Ghost Whisperer

Season 5 Episode 7

Devil's Bargain

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2009 on CBS

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  • loved it....

    WOW! this episode was soo good and interesting!! all week ive heard complaining that melinda pole dancing was inappropriate but it was only a vision people!! But enough about that... the shadows storyline is sooo mysterious and interesting that ive been on the edge of my seat!! the ghost story this week was really good and presidentbenford (whatever his name is) mysterious and suspicious! him doing business with the shadows?? omg that ending was creepy, with the shadows possessing benford's comatose mum!! and the shadows killed her OMGGG!!! i cannot wait for more of these episodes!!! season 5 best season ever??
  • Ghost Whisperer takes back POWER

    In this episode, we can see Melinda pole dancing in a strip club while she tries to help a deceased teenaged girl crossover and worry about Aiden's fear of the Shadows. Ghost Whisperer
    Began Sept. 23, 2005
    Fridays 8:00PM CBS

    Jennifer Love Hewitt
    Camhryn Manheim
    David Conrad
    and other people we don't really know...

    Melinda Gordon is a unique individual with the ability to communicate with dead people who desire to crossover the other and rest in peace. But as complicated as it is to do with those sad stories we have to cry about and horrible-tragic deaths. Melinda owns an antique shop with at first, Andrea that was killed in an airplane crash, and now ex-real estate agent, Delia. She is married to Jim Clancy, a man who works as a medical man.
  • Some good stuff, some not.

    What happened to Ghost Whisperer? I mean really, having Jennifer Love Hewitt pole dancing to boost ratings? I'm not complaining, but come on, the show is capable of so much more than this. When they have supernatural stuff going on such as paranoia, ghost attacks and other crazy things, the show is just so fun, but when the drama is believable, the series is not too entertaining. The opening five minutes of this episode revolved around a surgery? Really?

    I did like seeing Duck from Mad Men as Jim's superior though, and would like him to stick around, although that seems unlikely.
  • Ghost Whisperer enters even further into its awkward teenage phase.

    How has this show fallen so far? What used to be a cute tear jerker with touching and realistic relationships between the main characters has completely deteriorated over the course of two or three seasons into a ridiculous story arc that continuously gets worse and worse; this episode really epitomized just how bad this show has become for me. I frankly can't see where they're going with this nonsense, but it's painful to watch, and this episode was the worst I've seen yet, I think. The mythology that they're trying to establish just isn't particularly interesting nor does it stay true to the roots of the show.

    Frankly, although it's probably too late now, they should revert back to their original winning formula. What they're doing now merely serves to alienate their original target audience. Furthermore, not every show on TV needs to become the next Lost. I'll continue watching in the hopes that it grows into something interesting, but I'm sincerely skeptical that that will be the case.