Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 3

Ghost, Interrupted

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2005 on CBS
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The identical twin sister of a teenage girl requests Melinda to help her apologize to her sister who is a psychiatric patient.

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  • The Pilot was average, The Crossing was disappointing but this one was really interesting. Writing a spin-off of Girls, Interrupted was a challenge and it was very well executed.

    Girls, Interrupted is one of my all time favorite psychological drama film ever. Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie are wonderful actresses and even if the characters are quite disturbed it's easy to understand them and share their sorrow. So after watching The Crossing the only reason that made me watch this one is because it's a spin-off of the film. Generally when it comes to rewriting a story the new production is really good or really bad. In this case the episode was really good.

    The best thing about it is Jessica Collins's performance as Natalie and Zoe Harper. What a well inspired idea to merge the film characters into twin sisters. They're like the sides of the same coin. Natalie was the white dove, the perfect daughter. Zoe was the dark horse, the big disappointment to her parents. In fact I really liked her gothic-emo style, it perfectly contrasts with Natalie and Melinda's spirits. They're like angels and demons. It's the deep connection between them that made the episode so great. Sometimes it's like if Natalie was becoming Zoe. I really wished they would have covered their story on more than one episode, two at least. I also enjoyed the swimming challenge between them because it reminded me of Gattaca. My only real complain about this episode is the father scenes. The one when Melinda reveals him her secret is just ridiculous. So far I've watched it two times and even the second I couldn't help laughing at it. Fun is good but I don't think it was their intention. The actor's performance was also quite disappointing compared to Jessica's one. I would also have appreciated some more scenes with the mother because her relationship with Natalie seems quite controversial.

    The other great thing about this episode was Melinda's story. In the Pilot and The Crossing we didn't learn much about her background, only that she can see dead people like the kid in The Sixth Sense. But in this one her relationship with her grand-mother was covered. It was beautifully done, funny and emotional. You really have to see Melinda with braces in her teenage years. Jennifer's acting was also quite good considering she had to hide her woman side, and what an apparel, to reveal who Melinda was at a younger age. A bit clumsy, caring deeply for her loving granma, trying to understand what to do with her gift… The flashbacks were also well mixed with the present events because they occurred in the same places. I specially liked the way the institute room morphed into her granma hospital. I can't see how you can restrain your tears watching the scene. I only wished it lasted a little bit longer, to make the process even more dramatic and keep crying like a little baby. In fact it reminded me of the film Ghost, its shooting scene.

    So if the first two episodes didn't convince you to watch the show, this one will definitely change your mind. Jennifer is beautiful and her acting nearly perfect. Melinda's story is interesting and watching this episode made me curious about her boyfriend, how they met for example.moreless
  • A young girl, Natalie, is placed in a pyschiatric facility following her strange behaivior following her identical twin sister, Zoe's death.

    This is my favourite episode of ghost whisperer ever. I think it was a really great plot to see how twins are emotionally attached and what happens when one of them dies. I know how Nat must be feeling becaue my cousins are twins and are joined at the hip. I like the fact that the reason Zoe couldn't move on was that she had slept with her sister's boyfriend when she was drunk. I also like the fact that in the end Nat tapped the buoys for both of them and the fact that they made it seem like she was going to let herself drown.moreless
  • A twin seeks Melinda's help with comunicating with her sister who is a psychiatric patient.

    The opening teaser left me a little curios. I instanly wanted to know more about this girl (the deceased). Jessica Collins play both the deceased Zoe and her twin Natalie. I personally love the roles Jessica plays. She seems to have the delusional psychopath role down to a science. Her best role ever in my opinion was on CSI. I loved the black dress Jennifer wore to dinner with her friends, cant say the same for the little blue thingy she wore in the very beginning. What was she thinking? This episode show the true bond between sister and an even bigger bond between twin sisters. I cant imagine how hard it must be for a twin to feel like the other twin is loved more than the other. I know this show is fictional but the storyline is so true. Very nice.moreless
  • Melinda Helps A Twin Apologize To Her Sister Who Is In A Psychiatric Ward 'Coz Her Parents Thought She Was Going Mad(She Wasn't Though).

    Melinda Helps A Twin Called 'Zoey' Apologize To Her Sister, 'Natalie' As Well As Relaying A Message To Her Dad.

    Melinda Has Flashbacks To The Time When Her Grandma Died.

    'Zoe' Drowned And Now She Wants To Apologize To Her Sister, For Sleeping With Her Boyfriend 'Tom', Melinda Also Relays A Message For The Father And He Admits He Always Thought Of 'Zoe' As An Individual And Not Just As 'Natalie''s Twin Sister!!

    I Love The Bits When Melinda Has Flashbacks To The Time When Her Grandma Died And She Locked Herself In Her Room, And At The End Of The Episode, She Says "Happy Birthday Grandma". 'Zoe' Crossed Over As Well.moreless
  • Two twins, one alive and one dead still need each other.

    Two twins, one alive and one dead still need one another. The surviving twin is in a psycho ward, put there by her mom and dad, and is haunted by her dead twin. Melinda becomes close to the surviving twin and can't understand the anger of the dead one. Finally there is a breakthrough when the ice is broken and the dead twin admits sleeping with the surviving twin's boyfriend. Peace is finally made between the sisters and the anger the dead twin feel dissipates. But her sister makes a last ditch effort to finsh a game of ball they practiced and Jim, Mel and the parents all witness the winning game.moreless

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