Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 21

Free Fall (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2006 on CBS

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  • An impending doom has started to come towards Granview, and Melinda starts to realize it. She eventually comes to the conclusion that a plane will crash.

    This was the episode that lead to the first season finale. This episode may have be one of the best episodes on television, period. There is a mystery that keeps you compelled, and intrigues you to figure out what the horrible event that is going to happen actually is. The acting, as usual in the show, was fantastic, everyone stepping up to the plate. I must say that i like the idea of expanding the antique shop, and i wish that the event will happen soon. So a plane crashed about a mile, give or take, from the shop, and seeing the plane above them, it looked real. It was amazing. However, my one critique is that i wish that the episode ended with "To Be Continued" after the plane crashed, and not after all the ghosts were seeen. Other than that, FANTASTIC!
  • My definite favorite episode (part 1)!!!!!

    Wow... This was one excellent episode. The first time I was watching this one, I've been getting chills at least every 5 minutes, or even 3! A plane crashes and somewhere around a 100 people die... But the chilling thing is that they were flying in the plane already dead, frozen!!! They died even before it crashed!!! That's so spooky and creepy... Imagine that happening in real life... A ghost-flight with frozen passengers... I mean I know ghost-flights happen once in a while, but this was one major chiller-event! ...And let's not forget about the people that were caught under the plane... Brrr! ...When the dead people started walking through the park, that was one MAJOR chill for me. Well done to the writers for writing this one. Well done indeed.
  • Heart pounding excitemnt and tearjerking ending.

    I couldn't breathe during this eipisode because of how exciting it was. It starts with a pigeon hitting the window of Melinda's bedroom and continues with chilling weather litterally ! Melinda keeps getting these confused messages from the dead like " your the one " and she keeps hearing them but no explanation but when she finds out that this is all coming from a plane that has not yet landed but was going to land soon in area near her she runs all over the place trying to save everyone. Andrea's brother might be on that plane. Scary from begging to end. The way each scene was set seriouley gave me goosebumps like when the pilot thew himself off the building across Melinda's antique shop I almost fainted. The direction was great and so was the producer who was Jennifer Love Hewitte and her performance was better than ever like when she saw that Andrea died I almost cried from the look on Melinda's face. I can't believe Andrea died, she was my favorite character, I was so upset :(. Great episode. Absolutely loved it.
  • The beginning of the end...

    Melinda experiences a sense of intuition after she realizes that a plane is going to crash when the spirits of the pilot and flight attendant contact her. Melinda tells Andrea about her premonitions and Andrea is worried for her brother who was meant to be flying out from Johannesburg that very day. Andrea and Melinda attempt to warn people about the impending crash, but when Melinda informs Andrea that the plane was from Johannesburg, Andrea decides to head over to her brother's apartment in an attempt to contact him. Shortly after Andrea has left, the plane crashes over the town. Melinda is surprised when Andrea returns saying that she was driving near the crash site when the crash occurred. To her horror, Melinda realizes something that Andrea hasn't realized yet. Just then, the spirits of the dead passengers from the doomed flight arrive. The flight attendant whom Melinda was contacted by earlier informs Melinda that she knows that Melinda can see them.
  • Impressive.

    Free Fall focuses on a crashing plane containing passengers that are already dead. Melinda has a very strange feeling throughout the episode and Andrea gets especially worried when Melinda tells her what she thinks is happening. They also plan to expand the Antique shop to the bakery next door, but Melinda doesn't feel so comfortable about it even if Andrea is pushing for it. The laughing man and the guy wearing all black with a hat takes a bigger role in this episode, but what they are doing has not yet been revealed.

    I found this episode like the peak of what the season has been building up from since the middle of the season. Great job by the writers. Amazing cliff hanger also!
  • I must admit that i really love this episode. I love the love story between the two teenagers/lovers. I enjoy it very much

    nothing to say... it's just that i love this episode very much. The characters, and Melinda herself as well. She's so talented. The show seemed to happen in the real world. Harm-warming love story. I can relate to the story but my loved one didn't die. funny! Sorry if i'm not that good in English.
  • A great part one!!!

    What a great way to start the season finale!!! It was exciting, emotional and fast paced!!! The special effects of the plane crash were utterly fantastic. Couldn't do better!!! WOW. How will Melinda cross them over!! It was amazingly done how they all appeared in front of her. just amazing. a great way to nd the first part!!!!
  • I absolutely loved this episode, even if it was a sad episode...

    With 9/11 still fresh in the minds of many people, I'm sort of surprised that TV shows have started to include plane crashes now, like with this show and in Lost. I don't know if anyone who lost family in the 9/11 tradegy watches the show, but I'd be amazed if this episode and the actual last episode of the season didn't trigger some sort of emotion from them.

    Heck, even I was moved (I hate to see anyone in a major cast role get killed off -for any reason). Then again, I've lost people close to me (not in the 9/11 tradegy), and seeing Melinda & Jim deal with Andrea's death (and her ghost) was ... right on. Thank you!
  • Melinda has a felling that a plane is going to crash when the dead contact her.

    In my opinion, this was the best episode of season one. I loved the atmosphere of the whole episode. It kept you hooked from the very beginning and it was creepy when the dead came to Melinda. It was an amazing ending with the tension building up even more and a selection of very good television CGI (the plane). The end was the best when the plane crashes and all the windows of the buildings smash. Ohh it was so good and i really recommend this episode to anyone however you should watch the rest of the series if you haven't already done so.
  • Very Good episode.

    This is the very first episode of Ghost Whisperer that I have ever watched. It is a very good show. The acting was pretty good and it was very well writen. I am deffenatly going to tune in and watch it again next week. It is not the best show I have ever watched but I like it. I find it is not like all of the other shows about people seeing ghost or spirits.

    I hope this show comes back for an other season. I am not sure how the critics like this show, but it think it would be wise of them to make an other season or two.
  • Oh, how I hate the words....To Be Continued!

    This has to be the best episode of the season so far, so close to the final and annoyed that I have to wait till friday to watch it, I still have many questions that seem to bug me, oh if you have not yet seen it then don't read on!

    Is Andrea dead or alive, that scene was kinda wierd it felt like she was a ghost also because of the scene with the laughing man and that watch, could mean Andrea's brother was on the crash but there was no scene with him on it, so my conclusion is that it was her and they have not yet focused on that as yet.

    This was a spooky episode and am glad there was no full conclusion or happy ending as yet as this needed more story-line and ghosts although it seemed better with less ghosts.

    Finally what was that bus scene about? spooky but odd and did not fit totally into what they were trying to say, but then again there is more yet to come so I should be patient and wait!
  • Melinda gets her gift back, too bad it happened in this way.

    What can I say about the "Free Fall" episode of The Ghost Whisperer? What comes to mind is Wow, Exciting, and Chilling, all wrapped up in an hour long episode and a nice segway into what appears to be a superb season finale of the show.

    The episode starts out with many strange things happening at Melinda and Jim's house, first with a dove hitting the window and eventually flying away, to the various appliances and window panes freezing up when she opened the fridge or walked past the windows. As the episode wore on, that freezing became more intriguing and we ultimately learn the reason why what was happening happened, a plane was losing pressure and everyone on board was starting to freeze. However, what I found to be most exciting about that part of the story was that the spirits of the pilot and flight attendant started to come to her before the plane's cabin started to loose its pressure.

    With Andrea, I liked how we got a little background of her relationship with her brother and the birthday gift she got him. However, when we started seeing how the watch she got him continued to stop at a specific time, you got the feeling that he might have been in some way associated with the visions that Melinda was seeing. I have to say that at the end of the episode, once the plane crashed in the town's square, I felt truly crushed at seeing Andrea walk back into the Antique shop with the look of shocked terror on her face, because of how she had a feeling that her brother could most likely be dead as a result of the crash.

    Moving on to the sub-plot of the episode: Jim working with a new partner who had to leave medical school because of how he reacted to seeing blood. While it was nice to see Jim having a little story line, one thing that I didn't like about it was how all he is good for is supporting people, with how he supports Melinda and how she uses her gift, and now the partner, supporting him in trying to get over his phobia. It would be nice to see him in a role other than that.

    And lastly, we once again see the laughing man back to taunt Melinda, this time holding the watch that Andrea bought her brother. The one thing that I don't like about how the writers bring him back every few episodes, is that we don't know who he is or what he means to Melinda. I hope that his storyline gets resloved soon.

    In all, I found this to be one superb episode, the entire hour was spellbinding and made want more by the time the episode was done, a great example of masterful writing and acting. This episode is making me wait for the finale with great expectations of the continued writing and acting involved with the people associated with the show.
  • Clever, Intriguing and Spooky

    All I can say is ... WOW ... and WOW!!! This was such a phenomenal episode ... I loved it. I loved the way the cast made it seem as though something really HUGE was culminating. This show is amazing. I know there are critics out there, that say that every show is the same, it's the SAME thing!! However, I disagree. I think that the show does justice to the individual characteristics of the "dead" that visit Melinda, and that's the whole POINT!!! Obviously every week she's going to encounter a new spirit, that\'s what the show's about, so yes ... there will be a certain amount of redundancy. (Does anyone remember the Dukes of Hazard? How many chases were there, compared to episodes? Should have been called "The Chases of Hazard County")

    In any case, I think the writers are coming up with new and believable ways of people needing closure prior to moving on.

    I love the fact that we see both the Wide Brimmed Hat man ... and the Laughing Man. I found it very interesting that the Laughing Man was holding the watch, when Melinda viewed him in the town courtyard just prior to the plane crashing.

    This show can be funny, quirky, and creepy, I love it. I look forward to the season finale and the rest of this episode. A "job well done" is what this cast, crew, and writing team deserves!!!
  • Powerful

    This ones of the most powerful episodes of Ghost Whisperer. The drama of Melinda trying to find out what happened to the ghost, the plane crash and all that stuff was amazing to watch unfold. I also love the plane crash it looked so real for a tv budget. Also I really loved how everything from the begining is actually coming all together with the Laughing Man, The Wide Brim Hat Man, and the Dark Figure Man.

    The ending was exactally what I wanted to see everyone from the plane crash walking towards Melinda asking for her help. It was also a perfect stop for the ending of part one it just leaves people hanging there waiting to see what happeneds next. The trailer for next week didn't disappoint either.
  • So unbelieveably powerful you would be a fool not to cry from it.

    Holy Cow!! It's hard to describe how this episode made me feel. It was a rush of adrenaline, shock and sorrow. When I saw all those ghosts emerge, I just started crying and I really wanted to find out what happened. We have to find out what happens next week but they left the story off at the perfect side. I hope Andrea's brother is okay. The scene with that man's severed hand was really freaky. I don't blame the man for fainting when he found it. Still, I wish he didn't either since it is his job to handle the injured like that. I will surely tune in next week. I have to find out what happens and how this season will end.
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