Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 10

Ghost Bride

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The church seen in this episode has also been used in the series Invasion where it became a relief center for survivors.

    • Goof: Right after Melinda speaks to the ghost in front of the Transformer, she is shown driving the previously seen (EP 1) Red Jeep Cherokee, then the interior shot is of the Red Jeep Liberty as are all other exteriors.

    • Jim keeps in touch with his ex-girlfriend "Stephanie, from Connecticut," who emails him pictures of her boys. Stephanie is divorced and is a lawyer in Danbury. She and Jim lived together. These facts all make Melinda obviously jealous. She later asks Jim to break off all contact with Stephanie.

    • Melinda knows Lisa because Lisa is one of the glass suppliers for Melinda and Andrea's shop. They supplied Lisa's vintage wedding dress.

    • Goof: Melinda had a boyfriend named Kevin McCall in college. She and he made tentative plans for "the future," but when she told him about her abilities, he did not believe her. This, she says, broke her heart. His name, apparently, changes to Kyle in the season 2 episode Love Still Won't Die.

    • This is the first Episode to actually show the light that all of the ghost Melinda helps has to cross over.

  • Quotes

    • Melinda (to ghost): I'm sorry I can't help you.
      Andrea: You know, it would be really nice if you introduced me once in a while.

    • Melinda (to Mark): Some people just can't let go, living or dead.

    • Melinda: I feel so guilty when I can't help them.

    • Melinda: Why are you doing this Serena?
      Serena: How do you know my name?
      Melinda: It's not my first barbeque, you know.

    • Melinda: Did you ever think about... I don't know, getting married?
      Jim: She talked, I listened.

    • Lisa: You're being way too sweet...
      Melinda: Not that sweet. I already had one of these while I was in the kitchen...

    • (at Serena's grave stone and next to the grave stone is some withered flowers in a vase)
      Serena: Somebody please remove those hideous flowers...
      (Frank, Serena's father leans down and removes the dead flowers.)
      Serena: Thank you, daddy.

    • Andrea: I gotta tell you, I didn't realize that spirits were this, I don't know, like, interactive, I guess.
      Melinda: Earth-bound spirits usually are not. There's definitely something going on out there. It's like they're getting stronger.

    • Serena: How can you call this an antique store when half the items are new?

    • (A ghost in a tuxedo approaches Melinda)
      Melinda: You're Josh, aren't you?
      Josh: Yeah.
      Melinda: Come with me.
      (brings Josh to meet Serena in the garden)

    • (Serena sends clothes flying, has the laptop read "it's over" in Lisa's hotel room)
      Serena: Thought I'd go out with a bang just because I can.

    • Serena: What am I supposed to do now?
      Melinda: Do you know where Lisa is?
      Serena: Maybe.
      Melinda: Maybe you should send her a signal. Try to make amends.
      Serena: Speaking of making amends, your husband's ring is in the left pocket of that ratty bathrobe of his.

    • Serena: I've been a raging witch, haven't I?
      Melinda: Oh, I think you should just try and be happy for him.

    • Melinda: Serena give him his ring back!
      Jim: Look I hate to ask this, but who is Serena?

    • Melinda (about Jim): Stay away from him, Serena!
      Serena: You stay away from mine, I'll stay away from yours!
      (Jim wakes up)
      Jim: I just had the weirdest dream . . . didn't I?
      Melinda: I wish that's all it was.

    • Melinda: What are you going to do?
      Serena: Trust me. You don't want to find out!

    • Serena: Happiness, that's relative don't you think?
      Melinda: Weren't you happy?

    • Lisa: Okay, where are the cameras? You and Mark are trying to punk me, right?
      Melinda: She's wearing a wedding dress.
      Lisa: What?
      Melinda: I can't see her face, she's wearing a veil, but she's young and angry.

    • Andrea: You know, I'm thinking that wasn't just a nasty draft.
      Melinda: A ghost in a wedding dress, and something tells me she is just getting started.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Lisa: You and Margaret are trying to punk me, right?

      Punk'd is a hidden camera show where Ashton Kutcher is the host.