Ghost Whisperer

Season 5 Episode 19

Lethal Combination

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2010 on CBS

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  • This was a great episode as all are. Can anyone tell me what the tattoo the wife, husband and babysittter had is called????? Thanks

    I love this episode. I think all Ghost Whisperer shows are the best and can't wait for this season to come out on DVD as I missed alot this season due to work. I hope that someone out there who is a true fan can help me w/finding the tattoo that the characters had on their arms meaning commitment is called. My fiance and I want to get matching tattoos like it and can't remember what it was called in order to get the pattern to our artist. If anyone out there can help please do ASAP!!!!!! Thanks and I hope that the rumors are wrong about the show being canceled.
  • Love Erin Cahill - I think this was a great story line with a lot more twists and turns than usual, kept me guessing

    Love Erin Cahill - I think this was a great story line with a lot more twists and turns than usual, kept me guessing until the end. I totally believed the nanny was the bad guy in the beginning. I think the story line was excellent as I could not guess which way the story was going to go. The evidence that the nanny was guilty of hurting her charges was pretty damning. I think there was lots of stuff I probably missed, I will definitely have to watch the episode on line again. This episode had a lot of suspense as the story line unfolds. I highly recommend you watch it
  • 519

    My first time watching this show in quite some time, and I liked what I saw. I gave up about halfway through this season as things started to get a bit tedious and boring, but this was a nice, and slightly different, episode of Ghost Whisperer.

    Sure, it ended with Melinda crying, that was no different than every other week, but the story actually focused on a babysitter possibly being bad, for the first half or so. The ghost was actually not dominating the storyline and that was a nice change of pace.

    A very well-written and very entertaining episode tonight. Maybe I'll keep watching again.
  • Aiden gets a new babysitter, who of course is haunted.

    In this episode of Ghost Whisperer, the following happens. When Melinda and Jim decide to go out on a date, they have a new babysitter to look after Aiden. Although they get a phone call to go home early, and when they get there fire service is there as well as a lot of other people. Aiden is ok, but a ghost appears warning them about the sitter. Her name is Kelly and we learn that a lot of the children in her care seem to get injured. But soon we learn that the ghost attached to her, is the mother of one of the girls she used to look after. As the episode draws to a close, we learn that Kelly, the ghost and her husband were all in a relationship together and that the ghost's death was an accident. As the ghost crosses over into the light, we end seeing, Melinda, Jim and Aiden all spending the night together.
  • Yet another amazing episode! Will be sad to see this show go.

    Ghost Whisperer continues to produce pure excellence, so close to its untimely and premature demise.

    This episode was a very good episode, and quite a unique one, too. The storyline was great, and it definitely intertwained many epeoples' lives. I thought it was interesting how the ghost nearly killed both of the people and then everything ended up as it should have in the end.

    I hotuhg the storyline was scintillating, and I really can't wait to see just how this show is going to end. Hoping it will be a great ending, but until then, I really can't wait to watch all the episodes, and I woul d highly recommend this show, and this episode! I loved it, and so will you, definitely!