Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 21

Free Fall (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Melinda's day gets off to a bad start when she is awoken by the sound of a dove crashing into her bedroom window. To make matters worse, her refrigerator has turned everything in it to solid ice. Melinda realizes that something is seriously wrong when she discovers that it is not just her refrigerator that has turned to ice, but there is frost on the kitchen windows despite the heat of the summer. Hearing frenzied banging at the front door, she opens it only to discover that no one is there, and the body of the dove is gone.

Arriving at work, Melinda finds Andrea outside looking at the building from across the street. It turns out that the business next door is about to close and Andrea wants to discuss plans to expand the business. As they are talking, frost forms on all the windows of the antique store. Andrea tells Melinda that she has already called the air conditioner repairmen. Having a bad feeling, and not wanting to go into the antique shop right away, Melinda decides to go get some coffee. Something about the situation is bothering her. She asks Andrea to come with her and stay out of the store, but Andrea declines, assuring Melinda that she'll be fine.

Walking towards the coffee shop, Melinda has a psychic vision of passengers on a bus all suddenly becoming spirits and screaming in terror. This is unusual since, as Melinda herself says in the next episode, she sees ghosts; she is not a psychic.

Waiting at the coffee shop, Melinda sees the words "You're The One" posted on the bulletin board, when she looks again the words are gone. These words will appear again several times throughout both episodes of this two-part story. The coffee bar barista uses steam to heat milk for Melinda's latte. Suddenly the sound of the steam becomes louder and louder as Melinda experiences an auditory psychic phenomenon. The sound becomes more like that of a jet engine, and overwhelms her for a moment. Melinda is now certain that something awful is in the air.

Finally arriving at the antique shop, Andrea shows Melinda the watch she has bought for her brother's birthday, which is the next day. She has had it inscribed "To Mitch who showed me love never dies." Andrea needs to reset the watch since it has stopped working. As the episode unfolds we discover that every time Andrea looks at the watch, it has stopped working and shows 10:30.

Arriving back at her house after work, Melinda experiences a kind of earthquake. The entire house shakes, and all the windows become frosted over. When she looks outside she sees a man wearing a wide brimmed hat, who disappears when she looks a second time.

That night Melinda has a dream where time seems to stop. She sees Andrea's apartment window boarded over and then she sees windows explode outward with great force. Standing in the open window is the same man with the wide brimmed hat, who whispers to her "You're the one." Waking up from her nightmare, she goes downstairs and meets a ghost who is standing in the shadows. She sees his breath as he says, "We're so cold". His hand, covered in frost reaches out to her and he disappears.

In the previous episode of "Ghost Whisperer" ("The Vanishing") all of Melinda's powers came into question as the ghosts suddenly disappeared. Melinda is still struggling to understand why all the ghosts are gone. The only ghosts she has seen in days are the ones from last night. The next day at work, while discussing her fears with Andrea, Melinda confides to her that she can't shake the feeling that it is more important than ever for her to quickly figure out what is behind this haunting. As they are talking, Melinda once again hears the jet engines.

Andrea, meanwhile, has gone ahead and arranged for a consultation with architect Charlie Filbert. She would like him to help her and Melinda expand their store to include the soon to be vacant building next door. Melinda is not convinced that the time is right for change, but Andrea is pretty certain that change would be good for them. Charlie taps on the walls to show where they could be knocked down for expansion, and Melinda hears ghostly tapping in reply. The ghost says "we're so cold in the cabin". When she asks the ghost who she is she is told "I have to find the door".

Back at home, trying to explain to Jim how she is feeling, Melinda tells him that it is not only a sense of dread, but a sense that she has to rush... and that there isn't enough time to live. She has an overwhelming feeling that they are rushing through their lives instead of living their lives, and that it may be too late to even matter.

The following day at work, Melinda has yet another encounter with the cold ghost. He is wearing a pilot's uniform. He tells her "A captain goes down with his ship". Melinda asks him who is with him, he tells her that no one is with him yet, they are all still sleeping. When she asks him where he is, he says, "We're close."

On a break from work, Melinda learns that Andrea's brother Mitch is supposed to be flying today from Johannesburg in South Africa. Meanwhile the watch Andrea bought has moved forward to 10:30 again. As they are leaving the coffee shop Melinda sees a malignant spirit holding up a watch like Andrea's and laughing.

Charlie meets with Melinda at the antique shop so he can convince her of Andrea's expansion ideas. Melinda sees the pilot ghost again, this time she sees his name tag and sees that he is an airplane pilot. When she asks him about the crash he reveals to her the one piece of information she had been missing all along: there's been no crash yet! The airplane is still in the air, but the crew may all be dead!

Ushering Charlie out of the shop, Melinda tells Andrea what she has learned and the two of them attempt to contact the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the hopes of saving the passengers on the flight! Despite not knowing which airline or where it is heading, they are determined to make sure that the proper authorities are aware of the impending disaster! Melinda hears banging in the back room and finds herself face to face with one of the flight crew from the airline. She learns that mid-flight the plane lost air pressure in the cabin and that there was no oxygen! She also learns that the flight is Trans-Eastern Air 395, from Johannesburg!

She tells Andrea and, certain now that her brother may be on that flight, Andrea insists on going to his apartment in the city to wait for him.

Moments later the sound of jet engines fill the air and the people of Grandview look around then in confusion. Suddenly a huge passenger airliner passes directly overhead and crashes just outside of town, the impact breaking windows and sending glass flying, just like in Melinda's dream.

Jim arrives back and Melinda tells him what she knows about the plane and that Andrea has gone to her brother's apartment in the city. Jim assures her that Andrea will be right back because they are going to close all the roads, bridges, and tunnels. Jim and his partner take off in the ambulance to try and assist any survivors of the aircraft, Melinda goes back into the shop, but discovers that the phones are not working.

Seeing the watch that Andrea had bought, she notices that it has once again stopped at 10:30. The watch on her wrist says 10:35. Melinda realizes that the plane crashed at 10:30. Just then, Andrea enters the shop, crying. She tells Melinda that she saw the crash. The plane came down right over her and there were cars everywhere. She is convinced that no one could have survived it and that her brother is dead if he was on that flight. She tries to find her cellphone to try again and reach him. A speechless Melinda walks across the street and is faced with the hundreds of passengers and crew from the downed plane walking across the village square toward her. The stewardess, leading the group says to her: "I know you see us."