Ghost Whisperer

Season 3 Episode 4

No Safe Place

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

An attorney seeks Melinda’s help. Shane tells Melinda that the ghost is of his dead stalker. Melinda soon finds that Shane has not told Melinda the truth about the ghost and confronts him but Shane finds another way to deal with the situation.

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  • This one was great, what an ending, those arms!!

    This one starts at a movie session, a guy falls down a Jim helps him, meanwhile Melinda sees a ghost after him, a woman, Colleen.

    It appears to be a stalker case, she is stalking him. His name is Shane and he is an attorney, Melinda talks to him and offers to help. Colleen died by falling down the stairs and breaking her neck.

    Along the episode the things change...

    It turns out that Colleen was the one being stalked, Shane was following her, he pushed everyone out of her life. The only person left was a detective who she asked for help, Campbell.

    Meanwhile, Shane finds another woman to spy, Melinda. He tries to do the same things, messes with Delia, makes a call so Jim isn't home and breaks in. When Melinda got home he was outside and the house had a romantic mood. All the phones were out. Jimmy realized it and run home.

    Then Melinda and Colleen teamed up to take Shane down. It's revenge time!!!.

    They steal some files from his computer and send them to his partners at the firm. Everyone found out who he was... They are free.

    The only but is that he killed himself so when Delia leaves and Melinda goes to the basement to find something, he is there. Jim calls but she already knew. He started to walk towards Melinda but two arms came out the wall and grabbed him. She is safe.

    I think it was her father...lets wait to seemoreless
  • Omg...what an ep! You really need to get up the nerve if you want to watch it!

    Well...what can I say? It was so scary! I mean I think the most episodes are creepy but this one, this one was especially nerve-wracking! It started all well...Mel and Jim go out, they meet a guy, Shane who is stalked by his dead "girlfriend", Mel sees her and wants to help! But then Melinda discovers the truth behind this "nice" Shane...not like they assumed before...not Colleen is the stalker, Shane is! And he even took photos of her body when Colleen fell down those stairs, and hung them up at his office!

    And this part when Mel comes home and thinks Jim made a romantic dinner and stuff and learns that it was Shane and sees him standing outside and he tells her Jim won't come home...I was freaking out! Really...I was almost creeped me out so much! Then Mel grabed this big knife to protect herself in case Shane comes was so scary! Thank god Jim realized that the phone line was dead and rushed home and came on time! When Mel started to cry I wanted to cry too, because I felt so sorry for her!:(

    Delia was great in this episode...though Shane caused many problems for her she was still on Mel's side!:)

    And the end...I really want to know who "saved" Mel from this stalker-ghost...her dad? or maybe someone completely different?

    STAY TUNED!:)moreless
  • This was an intense episode lots of suspense had me wondering what would happen next. First off let me say this episode broke the help the ghost of the week mode. Here just getting the answer to the ghost hanging around wasn'tmoreless

    This was an intense episode lots of suspense had me wondering what would happen next. First off let me say this episode broke the help the ghost of the week mode. Here just getting the answer to the ghost hanging around wasn't enough. Next Melinda had a flesh and blood threat that was way worse than anything the ghost had to offer. To top things off they ended the show with what appeared to be the ghost saving Melinda but may have been them just building more power for an attack. Good episode top notch to convince anyone to give the show a chance.moreless
  • So awesome!

    I loved this eppy so much!! It was so suspenseful when Shane was all around Melinda's house! It was about a woman, Colleen, who was killed, and she had a connection to this guy, Shane. Shane said Colleen was a stalker and really weird. Melinda goes to learn more about her so she goes to her apartment and finds restraining orders against Shane! Shane was the stalker! So then Shane starts to stalk Melinda and follows her to work and even tries to get Deliah mad at her, and the cops can't do anything bc he is a lawyer and they have nothing to get him with. So Melinda goes to Colleen, the victim, for help and they get the info from his labtop! They get him, and Melinda tells the cop friend, Campbell, who Colleen liked, about everything, and Colleen crosses over I assume since they didn't show it. But then, Shane, who was in jail, overdoces! And now he is stalking Melinda again! But then some arms come out of the wall and grab Shane and pull him downwards. Creepy episode, but it was great! 10/10moreless
  • Amazing episode!!!!!!A great dose of adventureness too!!!!

    Wow this episode was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!I loved having more of a mystery episode where you were always wondering what was going to happen next. JLH did a great job on this episode especially when Shane was in her house-well sort of. There were more Jim and Mel moments too which is good. OMG I loved when Jim came rushing back for Mel after he realized what Shane had done and then Mel sort of collapsed into his arms and YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY NO PAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I thought it was absolutely hilarious when Mel went into Shane's office acting like she was going out with Shane and had left a little "something" behind I was LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! I kinda wished the ghosts from "below" didn't drag Shane away I think it would've been better for him to stay at least one more episode but it was still a great episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    • (Melinda goes to Colleen's apartment to find her)
      Melinda: Colleen? Colleen?
      Colleen: I thought I could stop him but I lead him to you. He will take your life now too.
      Melinda: No. No, that's not ever gonna happen. I was wrong...and you were right. It is time for you to get your payback.
      Colleen: What do you mean?
      Melinda: We are going to nail Shane. We are going to make sure he can never do anything like this again.

    • Jim: And know where to find me.
      (He whispers in her ear and walks to the door)
      Melinda: I know you are not about to take that peanut butter up into my bed.
      Jim: Ah! I was gonna take this peanut butter up into my bed!

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