Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 17

Demon Child

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Melinda comes across the spirit of an infuriated young boy, who's terrorizing his mother and baby sister.

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  • Eh...been there, done that.

    That's all I have to say about this episode. It tries to convey some type of "special" emotion but just made me want to stop watching already!

    Melinda must help this very rich hard-working mom because her dead son is haunting the new nanny, who is not HIS old nanny. The very busy-working mom never paid any attention to her son and he wants to tell her he loves her. Whatever, this episode is so full of jargon the end kind of made me sick.

    Sounds a little harsh, but I mean: come on! This show is better than that!

    Just a filler episode...moreless
  • I very sad episode.

    On this episode of Ghost Whisper titled Demon Child was a very sad episode.

    This episode is about a boy named Daniel which Died in a car accident. This though in a very sad conclusion is due to the accident was his fault. The part is that what puts the story is that Daniel was withnessed by his nanny at the time which he said his final words, and now he wants the Nanny with help of Milienda to tell Daniels mom his final words.

    Here is where it gets interesing. Daniels final words where to his Nanny at the time where "I Wish You Where My Mother". OK that part is done but here comes the really sad part is when Daniel goes back to when he was last alive. It was about on how what kind of life his parents where living with the money but not being around him. She promised she would spend sometime with him. This is how the tragity happens. Daniel was lied to and ignored. Out of anger he steals his mothers car and while pulling out is slamed by a car as he was pulling out and dies.

    The sad point of the story which I did't tell in the beginning is that what I thought was Daniel haunting the baby is him protecting it. Daniel wanted his mom to protect the new baby by spending more time with her. This was a very sad episode.moreless
  • Poltergeisting all over the place

    Give "Demon Child" credit for lots of poltergeist spunkiness, as a young boy's spirit appears to have it in for his mom and her infant daughter. I figured out what was going on in about 10 minutes, but I will leave it to you to dope it out for yourself. The kid playing the mischievous apparition is quite believable, and a lot of roughhousing goes on in this episode, including people getting knocked downstairs and the baby girl momentarily "disappearing" from her crib. The ending is one of the biggest tearjerkers this show has come up with, so be prepared with the facial tissue. Lori Laughlin, formerly of "Full House", is the harried and harassed mom.moreless
  • Has a really good moral.

    Melinda has a seller who is selling her most of her furniture in the house to be sold in the antique shop. Melinda grows interested in why Christine would want to move, a great house and nice furniture isn't really something most people would run away from. Melinda plays P.I. in this episode and finds out that the house i being haunted by Christine's son who died about a year ago. The kid is what most people would call a "Demon Child." The boy was never really close to his parents as a kid. His parents worked all the time, and one day he got into an accident, which caused his parents to get a divorce. Like most people in grief, Christine found someone to blame, and that someone was the boy's old nanny. All the boy wants is for his mother to pay for attention to this babby sister and for his old nanny to have a better reputation and start helping kids again. That's what finally made him cross over.

    I liked this episode because it had a good moral to all the parents who work hard all the time, and don't pay much attention to their children. The same parents who let the nannys do all the work with the children. Overall, good episode.moreless
  • Never forget what you have promised

    This episode was scary. The way toys started to play by them selfs and things went on and of just like that.

    In several epsiodes we saw the ghost getting more powerful and this was no exeption. The boy looked a bit scary too with his dark eyes.

    Halfway down the episode I started to wonder how this episode would end. Jessies nanny felt down the stairs and in the beginning, I thought Daniel was after her.

    I turned out to be wrong, because he was after his own nanny who was there the day he died. Instead of hurting her, he just wanted to talk with her and his mom about the sad things that happened the day he died in a car accident. That accident happened when he ran out the door, mad because his mom didn't remember the promiss she made.

    Ofcourse his mom and his old nanny understood everything and things were solved out so Daniel could cross over.

    This was a great episode, I just wonder if there ever comes a time Melinda can't help a ghost.....


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