Ghost Whisperer

Season 4 Episode 6

Imaginary Friends & Enemies

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2008 on CBS
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While Melinda and Jim are at his friend's wedding, a young girl's imaginary friend plays a dangerous game of hide and seek. It is up to Melinda to calm the ghosts who are causing the havoc.

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  • I really liked the story of the imaginary friend, but Jim's death made it a complete drama. First Andrea dies, which was someone who understood Melinda completely, and now Jim? And the characters who supposed to substitute, don't get her.moreless

    I will watch next week, but if Jim crosses over, I will stop watching my most favorite show.

    I miss a character like Andrea, her best friend, who always understood Melinda and had a nice sense of humor. I miss a character like the Professor who had this brilliant sarcasm and humor and worked with her solving mysteries. I won't miss Jim, because I simply will stop watching the show if he crosses over.

    None of my favorite characters have been replaced with characters that have the above qualities and I think that is what made this series so fun to watch. It's more and more becoming a drama and I don't like it.moreless
  • An expectantly beautiful moment brings a tense drama with life-altering conclusions.

    Shark moment. This seems to be a time of running out of ideas. It's amazing when there's still so much 'mythology' that could be explored. Although I was hoping to put it off longer, I knew this moment was inevitable. Writers today run out of ideas and almost always kill off a main love. I read one review who said that people will not like this because they don't like change. While a part of this may be true, I think a larger view would be that nothing changed. Writers will always kill off the love. It happens in every series. This one is no different. It's not that we dislike it because it's a change. We dislike it because it's the same - there was no change. I believe that this may very well be the death of the show. Jim offered Hope. Without hope, the will to live dies too.moreless
  • Worst Episode.

    This is the worst episode. Who kills off a main character by a cop shooting from a distance at a shadow??? What on earth were the writers thinking? That's right they werent!

    The next thing will be she is pregnant and has to raise the baby on her own. The I heard a rumour she starts dating 8 episodes later? What the hell? 8 episodes?? Most of the time it takes the dam writers 7 years before do anything!!! (i.e. Gilmore Girls, idiots wasted time there) Bury her husband then goes on a date.....

    Ghost Whisperer was one of my favourite shows. I couldn't wait for the latest episode. Until now.

    This has done it for me. Will be watching Jim cross over and that's it. Why bother wasting my time when all the writers ever do is waste ours.

    (If by some miracle he survives, I take back nearly everything I said)moreless
  • A really sad episode

    I may say I had that coming, but when it truly happens it only makes me sad :(

    I can't believe Jim is dead :( It will be even sadder even Melinda got pregnant.

    They were a couple so cute, why this needs to happen? I wonder.

    The episode was cute about belief and all, it only makes me sad he is dead now.

    I mean it is like anything is good enough. I hope the serie is not only about dying people Melinda loves.

    I guess I am a bit upset about it, but I will need to check it out the next ones.moreless
  • The Death of Jim (and possibly the death of Ghost Whisperer!)

    In this episode of Ghost Whisperer, the following happens. Jim and Melinda go to a lake cabin, with their friends and their daughter. Melinda soon believes that the little girl is seeing a ghost in the house. Melinda soon believes that it may be the little girl's biological father, who died a few years before. Before long strange things seem to be happening, and everyone seems to think that the little girl, Natalie has something to do with it. We soon learn from the little girl that her "friend" is called Owen and has leg braces. We soon learn from the grandmother that her daughter also had the same "friend" when she was Natalie's age. Trish, Natalie's mother, is told the truth about everything by Melinda and Owen says that he has to play the game with her and her only or else something bad will happen. Soon Trish agrees to play Owens game. The game results in Trish having leaches on her face. Melinda soon learns that Owen died in a lake, the one around the house at which they are all staying. When they piece all of the clues together, they come up with Trish's fiancé Robert. We soon learn that everything he has told her is a lie. Trish cancels the wedding and her fiancée is arrested. Melinda believes that Owen has crossed over until he comes to the store to visit her to warn her. Melinda phones a police friend to met her at the lodge and she heads straight there.

    We then see Jim entering the lodge and then we see Hunter (the fiancé) sitting in a chair drinking and holding a gun. The gun soon goes off and the police man shots in order to save Jim. Only he hits Jim by accident. An ambulance soon arrives and takes Jim to the hospital. Jim has an operation and we are told that he should be ok, but they're going to keep an eye on him. Trish and Natalie turn up at the hospital as does Owen. Melinda gets Owen to cross over. We then see Melinda in Jim room waiting for him to wake up. She falls asleep and when she awakes it seems as though Jim is awake. We then see that Jim is in fact a ghost. He has died. It Melinda a few seconds to realise this and when she does she is devastated. She breaks down in tears.moreless

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