Ghost Whisperer

Season 3 Episode 13

Home But Not Alone

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2008 on CBS

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  • A fantastic episode and at the same time we can see how good this series is...

    This episode was about Ned's girlfiend family who had a secret to hide. Melinda thought that the family was haunted by their father but the story was a bit different then they thought. They lost a lot and they had hid a lot from everyone.

    They have been through a lot and were on the verge of being seperated after there mother passed away.

    They had an aunt which they did not know about and met her after everything was being sorted out.

    Their mum and dad were gone and the aunt was all that they had left. They had a lot to share together and we saw them bond at the end of the episode. Another person gone to the light :) but this time altough she left people behind they had peace as well as they met a family member they did not know about and now they had someone to take care of them.
  • The episodes of this series get better and better every season!!

    I absolutely loved this episode. Once you find out that the ghost is the children's mother and not their father, you find that all the mother wanted was for her children to stay together after she was gone. Melinda was able to get the mothers sister into the lives of the children. It was really wonderful to see at the end of the episode that the whole family was laughing and just having a good time remembering their mother. Then the mother was able to finally move on knowing that her children were all safe and in good hands and most importantly, together.
  • As always a great episode with a good storyline. It goes to prove that "fear" can be just as motivating in death as it is in life.

    For a while we were kept guessing as to who the ghost was and this was mainly due to the special effects guys easily (well it seems easy from this side) hiding the sex of the ghost. This fact alone kept us guessing as to the identity of the ghost for a while. Then through great writing the storyline was not highly predictable so we were kept guessing just which way it would all eventually go.

    I must admit I thought the morning glories were odd flowering all the time, but I am a keen gardener and to me this did seem out of place. But the two surprise with the flowers was unpredictable. You are looking at some really emotionally tough kids to do that! But if they were "frightened" into it, who knows?

    I really enjoyed this episode and it was just as it was supposed to be. A good way to spend an hour. Keep up the good work team!!!
  • The mother's protective side in action

    Ned's first date with Lisa is the start point for this episode.

    This start with a ghost that gets close to Ned when he starts dating Lisa. Stuff start happening and he tells Melinda.

    The interesting part is that the ghost is not who they think. At the process and the organization behind the scenes, the secrets the girls hid. This was all planed so they could be together after their mother passed away and it worked. The ghost was not the father but the mother that died from cancer and that they buried in the backyard. They had a plan to make people believe that their mother was alive and it was working. What a childhood related to a orphanage can make a mother of three do to keep them together after she is gone. It's the protective side of mothers, hey just want the best for her kids and keeping them together is the best.
    At the end they still had family, an aunt. Everything worked out OK.
  • Ned goes on his first date and of course there just happens to be a ghost.

    The first think noticed about this new episode was the music in the background. It was Mercy by Duffy (who is a Welsh singer). In this episode Ned goes on his first date. I personally thought that the new Ned was a little too old for a first date, but whatever. Nothing seems to be going right as the "wind" starts to do weird things. We also learn that Lisa's (Ned's date) father has just died. Melinda goes to see Lisa and talk to her about her father. Her sister Amy is also there. Melinda finds out that he was very protective of his children. We also learn that the Mother has "Disappeared". Turns out it was the mother the ghost and she was dead al along. Which I thought from the beginning if I am honest. She was sick and had cancer. She died in the fall, and her daughters buried her in the back garden. Before she died, she taught Amy how to be like her in every way.

    When everyone finds out that their mother is dead the children are put into foster care, but runaway. But the brother (did I mention him? If not sorry), finds a police officer because he is scared of all of the changes that are going on. We find out that the Mother had a secret sister, who she never talked about. This was because their parents had died and her sister could have had custody of her and choice not too. Fast forward to a scene of the Aunt and the children in a bedroom talking about their Mother/Sister and the Aunt takes custody and the mother crosses over. Melinda has tears in her eyes.

    Overall not a bad episode to come back with after the strike, although for me I wanted to see a Melinda and Jim storyline in it more.
  • A good episode of Ghost Whisperer as usual the show didn't disappoint us with a showing. I loved they mystery behind Ned's girls family more than the haunting. It was done quite well making us thing the family mom was a nut holed up

    A good episode of Ghost Whisperer as usual the show didn't disappoint us with a showing. I loved they mystery behind Ned's girls family more than the haunting. It was done quite well making us thing the family mom was a nut holed up in the house. The daughters themselves were made to look in distress or abused in a good bit of writing. Basically it was a total mystery as to the girls nature and in turn this gave us more intrigue surrounding the ghost. I applaud them not only making us have the wrong impression of the ghosts gender but making it a ghost who wanted to help the girls. Even though this was a typical Ghost Whisperer episode it was very enjoyable with great performances especially Camryn Manhiem as the over protective mother.
  • A great episode! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Tyis was an amazing episode of Ghost Whisperer. It was nie to seee a little more of Ned, and this storyline was really quite amazing and very intricately planned.

    There were definitely so many twists and turns, and that was part of wat made this episode so amazing. Nothing was predictable, and because of that, I really enjoyed every individual second of this episode.

    Hopefully there will be more great episodes like thias one. I'd highly recommend it, as it had all the traits of a great Ghost Whisperer episodes! Keep i up guys, as I really love this show, and this episode shows you just why I do so!
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