Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 21

Free Fall (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Melinda experiences a sense of dread when she realizes that a plane is going to crash when the spirits of the pilot and flight attendant contact her.

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  • An impending doom has started to come towards Granview, and Melinda starts to realize it. She eventually comes to the conclusion that a plane will crash.

    This was the episode that lead to the first season finale. This episode may have be one of the best episodes on television, period. There is a mystery that keeps you compelled, and intrigues you to figure out what the horrible event that is going to happen actually is. The acting, as usual in the show, was fantastic, everyone stepping up to the plate. I must say that i like the idea of expanding the antique shop, and i wish that the event will happen soon. So a plane crashed about a mile, give or take, from the shop, and seeing the plane above them, it looked real. It was amazing. However, my one critique is that i wish that the episode ended with "To Be Continued" after the plane crashed, and not after all the ghosts were seeen. Other than that, FANTASTIC!moreless
  • My definite favorite episode (part 1)!!!!!

    Wow... This was one excellent episode. The first time I was watching this one, I've been getting chills at least every 5 minutes, or even 3! A plane crashes and somewhere around a 100 people die... But the chilling thing is that they were flying in the plane already dead, frozen!!! They died even before it crashed!!! That's so spooky and creepy... Imagine that happening in real life... A ghost-flight with frozen passengers... I mean I know ghost-flights happen once in a while, but this was one major chiller-event! ...And let's not forget about the people that were caught under the plane... Brrr! ...When the dead people started walking through the park, that was one MAJOR chill for me. Well done to the writers for writing this one. Well done indeed.moreless
  • Heart pounding excitemnt and tearjerking ending.

    I couldn't breathe during this eipisode because of how exciting it was. It starts with a pigeon hitting the window of Melinda's bedroom and continues with chilling weather litterally ! Melinda keeps getting these confused messages from the dead like " your the one " and she keeps hearing them but no explanation but when she finds out that this is all coming from a plane that has not yet landed but was going to land soon in area near her she runs all over the place trying to save everyone. Andrea's brother might be on that plane. Scary from begging to end. The way each scene was set seriouley gave me goosebumps like when the pilot thew himself off the building across Melinda's antique shop I almost fainted. The direction was great and so was the producer who was Jennifer Love Hewitte and her performance was better than ever like when she saw that Andrea died I almost cried from the look on Melinda's face. I can't believe Andrea died, she was my favorite character, I was so upset :(. Great episode. Absolutely loved it.moreless
  • The beginning of the end...

    Melinda experiences a sense of intuition after she realizes that a plane is going to crash when the spirits of the pilot and flight attendant contact her. Melinda tells Andrea about her premonitions and Andrea is worried for her brother who was meant to be flying out from Johannesburg that very day. Andrea and Melinda attempt to warn people about the impending crash, but when Melinda informs Andrea that the plane was from Johannesburg, Andrea decides to head over to her brother's apartment in an attempt to contact him. Shortly after Andrea has left, the plane crashes over the town. Melinda is surprised when Andrea returns saying that she was driving near the crash site when the crash occurred. To her horror, Melinda realizes something that Andrea hasn't realized yet. Just then, the spirits of the dead passengers from the doomed flight arrive. The flight attendant whom Melinda was contacted by earlier informs Melinda that she knows that Melinda can see them.moreless
  • Impressive.

    Free Fall focuses on a crashing plane containing passengers that are already dead. Melinda has a very strange feeling throughout the episode and Andrea gets especially worried when Melinda tells her what she thinks is happening. They also plan to expand the Antique shop to the bakery next door, but Melinda doesn't feel so comfortable about it even if Andrea is pushing for it. The laughing man and the guy wearing all black with a hat takes a bigger role in this episode, but what they are doing has not yet been revealed.

    I found this episode like the peak of what the season has been building up from since the middle of the season. Great job by the writers. Amazing cliff hanger also!moreless
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