Ghost Whisperer

Season 2 Episode 15

Mean Ghost

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2007 on CBS
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Melinda gives a speech on her career at Grandview High. While she's at the school she sees a group of cheerleaders who are having some mean and vicious things happening to them just as their cheerleading semi-finals are approaching in just a few days. Melinda discovers that a dead cheerleader can't cross over and someone else has been casting spells on the squad.moreless

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  • This was a very special episode. I really love this show

    This episode showed some of what happened with Melinda while she was going to school and how people called her a freak and made fun of her just because she was different.

    I think that this episode showed viewers that just because people act or think differently than others or even if are not rich does not mean you cannot have friends that have different lives and opinions than you. This episode was about a mean cheerleader who thought that her friend locked her in the boiler room and she ended up dying because of her and in the end this was not the case. I thought the character of Jackie played by Mary J Blige was well done.

    She can also have a career of acting if she wants to do something else along with singing. Overall I think this is another one of the great episodes.moreless
  • This episode started off okay but it then sucked majorly veered of the stupid road! Very sterotypical

    This episode started off okay but it then sucked majorly veered of the stupid road!

    Melinda looked to much in her past of things that were *hard* for her. Also did not like how they portrayed Goths, very stereotypical has anyone ever done research on the Goth culture? It started back in the 5th century has nothing to do with being sad and depressed and of stupid things or nothing to do with being sad all the time or witchcraft, Goth life actually started with Christianity. Very disappointed they showed such petty things as well sometimes what I do not like about this show is it mixes reality with fiction way too much and people watching may also blur the lines. But Again they labeled her as Goth, but is she really? Just because she wears what stereotypical Goths wear does that make her one? Nope. And *All those Goth girls* really lame people are still stereotyping, and what is worse are the stereotypes that go against faith, the Gothic Christian and the Wiccan faith both were disgraced in this episode of Ghost Whisperer- Mean Ghost, and the Gothic Christian faith has NOTHING to do with the Pagan or Wicca faith at all so do not get them mixed up! And why of all of a sudden stupid people are wearing dead torture animals? Whats the point? To further society into the death, torture and violence on the living?moreless
  • I was excited to see Mary J Blige on this episode which was great!

    This episode was special to me because it shows you that even cheerleaders have a heart and feelings and are not just bimbos like alot of people think. I felt really bad for the way Tais died and what she thought happened which in the end turned out to be not true. I did not like the fact that Rana was mean to Maddy before and after Tais died just because she did not have money. I think that was really sweet when Maddy put all of the things in the boiler room asking for forgiveness from Tais because she blamed herself for not showing up. Jackie Boyd played by Mary J Blige was a non-believer until her brother told Tais to let his sister know he was happy and then Jackie was convinced.

    In the end Melinda got everyone together and let the truth come out and I think this will help Rana and Maddy become true friends.moreless
  • Very well done! Tells what true friendship is

    That was a great idea that the writers came up with. A young cheerleader wants revenge for being burned and left to die. Yet it was only an accident. That's the way it has to be. I mean, I wouldn't believe that someone would kill their own best friend even though they were mad at each other. I really liked that misunderstood goth girl. I thought she was an interesting character with her cool dance moves and wiccan beliefs. She wanted forgiveness for not meeting her deceased friend. I found that part touching. I'm glad that the blonde girl told the truth. It might have been her transformation from that snobby cow to a nice sweetheart that her friends saw her as.moreless
  • *sniff* this episode actually made me cry.

    One thing that I love about this show is that all the episodes have a heart-warming ending, but not many have made me cry. The only other time I cried was in "Love Never Dies". I mean, I couldn't even see the TV screen my eyes were so teary and cloudy. I really loved this episode because we learn a little bit about Melinda's life, and how she was a "freak" in high school. Plus, I loved her hair style in the flash back scenes. Overall this was a very touching episode.moreless
Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige

Jackie Boyd

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Tanya Michelle

Tanya Michelle

Kimberly Allen

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Rhea Lando

Rhea Lando

Tais Baker

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    • Jim: Ah, high school. Makes Washington politics look like pre-school.

    • Melinda: Who am I not to believe in anything?

    • Melinda: It just.. got me. Ok, I know it's wrong that Maddy lied but I don't think those girls would have been friends with her if she hadn't. And if those girls just cared more about who people were and less about what they look like, or how much money they had, or if they made fools of themselves in a hallway. I'm sorry... they're just so cavalier. They have no idea how much pain they inflict, you know, when you're already at your most vulnerable in life.
      Jim: You know I wish I'd known you back then, I'd kicked some ass and taken names.
      Melinda: You would have, wouldn't you?

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    • Title: Mean Ghost

      This is an allusion to the movie "Mean Girls." The movie is about a girl who was part of the in crowd until she fell for the wrong guy, and all the girls who were her friends have suddenly turned mean.