Ghost Whisperer

Season 4 Episode 15

Greek Tragedy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

After Sam catches Melinda in several lies, he rethinks his relationship with her.

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  • The ghost story was about hazing and the pledge ritual at a college sorority.

    I felt like the episode was a filler. The Ghost Story was not too interesting. Andrea Bowen from Desperate Housewives was the ghost. Eli and Delia had more scenes, but there was no Ned. It showed development in Sam/Jim and Melinda's relationship. They did flash Sam's image. Melinda should have told Sam/Jim that she was at the site looking for the missing girl. He caught her on TV. She said that she was at the fire house. I think that she should have told him the truth about her gift. I did read Mary Ann Winkowski's book, the real Ghost Whisperer. I have a strong feeling that Sam/Jim will be fine with Melinda's gift. I believe that the Jim character is based on Mary Ann's husband, Ted. Melinda should not start a new relationship with a lie.moreless
  • Sorority hazing gone wrong.

    A girl is lost during a sorority hazing and a ghost shows up in Melinda's life. At first she thinks it is the girl who was lost, but soon finds out that it was a sorority sister from 1968. The ghost named Rebecca was accidentally killed in 1968. She was going back to the site where a pledge had been left and when she saw her she started feeling sorry for her and was going to give her the item she was suppose to have. Rebecca put on a hood and was trying to sneek around to where the girl was when she got caught in an avalanche. She got caught up in a root and was hung over a cliff and died. Since then she had been trying to stop the hazing by intefering with the hazing ritural in hopes that a girl would die and it would be stopped. In the end she helped Melinda locate the missing girl and this put her to rest. Melinda told Jim that she was headed to the Firehouse and he later saw her on a phone cam at the scene of the rescue. He asked her about it and she lied saying she was at the firehouse. This put questions in his mind.moreless
  • Sorority pledging gone way wrong.

    I was quite pleased with this episode of Ghost Whisperer. The story seemed original, and was well told. It was both easy to follow, yet still layered, the way a compelling drama should be.

    I was also pleased to see Andrea Bowen of Desperate Housewives pop up as a guest star. I enjoyed her work on the ABC show, and although her presence there isn't exactly necessary, I certainly miss her being a part of it.

    I still hate this Jim/Melinda deal, and I think many other fans will echo my sentiments there, but this was still another fine episode of the GW.moreless

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    • Melinda: I know who you are. Your name is not Courtney, it's Rebecca Kelly. And you died 1968. You've been haunting the girls here ever since. Please, I wanna help you. Just tell me what happened.
      Rebecca: It's all because of them.
      Melinda: Did your sorority do this to you? It wasn't Courtney, okay. She's just a pledge. She's innocent.
      Rebecca: They need to know what goes on. The horrible things they do to each other.
      Melinda: A girl's missing. Did you lead her away? Do you know where she is?
      Rebecca: No one can get to her now. She's finally safe from them.
      Melinda: What do you mean?
      Rebecca: She's my sister now.

    • Melinda: Nothing, nothing. I've just never quite seen you so eager to go follow the lead.
      Eli: Oh, come on. Don't even go there. Ok, I'm a faculty member. Technically, legally I can't even think those thoughts.
      Melinda: 'Half-naked coeds in jeopardy' thoughts.
      Eli: You know what, leave me alone.

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    • Featured Music:
      "Warm Whispers" by Missy Higgins
      "Don't Work Yourself Up" by Tristan Prettyman
      "Even So" by Tom Hanson
      "To Know Her" by Jayson Belt

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    • Eli: (in response to Melinda having taken the 1968 Pledge Book from the Sorority House) Nice, a little Winona Ryder action.

      It appears as though Eli is referring to the fact that in November 2002 Winona Ryder was found guilty of shoplifting at Saks on 12 December 2001.