Ghost Whisperer

Season 4 Episode 8

Heart & Soul

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2008 on CBS

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  • A recently widowed Melinda, follows the reincarnation of Jim's spirit, who has lost is past life memories.

    Is it just me, or they are getting a little "out there", don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of James Van Pragh, read many of his books, and even like that, the show is getting quite confusing that Jim is himself in some shots, but he is not in others, I was appalled that they even killed the character, but to have him in someone else's body, and trying to have a romantic connection to Melinda's character, she just lost her husband and Jim's spirit or not is kind of weird, I would rather they let Jim just be dead, and into the light.
  • Jim reincarnated. This explains the amnesia. He cannot remember his last existence. Hopefully, with time he will remember more. It will be hard to explain this.

    Books by Brian Weiss or Raymond Moody on the Soul, Reincarnation, and the Light should address these questions. When souls reincarnated they may or may not remember their previous lives/existences. This is a clean plate. Some souls do remember their previous lives like Deja Vu. Else with time, there will be bits and pieces that they will remember. Souls are eternal. The physical body is just a vessel. For example, child prodigies sometimes can play music without being old enough to learn the notes. I just started GW, but I am hooked on it. The show is based on the experiences of Mary Ann Winkowski, author of When Ghosts Speak. She worked with James van Praagh in the past. I applaud the writers to go in this unique direction.
  • Jim steps in a fatal accident victim named Sam and wakes with amnesia. Sam's family believing him to be their son, come to take him home. Delia feels Melinda is in denial of her grief over her loss of Jim and their friendship may come to an end.

    This is exactly why I love this show! Not even Jim finding another body exactly, but the way Delia comes to finally understand and appreciate what Melinda really does was done masterfully. I was so choked up. Serendipity-you just have to love it. Honestly, Sam (Jim) showing up for he and Ned's usual Monday basketball practice that they kept just between the two of them, was absolutely priceless. Delia stopping by to see Ned and finding Sam (Jim) instead and realizing that it really was Jim's spirit in Sam's body-priceless. Delia's character had been so resistant to Melinda's gift that I doubt she would have ever believed this possible otherwise. This was an example of great writing because it was not predictable and not corny. Kudos, my hats are off to you all for this episode.
  • ahhhh.

    Ok, this is going for both "Heart and Soul" and "Treshold". Great episodes, but oh my what am I going to do without real, alive Jim??? Sure, David Conrad is not leaving, but what am I supposed to do without real, alive jim??? It left some sort of emty spot in me. lol. It sounds really weird and corny, but everytime I come on or watch a videa of Melinda and Jim, I start tearing my eyes out! I am going to really miss him. I give big props to Jennifer love Hewitt, and David Conrad for great acting. Looking forward to next episode. I will see how it plays out, and that will be when I determine whether I keep watching.
  • One of my favourite episodes!

    I thought this episode was so great! Great from start to finish! I thought Delia was such a freak in this episode except at the end, though I've never really liked Delia. I loved the scene where Mel and Delia were in their store and they were going at it, such a great scene! Finally Mel yells at her for not believing her! Long time coming if you ask me! I thought it was kinda weird how Sam (Jim) thought that they had had an affair, just because Melinda was always there, though it was a bit funny. I also loved the scene Delia comes in her house at the end and she apologizes and they cry! Such a tearjerker! I thought it was so funny how she took off Melinda's sweater! Hopefully Jim remembers her soon(more than just a connection)!
  • Melinda tries to reunite with Sam (Jim).

    Ghost Whisperer has been fantastic this season in my opinion, but this new shakeup could make the show even stronger. New fans could be attracted by the new romance of Sam and Melinda and older fans may get some original and refreshing ghost plots because of this.

    The show has truly captured an understanding of how to get your audience to care about your characters. Everyone wants Melinda Gordon to be happy and hopes that she will be able to find it with the new Jim. That is just strong writing and brilliant acting from Jennifer Love Hewitt and Camryn Manheim.

    Not much can be said that hasn't been already. A very special episode of Ghost Whisperer and just continuing to ride the momentum of season 4.
  • Things change...

    So does everything change for good? A very diffucult question. I still don't support the whole idea of this storyline. But because of this crisis characters are developed more than ever. The most important thing I think was the "explosion" Delia's "belief system". After all this time she finally accepted the existance of paranormal and this changes many things between her and Melinda. I hope that these stupid scenes where Delia tells Melinda that she can tell her evrything, but has a "you are insane" look on her face, will finally end.
    But the thing I don't understand is: Will David Conrad still be on the show? I don't like this idea of "dead but NOT dead". So everything is really messed up now but let's hope that it will all be alright.
  • Jim is still with us, just in a different body

    In this episode of Ghost Whisperer, the following happens. Melinda soon learns that Sam, the man's whose body Jim is in, has a sister who he is living with. Delia and Ned help Melinda sort through all of Jim's things to get rid of some of them. Ned says that he misses Jim and that Jim was like a father to him. When Melinda goes back to the hospital she sees that he is gone, and we learn that he has been taken home. Melinda races to his house and finds Sam there with his mother and father. We soon see Sam sneaking out of his apartment and goes to Melinda's store. When Sam says that he may be leaving town as there is nothing there for him, Melinda offers him a room in her garage to keep him in Grandview. When his parents hear about it they are furious and go round to see Melinda. Melinda and Delia have a talk about the whole situation and it ends with both of them in tears. At the end of the episode Delia tells Melinda that she believes that Jim's soul is inside of Sam and they both help Sam move into Melinda's garage.
  • Jim has decided that he can't yet leave Melinda so he decides to jump into the body of Sam who was just killed in a car accident. Is Jim gone, is he going to remain in Sam's body? Only future episodes can answer that!

    I couldn't wait for this episode to air, I wanted to see what happened to Jim. One good thing about Melinda seeing ghosts is that even if they had Jim killed, they could still have him return as a ghost. I never anticipated him jumping into the body of someone else. Being a fan of old movies however, I loved it when Jim/Sam looked at his phone and saw that he was supposed to meet with someone named 'Jordan'. Having him jump into someone else's body is the whole idea behind 'Here Comes Mister Jordan'; the spirit lives on in someone else's body. It's an old movie but so sweet and yes there too, once they're in the body they're meant to continue living in they forget their past, they have occassional deja vu moments but primarily when it comes to matters of the heart. I really can't wait to see where they go with this storyline.
  • Another scintillating performance!

    The storyline for this season is really heating up now, as Jim or Sam, whatever his name, comes out of hospital, and attempted to discover just who he was.

    It was certainly very interesting and unpredictable, as he seems to remember things from both of the lives that he lived. It is also very unpredictabel and exciting, because we just don't know how this storyline is going oto work himself out!

    I think that this could be a ver exciting plot, and I hope they keep developing it well. I'd highly recommend this epiosde, and I think it was another great one, as usual!

    Keep it up, Ghost Whisperer, and I can't wait to see more!
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