Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 13

Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2006 on CBS
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The ghost of an elderly man suspects Melinda's new neighbor of killing his granddaughter.

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  • The ghost of an elderly man suspects Melinda's new neighbor of killing his granddaughter.

    Wow! What a great episode of Ghost Whisperer. I love how Melinda helps ghost pass over to the other side, but what about that creepy ghost that turned up at the end of the episode. I think that is a devil's ghost and this story line will be the season fianle of the season. What a great show.
  • Well what should I say?

    I'm watching Ghost Whisperer ever since it aired and the first couple of episodes where really good, then it started to be a little of the same up to the point I was considering not to watch it anymore.

    With the laughing man they did put a beginning to what will be an arc I hope because I really like things that take longer then one episode, so I was sattisfied with the man in the attic the last few seconds.

    But to go back to this episode and what I think of it.

    It was a good episode, a little bit different from what where used to although the end is always the same. The Ghosts are getting stronger wich I think is great.

    The things I didn't like whas as I said the familiar ending, everything is right after they spoke to the ghost for a few minutes.

    Well I haven't have anything else to say about this episode I just hope that the next one won't be to much of the same.moreless
  • Talk about a thriller!

    Wow. This episode made me jump. The ghost of Lyle Chase looking for the truth about his granddaughter. Even going as far as trying to kill Melinda's paranoid reclusive next door neighbor was really creepy. It also shows how Melinda is not the kind of person to just fall down to an offensive force and be walked all over. Even if Jim wanted her to leave it be, she would rather help. I was really proud of her for not backing down even when things get hard and scary. Our heroine is a real stand-up, strong-willed girl. It maybe a little frivolous to say this but this episode sure was exciting and of course, lets not forget touching.

    Lyle found out about his granddaughter (who was still alive) and apologised for sending her to a place that treated her so badly. He never knew that she was abused and when he saw her the way she was now he said, "I'm so proud to have a strong and beautiful granddaughter." So many tears. It was a lovely episode. And I loved Homer the ghost dog.moreless
  • One of my favorites

    You know the times when you get a new mysterious neighbor? Well for Melinda and Jim, in this episode, it becomes a reality.

    Melinda gets a new mysterious neighbor and has a creepy ghost following him around. She hopes to help her neighbor, but her neighbor ends up looking strangely at her because of her suspiciousness. The ghost is convinced that her new neighbor is a murderer, but the story is actually more complex than the ghost could imagine. They find out at the end that the granddaughter of the ghost is still actually alive, and emotions come out. This is one of my favorite episodes because it is both unique and fun to watch.moreless
  • This was a good episode...

    I'd have to say that this was a good episode. I expecially enjoyed seeing Homer! When the ghost moved in next door I didn't know what to think, I wasn't sure if he was going to be good or bad. He was bad then turned good at the end, they do that a lot. This ghost was defanitely one of the strongest considering he knocked down a latter and cut Melinda with a chain saw. Over all I thought it was a good episode with a good basic story line and to tell you the truth I have watched it many times since I bought the season 1 dvd. Homer!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • This is the first time that we have seen Melinda and Jim argue. Although they have forgiven each other by the end of the episode.

    • The Dark Ghost makes an appearance in a window of Todd's rental house at the tail-end of the episode. Melinda is visibly frightened by the sight, perhaps because she has just seen a ghost who can cause actual physical harm in the land of the living. No further clues about who the Dark Ghost is or what he or the Laughing Ghost want with Melinda were revealed.

    • The dog Homer from "Lost Boys" returns for a second but this time Jim allows her to keep it.

    • This is the first time a ghost uses violence against the person they are haunting and someone actually got hurt from it.

    • Homer the ghost dog barks at the pickup truck. Melinda turns to see the sinister ghost from Undead Comic in the house across the street. The Faceless Ghost is wearing a hat.

    • Nitpick: You cannot turn off the headlights while driving in new cars. Melinda turns hers off when she follows Todd.

    • This is the first episode where Jim continually calls Melinda by a nickname, Mel.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Lyle Chase: (about a locket he gave is granddaughter) They buried me with it, they should have buried her with it but they never found her body.

    • Lyle Chase: The cops knew who killed her.
      Melinda: Why isn't he in jail?
      Lyle Chase: In, jail, they never even made an arrest. No body, no evidence, they could never put a case together. But my heart was broken, I should have killed him while I was still alive. But I promise you, I promise you I will find the strength to make him pay.
      Melinda: Wait...

    • Melinda: I know what I'm dealing with here. You're overreacting.
      Jim: And you're under reacting. People are getting hurt.
      Melinda: I know and that's not gonna stop unless I do something.
      Jim: No, not if it means you're gonna go up close and personal with Todd, the ripper. I'm sorry Mel, I can't let you do this.
      Melinda: Can't let me?
      Jim: Now, come on... You know what I mean.
      Melinda: I know what you mean.
      Jim: It's just too dangerous. Melinda....
      Melinda: Ya, I heard you the first time. I'm gonna go to bed now. If you'll let me, that is.
      Jim: No, now don't go making me the bad guy just because I care about you.
      Melinda: And don't get all noble. There's a difference between caring and controlling.

    • Melinda: Why do you think he killed her?
      Lyle Chase: I know, I just know.

    • Andrea: I have been doing some research into man's best friend. This guy is the best dog trainer in the world, and he says that all dogs have issues.
      Melinda: What kind of issues could Homer have that would keep him here?
      Andrea: Tons. Phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorders.
      Melinda: Or he's just a dog who doesn't know he's supposed to walk into the light.
      Andrea: Maybe he thinks the light is a car coming at him. There's something in here about that.
      Melinda: Yeah... You keep me posted on that.

    • Melinda: I am already involved in this. There is a ghost living across the street, you can pretend he's not there--I can't.

    • Jim: (to Melinda, about Homer the ghost dog) Okay, here's what I think. If we take the ball and we through it far enough, he will keep going until he goes in to the light.

    • Melinda: Maybe you're right.
      Jim: It's rare, but it happens.

    • Melinda: (to Jim) I have to do what I have to do. And sometimes, that's not totally safe. I mean, there's your job, but I don't tell you that I can't let you do it.

    • Bobby: Hey, Jim, is Melinda okay?
      Jim: Yeah, why?
      Bobby: Wanted to make sure she didn't get hit in the head too.
      (points to Melinda talking to herself)

    • Melinda: It would be pretty stupid to bury evidence in your backyard, wouldn't it?
      Andrea: Well, we can test his IQ after we call the police.

    • Melinda: Most earthbound spirits are excited to know that there's someone there that they can talk to and that can see them... not this guy.

    • Jim: I don't get it, why does a ghost dog need to go for a walk?
      Melinda: If I could answer that, I could cross him over.

    • Todd: (to Melinda) You know, everything changed for both of us that night. I mean, she had to become somebody else. And me, I... I haven't had a good night's sleep since. I feel like I'm cursed.

    • Dylan: (about ghosts) I can't see them anymore.
      Melinda: Sometimes that happens when you grow out of it.

    • Jim: (referring to Homer the ghost dog) No crossing the dog over, I like him. I like the way he makes you smile.

    • Lyle Chase: Let him die!
      Melinda: Why? What's your problem?
      Lyle Chase: He's a murderer.

    • Melinda: What's he doing?
      Jim: Getting ready for a hurricane or trying to lower property values. I can't decide.

    • Melinda: Oh, there he is.
      Jim: He who, Todd or the ghost?
      Melinda: Both.

    • Jim: Ghost dogcatcher?
      Melinda: Todd's not the only one moving in at night. (Ghost flies into the house)

  • NOTES (4)

    • Featured Music:
      Sometimes by Damon & Naomi.
      Truth by Vaughan Penn.

    • This episode was originally going to be titled; Ghost Next Door.

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: April 13, 2006 on Kanal 4
      Turkey: December 3, 2006 on CNBC-e

    • Jim mentions the phrase "Dead Ringer" to Melinda, and explains that in the early 1500s, at times people who were not actually dead DID get buried. Apparently, this happened quite often, and thus the idea of a safe coffin was invented.
      A coffin where the recently deceased's hand would be tied to a rope, that came out of the coffin and went all the way up to the ground, where it was tied to a bell.
      If the person actually woke up, his frantic body movement would trigger the bell to ring, and the graveyard watcher would come to the rescue.