Ghost Whisperer

Season 5 Episode 10

Excessive Forces

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A youth whose death was ruled an accident points Melinda in the direction of the Grandview Police officer who may have actually killed the boy.

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  • It wasn't spectacular, but it was still very interesting.

    I thought that this episode had a very interesting storyline and the case was quite interesting, althought not really suspenseful or nail-biting.

    I thought that the car being towed away was hilarious, and the new car present for Melinda was very sweet and nice.

    The case was interesting, but it didn't create any suspense at all, which wsa the major letdown for me. However, I still thought it was interesting to watch and well-structured, so I highly enjoyed it for that reason.

    I would recommend this episode ad it features an interesting case which I personally enjoyed. I don't think it is remarkable or anything, but worthwhile, and highly enjoyable!

    Great work, Ghost Whisperer!moreless
  • To start with my review, I'll give this episode a score of 7. Not a to suspense episode on this case. Not also a scary one. But the plot will keep on watching the episode up to the end.moreless

    To start with my review, I'll give this episode a score of 7. Not a to suspense episode on this case. Not also a scary one. But the plot will keep on watching the episode up to the end. A lot of twists and turns all through out the episode. As I've mentioned on my last review from the last episode. I thought there would be an additional character to be added on the cast. But on this episode it was not the case. I hope that they will add Det. Sam Blair on the cast. Read full review:
  • Solid episode.

    A bit of a unique episode of Ghost Whisperer tonight as Melinda struggled with a police officer she believed to be corrupt, rather than a ghost throwing a temper tantrum and refusing to go into the light. For that reason I enjoyed things for the most part, but found the twist with the child being responsible for covering something up and the father's crime just being a bit irrational, to be unfortunate and disappointing given the build-up that had preceded it.

    This show is still fun to watch, but it's kind of been getting lost in the shuffle lately, what with Dollhouse and Ugly Betty returning and Medium, a similar show, airing on the same day.moreless
  • A police officer is mistaken for being an abusive cop. Melinda at first thinks a young boy ghost had been killed by the cop, but his death was an accident.

    As episodes go, this one was fairly well written and performed. My biggest problem, however was the shameless use of product placement with an internal commercial for a new SUV, the Arcadia. I found it offensive and a pointless part of the total storyline. It's only purpose was to plug the car and added nothing to the script. I generally really hate commercials and usually mute them. As producer of the show, Jennifer Love Hewitt, I believe, sold out the quality of the show by allowing her sponsors to dictate what gets put into her show. She obviously made a bunch of money for doing so. Either way Jennifer, I love your show, But please don't ever do that again.moreless
Charles Malik Whitfield

Charles Malik Whitfield

Officer Douglas Ramsey

Guest Star

José Zúñiga

José Zúñiga

Officer Luis Simon

Guest Star

Yaani King

Yaani King

Anne-Marie Ramsey

Guest Star

Connor Gibbs

Connor Gibbs

Aiden Lucas

Recurring Role

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