episode but it was one of my favourite for sure. This is the reason why Ghost Whisperer is my second favourite show though. I'm sorry but I really love Grey's Anatomy and that's my favourtie show.!! Anyhow .. i can't wait to watch the next eppy of Ghost Whisperer .
  • Heartbreaking and warming all at the same time

    I wondered when we'd meet charlie, so much has been said about him. I think this was a very good way of getting Melinda to tell Delia about her gift. Delia's first reaction was so heartbreaking, i really felt for Melinda, but also understood where Delia was coming from. I'm glad they are still friends though. Well well written and very well acted. This is another brilliant episode. The naked ghost was well inputted to lighten up a serious episode, and it was good to see that melinda could still carry on helping others, even if her life was going down the pan. Made me laugh and cry all in the space on an hour.
  • Congratulations on another episode well done. I was especially riveted to my seat on how Delia's response was going to be for Melinda. I am happy to say that it brought tears to my eyes as it is great that she has another friend.

    I would like to congratulate the stars and producers who make this show soooooooo enjoyable to watch. I can never get enough of this. Why can't there be more episodes made. This is my number one show that I watch. There is another show that I thought was top of the list, well now Ghost Whisperer is above that. I have watch this show over and over again in case I miss something the first time round. Having Delia in this show is a wonderful idea, but I was disappointed to lose Andrea. This episode I would rate 10/10. I can't wait for the next one.
  • Great episode, Melinda finally tells Delia she can see ghosts and her husband, her reaction by quitting the antique shop, telling her to stay away from Ned was pretty sad. This episode also featured Muse Watson her "I Know What You Did Last Summer co-star

    The effects of Delia's husband Charlie haunting her was pretty good sequence with the photo going from the table to the mirror and the moving of the lipstick and Melinda, Ned playing a joke on the landlord by freaking him out. Getting turned away by Delia as she tells her that she is nuts and does not believe it that she can see spirits, and quits the antique shop, but goes to her for answers when something disturbing goes on in her apartment and at the end feels her husbands presence as he crosses over and goes into the light
  • WOW! This was another great episode!

    We finally get to find out more about Delia and her husband! I felt so bad when Melinda told Delia about her gift and how Delia reacted to it. Good thing Melinda had her husbands shoulder to cry on. I was surprised at the end when it ended up that Delia's husband Charlie wanted Delia to be with Tim and nobody else. The naked guy was a really funny twist and it made me laugh. This was one of the greatest episodes of the series and I watched it with my mom and we were both crying at the end. If you do not watch this series you should it is one of the best out there!
  • Delia finds out about Mel's special gift.

    I was disppointed in this episode! Delia was such a naysayer. I kept getting the feeling that she is darker than meets the eye. She goes out of her way to make sure there is some reasonable explanation to the the supernatural going on around Melinda. I think she goes too far. I think Delia might be a working with the underworld ghosts that want to see Melinda fail. Her loving attitude seems so fake. Melinda is truly trying to explain how things work for her and Delia brushes her explanations aside. Beware, I think there is a lot more to Delia than meets the eye.
  • Another wonderful episode. :)

    Whew. Just wanna let you know that I cried in this episode.
    Actually I cried in many episodes. Hee. xD I'm so emotional sometimes. So anyway. Okay, first, the naked ghost. LOL. The look on Melinda's face everytime she bumps into him is funny. xD

    Oh. And I not very surprised to see Delia's reaction when Melinda told her that she could see ghosts. But still, I feel sad for Melinda. She doesn't deserve all these.

    But in the end, all's well ends well. Yay! Fredric Lehne did a great job playing Charlie. I can't help picturing him as the Yellow-Eyed Demon though. Muahaha.
  • Melinda gets a new friend!

    The writing for this show was way out there - very good! There is a naked ghost running around Grandview that Melinda has the help and a real estate agent who suddenly is now working at Melinda's Antique store. She looks nice enough to become a good friend to Melinda after the death of Andrea (so very sad) and may be the ear Melinda needs to bend about the naked ghost and other things. Yet, when she catches Melinda talking to herself and Melinda explains why, she brushes her off. Still, Melinda needs a friend and Melinda is used to this kind of reaction. Melinda gets naked ghost crossed over and wonder's if she will be able to trust her new friend, Delia.
  • OMG! I cried so much, it was really heart-breaking....

    Well, when I say I cried, they were "man-tears" but they were real! I really enjoyed the opening of the episode; we get to see more of what Ned is like, and who is friends are. We get to see MElinda get closer to Delia, she's helping her get ready to go on a date... I hated that... (I can't remember his name!)... stood Delia up! GRR!! she is so gorgeous! .... .... I loved how Melinda felt like it was time to share her gift with Delia.... and Delia's reaction! I CRIED so much! Their performances were amazing!! they were so believable! Melinda finally helped Charlie cross over, which is something that had to be done.. he only wanted the best for Delia... and she is going to get it. What a tear-jerker, but an AMAZING episode.
  • Another terrific one, in a long string of terrific episodes!

    This was an extremely enjoyable episode of Ghost Whisperer for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it! The stroyline to it was amazing, and it was great that Delia finally found out aboute Melinda's gift.

    I liked the fact that there were two ghosts, but a little bit of it seemed too rushed, in my opinion, so it may have been better as two separate ghosts.

    I also thought that it was quitre an emotional one, and I was quite upset at Delia's reaction. I wonder whow she'll respond to this change in coming episodes.

    Overall, an amazing episode! I've been enjoying the last few immensely, so keep it up, as it's certainly on the right track! Great episode of Ghost Whisperer!
  • awesome

    i loved this episode...i'm so glad that Melinda finally told Delia about her ability. But i was so mad when Delia called Melinda nuts...Delia should know that Melinda wouldnt just make something like this up...when Charlie was telling Melinda that he wanted Delia and Tim together i was so excited becuase i love Tim and Delia...but i was suprised when Tim had started to bring them together from the very beginning...

    And i loved the naked ghost...he was to funny...everytime he would pop up i would just i'm so glad that Melinda could help him...

    I just hope Delia accepts what Melinda can do..and hopfully later on she can believe in what Melinda does.
  • Melinda dealing with so much on her mind!

    Very heartwarming episode and one of the best of the
    Year as Melinda deals with not just one but two
    Ghosts at the same time. As she helps Ned to deal
    With a ghost that scared him. And another ghost without no
    Clothes on. While she shares her secret with Delia who catches her yet again talking to herself. Don't know how Delia took it well or not.
  • I loved this episode.

    I loved this episode so much. I always thought it was kind of interesting that Delia didn't know about Melinda's "gift", but I always wished that she did know because they have gotten to be such good friends, and it would be nice for Melinda to have someone to talk to. Anyways, I loved the way they introduced Melinda's ghosts to Delia. Having her husband come back was great. I am glad we finally got to meet him, and I think it was good for their son. One of my favorite things about this show is the relationship between Melinda and her husband. The love and understanding he shows her is fantastic, but what makes it even better is the fact that Melinda shows it right back to him. They are a great couple.

    Oh, and P.S. I am glad Delia didn't end up quitting. I love her character.
  • thankfully not too predictable

    I appreciate that Delia did not just blindly accept Melinda's ability. That would have taken away the friendship and acceptance factor, and it would have demeaned the "difference" of Melinda. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if Delia ever accepts and believes what Melinda can do. If an encounter with her husband can't do it....what can?

    All the little hints at danger around Melinda? I wonder when that will be defined more clearly for us. At some point, the hints given will get tiresome and maybe even boring. I hope not. And I hope that Melinda and professor payne do NOT have an affair, which is pretty typical for TV plots....(not related to the episode but a thought).
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