Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2005 on CBS

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  • Teen anger...

    I need to watch this episode again, because it is such a great episode. My first viewing tells me that I am watching how huge an impact one dead teenager can have on everyone who knew him. The actor that plays the dead teen, John Patrick Amedori, is quite impressive. And that soft touch, Melinda, shares some very touching moments with him before he is off into the light. Now, on the other hand, the show's formula is starting to show through, and it becomes clear by this episode that the plot lines need some shaking up. This will happen soon, fortunately...
  • Good episode, liked it a lot better than some previous ones.

    Melinda encounters a very angry ghost in her apartment, and finds difficulty contacting him. She finally finds out that the kid had an issue with his original mother and needs to find his biological mother. I liked the whole idea really. It was really a fun thing to do. A nice twist added was when he met his half sister and he found out that she was pregnant. That was a highlight in the episode. I'm really tired of seeing though the people who don't believe Melinda and they have to go to the whole process of convincing. Aren't' there anyone out there that believes in the stuff Melinda believes in? Anyway, good episode overall.
  • A very good episode, much better than last week.

    After last weeks review, I have to take it all back, this episode sort of made the show worth while. This was a great episode, probably the one that is the best so far. In Homecoming, Melinda meets an young, angry teenage boy ghost and helps him find his biological mother who he never got to meet while he was alive. After finding out he was adopted, Jason became upset and ran off into the forest, but he tripped over a beehive and was stung to death. He came for Melinda's help, as he wanted to find some closure as to who his birth mother was, and why she had to give him up. Unfortunately he didn't get the answers he was looking for. I love the way that each week, Melinda has to convince people into believing that she can talk to the dead. If she showed up on my doorstep, I'd believe her, but its funny seeing all the peoples different reactions. After getting to know his adoptive mother, biological mother and Jason's half sister, Melinda is able to gather them all together to talk to Jason, so he can tell them how he feels and they can all have a last chance to say goodbye. I thought this episode was great, and I'm looking forward to next week.
  • Melinda helps a ghost get reunited with his mother.

    In the episode Homecoming, Melinda runs into a teenage ghost, was adapted and died before he could meet his birthmother. Melinda helps track down the birthmother by using a photograph the boy had. When they first track her down she is very skeptical and does not want to have anything to do with him or Melinda. Then, the birthmothers daughter comes to Melinda and works with her to talk to her brother. It later turns out that the daughter is pregnant and does not know how to talk to her mother. Melinda gets the mother to talk to him and he is happy, but after he talks to his adopted mother he is able to move on. Also the daughter is going to have the baby, and the mother agreed to help he with everything. This was a really good episode.