Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 10

Ghost Bride

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2005 on CBS

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  • A Ghost Bride tries to stop the wedding of one of Melinda's friends.

    In this episode, an evil spirit wearing a wedding gown haunts Melinda's friend, Lisa. The spirit, who is called Serena, is very opposed to moving on and presents a tough challenge for Melinda. Melinda learns that this spirit is special, because she died on the day she married Lisa's current fiancé. The jealous, vindictive Serena has her heart set on destroying the wedding and the couple, and does everything in her power to interfere with Melinda's attempts to set things right. In the end, Melinda gets Serena to cross over with her true lover, Josh, Mark's best man, who also died in the accident that killed Serena.
  • A Ghost Bride Is Back For Revenge And Haunting Her Husband's New Fiancee To The Point Where She Cancels Their Weddding.

    I.Love.This.Episode.!! :D A Ghost Bride Who Died On Her Wedding Day Haunts Her Husband And New Fiancee Who Cancels Their Wedding Plans.
    A Very Sad Episode...Imagine Dying On Your Wedding Day? That Must Have Felt Awful!
    'Serena' Haunts Mark & Lisa And She Is Just Soo Evil At The Beginning!! But She Turned Good At The End & Crossed Over With 'Josh' Who Was Mark's Best Friend Who Also Died In The Crash.
    The Flashbacks Were Fab 'Coz They Make The Story Really Interesting And Believable.
    Jim & Melinda Talk About Their Exes.
    Very Cooool Episode!!!!! I Love Ghost Whisperer Forever & Ever!! Coolest Ghost Show Ever!
  • Favorite episode as of yet

    Melinda's friend, Lisa is getting married, but what Melinda did not expect was a very jealous ex-wife of the groom! Ever since Lisa got engaged with her fiancee, she has been feeling quite strange and weird stuff have been happening. Melinda finds a way to help her friend and things turn out more complicated as they already were.

    The situation makes Melinda look into her own relationship, and she feels a little nervous about Jim e-mailing with his ex-girlfriend from college. They have uneasy moments, but in the end pull their relationship back together with an emotional talk.

    I found this episode very different and had a very nice plot. It was very well written as well. Perfect.
  • Ooooooh I loved this episode

    I loved this episode. It was very good. The ghost was so interesting and mean, and very origional. I mean a ghost in a wedding dress, we have never seen that before. I thought Melinda handled it very well and I felt really bad for that one girl (I can't remember her name)I also found myself screaming when those messages came on the computer screen, talk about creepy! Anyway, I foudn this to be one of my favorite episodes, not the best, but one of them. Oh ya, I also like the very end, it was so sweet and then the part with Jim and Melinda was funny. I will never forget this episode.
  • a mean-spirited ghost bride vs. our plucky heroine. It was gold!

    This episode was very well written. It showed us all that Melinda is not only Iron-willed but it also showed that she is human. She is a woman with her own insecurities in her life. It was interesting to see her jealous of Jim keeping in touch with an old flame who is now an old friend who he speaks to once a month. It is nice to see that even Melinda is an imperfect person herself but she never gives in when it comes to helping someone.

    This episode I just wanted to point out, was about what every woman fears... That she will never find her true love. It also shows that there is true love out there for every woman. Just keep looking and keep finding. Until Next week!
  • The episode is about a torn woman who died on her wedding day and is out to seek revenge on her then husband would be financee.


    The episode begins with a bridal shower which is attended by Melinda and Andrea. Everything is going great until a gustly wind blows into the room then a fire erupts on the table. Feeling a ghostly presence, Melinda turns around quickly to see a ghost who is dressed in wedding dress.

    We learn that Lisa's current fiancee's last wife died on their wedding day along with Mark's best friend, Josh leaving Mark as the only survivor.

    Serena's intentions is to get rid of Lisa, and if she succeds any woman who comes into Mark's life. Melinda is able to get her beyond her rage and show her that Mark is now truly in love.

    During the episode, Melinda is approached by another ghost who needs her help in finding someone, and the ghost turns out to me Josh and he is looking for Serena.

    Overall, a very good episode in a very long time.
  • The fact that it could happen, that it might just be possible, is what I loved most about this episode.

    Imagine, getting ready for your upcoming nuptuals and having your fiances deceased wife haunt you from beyond the grave. The Wedding is stressful enough. Not to mention the fact that Mark is using the same Church and poetry from his first Wedding. I love that Serena and Josh found each other in the end. Happily For-ever and ever after. No Death till they part.
  • "I know pronounce you...DEAD"

    I really loved this Episode and this has to be another Series Classic cause it fits every category it was scary, the plot was good and dramatic and also it also gave some Character development with the whole "Jim do you still keep in contact with your ex-girlfriend?" talk.

    My favorite parts of this Episode has to be the Computer Screen turning Red and started typing "I know pronounce you...DEAD" it just gave me chills and I love the interactions that this Episode gave they were all perfect.

    I say lets all give a big cheer to the Writer of this Episode cause I think he or she really diserves it cause this was just an outstanding Episode. Again I always have to give props to the Cast and Guest-Stars that brought this Episode to life from paper.