Ghost Whisperer

Season 4 Episode 17

Delusion of Grandview

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 2009 on CBS
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Sam helps Melinda as she tries to figure out what is happening to a kindergarden class before anyone gets hurt.

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  • I classify this episode not as a tear jerker though it made me cry, I classified it as pivotal because in many ways it is......

    ...This episode was a rollercoaster ride between the more comical moments with Eli, and the seriousness of the whole Jim/Sam/Melinda triangle. The ghost story itself was really good and well done. For some reason this episode/story freaked me out more then the others, especially when the "doctor" came into the picture. I don't know if it was the fact that these were psych patients or if it was that fact combined with them influencing the kids, or maybe it was the whole idea of whispering into anothers ears and twisting their thoughts.

    Now onto the Jim/Sam/Melinda ordeal and first an foremost I am going to start Calling Jim/Sam, Jim. Because its like Melinda said Sam's gone and so I'm going to act like he is. Poor Jim....having no memory of his life before and then being thrust into a world which he doesn't really believe exists has to be exceedingly difficult. You could really see how it was Affecting Jim, how overwhelmed he was and how he was trying to believe and understand for Mel's sake. And when she told him that he wasn't Sam but Jim it was the final straw and you could actually see it in his eyes the moment it happpened, the moment when he gave up and stopped trying. I was crying throughout this entire scene feeling a mixture of emotions varying from Anger to sadness, to hopelessness. But that Final scene where she tells Jim to get out for me was what made this episode so piviotal. Since Jim's death and self induced reincarnation Melinda has been so hopeful of getting Jim Back. While everyone else around her was also hopeful but more realistic in understanding that Jim might never remember who he was before. And now the tables are turned its Mel who's given up hope and I knew the moment she gave it up to because once again it was piortrayed in her eyes and her actions. When Jim tells her she needs professional Help. I do believe that's the time when she decided that like Sam, HER Jim was gone. Because her Jim would never tell her that if he was even there in the slightest.

    And if I thought I had been crying before it was times 2 compared to the couple scenes before. Such a pivotal moment for now their relationship has hit rock bottom and is moving side to side now the only direction to go is, up. At least i hope so......

    Also the "doctor" at the very last scene has got me wondering....will he start whispering in Melinda's ear now that she is at her most vulnerable? If so what will he whisper? And how will it affect her?

    these are all questions that hopefully will have some light shed on next week. But as for this episode I give it ten because its such a wonderful balance of plot and drama. Something that most shows can't eveen do for one episode, always having to sacrifice one to be able to move the other foward. This episode proved that, that wasn't the case.moreless
  • A great episode with a return of the tunnels and an evil ghost.

    Well finally the writers remembered that evil ghosts and the Old Grandview exists. It was really great seeing Melinda defeating a dark spirit again, these scenes are very emotional. And so... Now Sam knows everything. I don't know really why, but I think that the scene where Melinda told Sam the truth about him could have been much better. But the ending was perfect - we see that Melinda is just too tired of all this and she just gives up. I think that it's a very interesting choice made by the writers. And when that evil doctor looks at leaving Jim/Sam, we are made sure that this is not the end. I think that the last episodes of this season will be epic.moreless
  • a little scary, dramatic developments, interesting well acted new villain, shakes things up in a very interesting fashion...

    This was a great episode. I'll get my one criticism out of the way. There was a spark missing in David Conrad's performance and I think maybe he is trying too hard to act not as himself/Jim, and that is somehow dampening the more charismatic energy he usually has. Just some idle speculation on my part. That said, the story was great - with a little scariness like an old fashioned ghost story, as they descended into those malevolent tunnels. The new bad spirit is a twisted psychiatrist interested in messing with the heads of both the living and dead. and furthermore with this week's developments he now has a defnite axe to grind with Melinda and he is giving off a vibe of really looking forward to that challenge. He promises to be very very interesting to watch. Good actor - like, i forget he is an actor he's so convincing as this smart and sinister predator. Really good linkage this week too between that ghost of the week story and the ongoing meta plot of jim/sam and melinda. Jim's little speech that turned everything around to sound like it is all in Melinda's head was so well formulated to be a plausible explanation for everything that it almost had me doubting her! Did dr bird have a hand in that? This could all get reeeeeally dangerous for Melinda. It's not just her love life that's at stake any more - this could get really dicey for her on many levels depending on how far Jim/Sam decides to take things and I have a feeling someone will be urging him on with whisperings in his head.... Sometimes it seems things are too easy for melinda on this show - too perfect and cute. this is shaking all that up, which makes for interesting drama and setting up for the end of the season to be really good...moreless
  • The Sam/Jim storyline is heading for a close.

    The ghost story was scarier than normal. The ghost was actually being possessed by another ghost. The Dr. Bird ghost doctor didn't want anyone to cross over into the light. Sam/Jim pretended to believe in Melinda/JLH. She asked him to leave at the end of the episode. Nate/Eli/Delia got more screentime. Ever since JLH started producer, she had given other characters a chance to act more. Kudos for her. Dr. Bird wants revenge on Melinda for helping other ghosts to cross over into the light. My theory is that he had been possessing her the whole time that Jim was asleep. Maybe she was in an alternative reality. There was a Charmed episode like this one.moreless
  • Ghost fooled by doctor stays to prtect children. Melinda helps it understand why she was commited and how the ghost have been fooled by the doctor. Jim gets confused even more.. to the breaking point.moreless

    See above

    Or ill just copy paste he he

    My very first Review. And here it is!!

    WHAT A TWIST. I can not wait till the next episode. This i had never in my wildest dreams thought. I hope Jim gets a wake up call. A happening that makes him realize everything and where mmemories come flooding in. Maybe his brother if he has not yet gone into the light.

    I am thrilled with joy over this series. Would be fun to ba an actor in here and be a lost Norwegian ghost in GrandView

    I need 100 words and i hope i have that now.moreless
Michael O'Keefe

Michael O'Keefe

Dr. Byrd

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Ogy Durham

Ogy Durham

Penny Stovall

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Darby Stanchfield

Darby Stanchfield

Greer Clarkson

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Kenneth Mitchell

Kenneth Mitchell

Sam Lucas

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    • Eli: Oh my...oh my god. You're psycho. I'm not going in there with you.
      Melinda: Doctor Byrd is a shrink. You don't go into the knife fight without taking your knife. (points at Eli)
      Eli: I'm really not that sharp.
      Melinda: Get in there. Go!

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    • Featured Music:
      "Ocean and a Rock" by Lisa Hannigan
      "Life Beyond" by Sara Haze

    • Michael O'Keefe (Dr. Byrd) and Mark L. Taylor (Doug) also worked together in the season 1 episode "Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned" of Saving Grace.

    • Darby Stanchfield (Greer) also worked with Kenneth Mitchell (Sam) in several season 1 episodes of Jericho.

    • Mark L. Taylor (Doug) also worked with Camryn Manheim (Delia) in a few episodes of The Practice.

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      Denmark: April 28, 2009 on Kanal 4
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      Australia: June 18, 2009 on Channel 7
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