Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 14

Last Execution

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A hanged man's ghost follows Melinda home from a macabre art installation, haunting her into contacting his troubled daughter. A woman sues Melinda's paramedic husband, claiming he further injured her whilst performing life-saving CPR.

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  • Awesome episode!

    "Last Execution" concerns a man hanged for killing a romantic rival. The man happened to be a great artist, and there is a conflict over ownership of his paintings. His spirit has returned to set things right. Scarier than usual, this episode features the ghost as the hanged man, black hood and noose in place. He manages to scare Melinda and the viewers alike. Saige Thomson plays the man's daughter, a starving art student in possession of a single painting by her father while familiar TV actor Scott Paulin is the dead man's lawyer, who is in the process of shipping the bulk of her dad's paintings out of state. The ending is a pleasant surprise, but we have to contend with a ghost that can physically possess others, a rarity on this show.moreless
  • This episode was so freaky!

    This episode was the episode that scared me the most. I will never never never ever wash my hair in a sink because of what happened to Melinda even though it was just a ghost doing it. Melinda was really scared by this ghost to and i understand how she is imagine having someone being hanged in front of you over and over again. That was crazy when Melinda was being hanged een though it was just like a dream kind of thing what ever you call them. I also can't believe that women was sueing Jim and saying that he hurt her more but I am glad they caught her.moreless
  • Simple, yet it still got me.

    The Last Execution centers on an artist ghost and his daughter that is finding trouble around the world, especially when she struggles to be a painter. Melinda hopes to help the father cross over and to help the young girl through her struglle to break into the art industry and her hardships when it comes to money. With only the obstacles of disbelief and the father's old friend in the way, Melinda hopes to help the family through their problems.

    The thing about The Last Execution is that it has a very simple story. There were no twists and turns to be found, but it still gets you hooked! Great episode!moreless
  • An episode that keeps you hooked!

    This was one of the best episodes. It was full of excitement and it kept me hooked the entire time. I really liked the plot for this episode, it was very good. And I must say I screamed at least three times while watching this episode, and cried a little too. It was that good. The ghost was very interesting and I liked how Melinda got to go through the same experiances that the ghost did. And it was a good twist that he couldn't take of the mask until his daughter got the message, not going to say what it is because I don't want to give anything away. Once again a very good episode, I loved it!moreless
  • one of the best episodes.

    This episode, "Last Execution," is a good one. A spirit follows Melinda home and she doesnt know why. She feels that this spirit has died in a horrible way because it appears to hear being hung. She goes to a party at a museum to celebrate the death of the spirit. A women shows up and is very upset that she painted a picture that deals with the ghosts death. Melinda finds out that the women is the daughter of the spirit. The story was that the dead spirit was accused of killing a man in the alley. His daughter wanted to call his inocense but she soon finds out that he was a murderer, but that it was an accident. She was very close with her dad, and at the end of the show, the spirit crosses over.moreless
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