Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 18

Miss Fortune

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

When a traveling circus arrives, Melinda meets the bitter ghost of a magician who accuses his envious brother of his death, deemed to have been accidental.

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  • Who joins the Carnival, stays in the Carnival... forever!

    Oddly enough, this rather colorful episode made little impression on me. The spirit of a murdered man seeks revenge on the man he believes killed him. All of this is set on the ground of an old-fashioned carnival, and includes a card reader whom Melinda befriends and who is caught up in the middle of the proceedings. I guess I thought the carnival setting might give us something akin to the old X-FILES episode where Mulder encounters a naked, tattooed guy who chomps down huge globs of live fish. Ghost Whisperer is, alas, no match for "The X-Files". The worst that happens here, as I recall, involves shaking up the card reader's wagon a bit.moreless
  • At A Travelling Carnival, Melinda Meets The Bitter Ghost Of A Man Who Wants To Get Revenge On His Brother For Causing His Death, Deemed Accidental.

    Melinda Meets A Bitter Man Who Wants To Get Revenge On His Little Brother, And Girlfriend For Causing His Death During A Stunt Gone Wrong.

    Brilliant Stuff, Edward Wants Revenge And Will Do Anything To Get It, But What He Didn't Know Was That Ambrose (Edward's Little Brother) Just Wanted To Hear Him Say "Well Done" Instead Of The Relentless Criticism He Kept On Giving Him!

    His Girlfriend, Lilia, Did Not Have An Affair With Ambrose, She Was Carrying His Child!! :O

    Great Acting, Loved The Whole Story, It Had A Really Good Moral To It, And I Must Say..I Love JLH, She's The Best!moreless
  • A little weird, but I enjoyed it.

    Miss Fortune is set in a carnival where Melinda, Andrea and Jim are very active in. Melinda meets quite a few ghosts like the ventriloquist and the magician. She tries to help the magician understand what has happened between his brother and his ex-wife. He misunderstood his death and finally learns the truth about his death and it is a shocker.

    I found this episode very emotional, I guess this is where the drama part of the show steps in. Miss Fortune was really unique, but there were some parts they could have done without. The ventriloquist was one of them, he was just annoying. The guest stars acting were also just horrendous, but overall the story was really great.moreless
  • One of the best episodes of this season!

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes of this season. I really like all of the drama in this episode, it made it more interesting than some of the more boring episodes. But no matter what the episode is like, I will always love this show! I really like the part with the ghost that talks through the dummy, very interesting. And Lilia was awesome. Many of my friends and I think she should come back and be Melindas friend. This episode was just overal amazing and I highly recommend that everyone should watch it. Go Ghost Whisperer!moreless
  • Melinda seemed to be painting by numbers in this episode. Just when i thought the ghost was going to be even slightly scary the writers take an about turn and make him just your run of the mill seeking answers ghost.moreless

    My only other gripes about this episode is how dumb is that ghost if he was following around his girlfriend since he died how did he not notice she was pregnant. Do ghosts not watch when people get undressed. Also Melinda's husband being at the carnival seemed a bit convenient as if there are no other opportunities to write him in. Plus what was with that puppet. Give me a break if I see another possessed ventriliquists dummy I'll scream.(and not from fright). All in all though, another solid episode.moreless

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    • Jim: Car is fine.
      Melinda: I swear. The brakes didn't work.
      Jim: I believe you. I also believe the car is fine, which means...
      Melinda: ...someone's trying to scare me.
      Jim: Well, they did a pretty good job of scaring me.
      Melinda: I'm sorry.
      Jim: Don't be, just...
      Melinda: I'll start riding my bike.

    • Andrea: Did I win?
      Vendor: Actually, I think you broke the record. Pick anyone you want. How about this one?
      (shows Andrea a stuffed octopus)
      Andrea: Okay. Giant stuffed octopus, or sparkly bracelets?
      Melinda: Since you're not six-years-old, I would say sparkly bracelet.

    • Lilia: You have good financial instincts.
      Andrea: Can you fax that to my accountant?

    • Lilia: So you're here to have your fortune told.
      Andrea: You are psychic.

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