Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Melinda meets a well-dressed, unnamed "guardian" in a hospital NICU. He awaited the death of a preemie newborn, who needs help crossing over. He disappeared when the baby (apparently) died.

      The Guardian is responsible for bringing babies to the other side that do not have someone to meet them there.

    • We learn that Andrea's brother is a millionaire.

    • Andrea's childhood nickname from her brother is "Squeaky Wheel" or squeaky for short.

  • Quotes

    • (Melinda looks sadly at the baby in the incubator.)
      Angel: Adoption, uh? Tricky business... Although, from what i've learned over the years, you can always count on the courts to have adoption records on file. Getting to see them is another matter.
      Melinda: What are you doing here?
      Angel: Waiting. It won't be long now.
      Melinda: Is this one yours?
      Angel: She will be soon.
      Melinda: I don't understand.
      Angel: I have a calling, just like you. I'm a guardian for little children who don't have anyone to meet them on the other side. I take care of them.
      Melinda: So she isn't gonna make it?
      Angel: It's ok. She's not meant to make it. We have a better place for her. She's suffered long enough.
      (The Angel reaches for the premuture baby and puts the baby in his arms and smiles at Melinda. Melinda looks at the incubator at the lifeless body while the Angel disappears.)

    • Diane: You telling me, that from beyond the grave my son wants to know who gave him up?

    • Diane: (she's speaking to Jason) You were my greatest gift, you made my life shine.

    • Jason: I was psyched she had a tattoo, I mean how cool is that?

    • Diane: I'm not going to try to protect him anymore.
      Melinda: Protect him from what?
      Diane: From his birth mother, she's not the little angel he thinks she is.

    • Jason: You don't keep secrets from people you love.

    • Diane: I've got something in my eye again.

    • Melinda: Can you imagine finding out your parents are not your parents?

    • Mitch: (to Andrea) With all due respect Squeaky, what you have is a shoe box.

    • Melinda: I have to tell a woman the baby she gave away eighteen years ago wants to meet her. Then I have to tell her that he's dead. Not the kind of conversation you wanna have over the phone.
      Jim: Or in person.

    • Andrea: I'm not Squeaky anymore.
      Melinda: You know, I wasn't loving Squeaky.

    • Fran: What's the point, she'll still be pregnant in the morning.

    • Jim: Melinda, friend or foe?
      Melinda: Friend, I think, be up in a minute.

    • Andrea: He's way too rich to sleep on my couch...

    • Sybil: What's it like to be dead?
      Jason: It's kind of like freshman year all over again.

    • Melinda: We have company downstairs.
      Jim: Living or dead?
      Melinda: One of each.

    • Andrea: Either I'm running a fever or I'm starting to see ghosts myself. (Cybil, Jason's sister who dresses in goth shows up at the store)

    • Jason: What if she doesn't remember me?
      Melinda: I've never given birth but from what I hear, it's not something you forget.

    • Melinda: (to Jim) That's the problem. You've been too busy working when you could have been playing with me.

    • Melinda: I'm not a fortune teller and I'm not a psychic. I have my hands full as it is.

    • Jason: (to Melinda) Waiting in line is worse than being dead.

    • (Looking at babies in the hospital nursery)
      Melinda: Someday we'll have one of our own.
      Jim: I'm thinking more like four or five...
      Melinda: Ouch! We'll definitely need a bigger house.

    • Melinda & Andrea: (simultaneously) Jim did all the renovations himself.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jeanette Brox (Sybil) was dressed and made up almost exactly like she was for her recurring role as Dex on Jack & Bobby.

    • O. Henry

      Henry was the pseudonym of William Sydney Porter, who wrote colorful short stories with surprising and ironic twists. His best-known titles included , The Last of the Troubadours, The Gift of the Magi and The Ransom of Red Chief.

    • Homecoming is a reference to teenage ghost trying to find his home. He was adopted and needed to know where he belonged and was loved.