Ghost Whisperer

Season 5 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2010 on CBS

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  • implosion episode was perfect!

    This episode took me to place where I needed to realize. Plus all the great characters were involved & did so Well. Thank u!! I want #GhostWhisper to please PLEASE come back!!
  • The end of this episode was really disappointing.

    This episode was the most disappointing episode I have seen they keep us waiting three weeks for a "main character" do die when its really just someone thats been in one or two episodes? Its ridiculous. Ghost Whisperer, next time try to do what your advertisement says your going to do in an episode. The good part of this episode though was that it was really exciting and you kept trying to figure out who was going to die and the whole mystery of the whole thing. I probably would of rated this episode a 9 if it had given me what my soul needed, but instead it cut me short so I got to give it a 6
  • Finally a great episode

    I wanted to give this episode a 9 because it wasn't perfect but after so many dull episodes this was a relief so 10 for Jeniffer Love Hewitt for directing this awesome episode.

    So we finally saw something new in the season 5 "Shadow" storyline. Of course nothing was revealed but it was great to see the scary silhouettes of Shadows again. And also the Book of Changes played a larger role (although I think it would have been best if it was destroyed in the explosion for good, but I guess the writers still have something in store for it). The biggest question I think is: What do the Shadows want with the Book of Changes?

    I read somewhere that the season finale will wrap up the Shadow storyline and won't leave it like the Underground storyline. We can only hope that this is true.

    So I think this episode really brought back Ghost Whisperer to life because after Lost in Shadows all the episodes were really boring.
  • Really intense and suspenseful episode!

    This was a very good episode of Shw Ghost Whisperer, as it had so much suspense and intense moments. Th e episode was scintillating, with a terrific storyline and I couldn't criticise nany moment of it.

    I thought the scenes at the end, with the bomb, were really well executed. I loved that bit, and thankfully, it all worked out brilliantly in the end (for the main characters at least!).

    The storyline with the boy and the army camp was also well-done and I think they combined all the events of this episode together really well.

    I'd highyl recommend this one, as it was a brilliant combination of all the great elements of the show and I can't wait until I see some more episodes!