Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 4

Mended Hearts

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A man killed in a biking accident seeks Melinda’s help to save his fiancée’s life and finding out who received his heart afterwards.

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  • Help me

    I don't know how to watch it can someone help me please
  • Melinda helps a man (deceased) communicate with his fiancée

    Okay fist things first, during the teaser did anyone notice the bath water. What was with the dirty water? Anyway, this is a cute story where Melinda helps a man communicate with the woman he left behind as well as find love with the man he gave his heart transplant to. The translpant recipient Cliff Aimes, is played by the well known actor Joey Slotnick. you can see more of his work on Boston Legal Boston Public and CSI. Overall I thought this was a pretty average episode. The show is getting better but i cant say its one of my favorite series yet.moreless
  • Melinda helps a woman whose fiancée died...

    Melinda's husband rescues a woman that tried to kill herself. The woman wants to join her recently deceased fiancée in the afterlife. He is happy to have her join him. He was a organ donor, so his heart has been placed in another man, who has mixed feelings about his renewed life. Plus he is feeling some rather odd sensations. Melinda has her hands full with this one. The ghost doesn't want to cross over. It takes bringing together the girlfriend and the guy with the transplanted heart to help set things right. Joey Slotnick, a familiar Hollywood face, is very affecting as the heart transplant patient. Michelle Nolden as the grieving girlfriend is also quite touching, once we get over the initial shock of witnessing her trying to kill herself. Watch for the moment when Slotnick wipes up some crumbs from a restaurant table and see if you can keep from getting moist eyes.moreless
  • It was a good episode, but not the best.

    I have to admit it was a good episode but it was not my favorite. I liked how they made it so that Cliff was the reciever of the heart, that was interesting and we've never seen an episode like that before. But I have to admit for a while I didn't really like the ghost and the fact that he wouldn't leave, he was clinging on to he too much. But in the end he did what was right and that was good. Then at the end we got to see the laughing man and I feel that added to the scariness of the episode. It was a fairly good episode.moreless
  • A great episode with a huge cliffhanger which may have consequences later in the season!

    This episode was great, different from all the other episodes, i have felt that the first 3 episodes have been introducing the series and exporing the chracters, this episode was different, in the way we began to change the storyline a bit, it wasn't just help him to move on, it was to help the bereaved move on also, that was a great aspect to the episode. The end was the best part for me as i think it has foreshadowed things to come later on in the season, that may have us on tenderhooks! Great, great, great!moreless
Michelle Nolden

Michelle Nolden

Gwen Alexander

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Sean Maher

Sean Maher

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Paul Kent


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • At the end of this episode, Melinda glances across the town green to see a man sitting and staring at her. As she watches him, he stands and begins to laugh lightly, then more ominously. As a vehicle passes between the dark man and Melinda, he disappears. Though not further explained or explored at this time, the dark man seems to portend a sinister storyline in the future.

    • Andrea secretly pays Melinda's small business tax, which, at $15,000, was three times higher than Melinda had expected. When Melinda learns that Andrea paid the bill, she agrees to take Andrea on as a partner, the $15,000 being partial payment of her buy-in.

    • In this episode, Melinda is driving a red Jeep Liberty. In the first episode she was driving a red Jeep Cherokee.

    • Cliff sweeps crumbs into his hand like Connor used to do.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Melinda: You said there was one more thing you needed to do before you could go. What is it?
      Connor: It might sound kinda morbid.
      Melinda: Hello, I'm talking to a dead person.
      Connor: I was an organ donor. The day I died they took my heart. I need to see who has it.
      Melinda: Why?!
      Connor: I've-I've-I've gotta see what kind of person is...I-I need to know that they're taking good care of it.
      Melinda: Like waxing and cleaning it?!

    • Melinda: If something ever happened to me and you were alone, I would want you to be happy. I'd want you to find someone and find love again. I mean, wouldn't you want the same thing for me if something happened to you?
      Jim: No.
      Melinda: No? You wouldn't want me to be happy?
      Jim: Fine. Sure I would, ok? Make friends, go out and make money, be happy, but no other guy.

    • Gwen: He's here... I knew it! I thought I felt him touch me. Well, kind of, anyway.

    • Melinda (to Connor): This isn't the place for you anymore.

    • Cliff: Was that a date?
      Melinda: Did it feel like one?
      Cliff: Considering she left before we even ordered food, I'd say roughly yes.

    • Cliff (to the violinist): There's a couple over there in that corner breaking up. I think they need you more than we do right now.

    • Melinda: Take my picture?
      Cliff: You don't meet the hight requirement.

    • Melinda (Connor appears behind her): Aren't you haunting the wrong girl?

    • Cliff: Don't tell me your a heart patient...
      Melinda: No... No, more like a student.
      Cliff: Studying what?
      Melinda: The impact on people of things like this...
      Cliff: Things like...
      Melinda: Transplants. The emotional impact and what it's like to have a second chance...
      Cliff: I'm still trying to figure out what went wrong with the first chance.

    • Cliff (to his rehab group): I always felt I had one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana peel. (silence from the group) Wow! Tough room.

    • Nurse: Are you family?
      Melinda: Well, in the family of man sense, I guess.

    • Connor: I need to know that they're taking good care of it.
      Melinda: Like waxing and cleaning it?

    • Melinda: Sorry if we woke you. This one is having a bit of a boundary problem.
      Jim: Don't they all?

    • Melinda (to Cliff): Why did you accept that heart? Was it to avoid death or was it to choose life?

    • Melinda (after nurse ghost helps Melinda gain access to the donor records): Can I do anything for you?
      Nurse Ghost: Raincheck.

    • Melinda: You said there was one more thing you needed to do before you could go...
      Connor: It might sound kind of morbid.
      Melinda: Hello... I'm talking to a dead person.

  • NOTES (1)