Ghost Whisperer

Season 5 Episode 13

Living Nightmare

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2010 on CBS

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  • A very confused man named Robert is being haunted to death. Melinda came across Robert while visiting her husband at work. Melinda got an early premonition wherein she saw a women got slashed on the arm.

    This got them very concern that someone got hurt and trying to find out if it's Roberts fault. Jim also uses his access to the Hospital to gather more information on Robert who is confined on the Hospital. Detective Blair also got involved on this as Robert arrived at the hospital with bruises and blood on his clothes and screaming that someone is following him with a knife.

    Melinda saw a very disturbing image of Robert while they are in the hospital which adds up to the Mystery of the of this episode. It was a representation of Robert with a goats eye holding a knife. Ned started investigate on his own and giving false information to Melinda which added confusions to her investigations. As Jim also helped on solving this mystery he lets Melinda verify a dead body with cuts on the arms. But the ghost of the dead body only added confusion to the mystery but left a very helpful information to Melinda. Melinda saw the ghost who is haunting Robert but has no idea who the Ghost is. This is when Melinda starts her investigative skills to find out the ghost identity. Melinda started working with Jim and Detective Blair to gather information. As she finds out the history of Robert's family, the is Robert's father making all the illusions on Robert's mind believing that Robert is like him. View Complete review:
  • Interesting storyline, quite emotional, but a little confusing. Melinda tries to help a man who is seriously confused!

    This was quite a good episode of Ghost Whisperer, although nt the best, quite clearly. The storyline was not immaculate, but it was intriguing, and it did have its strengths.

    I also thought that the episode was quite a sad and emotional one, at various points, and that made it a very nice one to see! Really enjoyed it!

    I thought the storliyne did get a little too confusing later on, which was my one and only critisism, and that prevented a perfect score.

    I thought it was nice to tsee the actor from Criminal Minds in this episode, and that is another thing that I really liked about this episode.

    Overall, I'd highly recommend it. Not as impressive as some earlier seasons, but it was worthwhile and fun!
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