Ghost Whisperer

Season 5 Episode 16

Old Sins Cast Long Shadows

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2010 on CBS

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  • One of series finest, best episode this season.

    Without a doubt, the best episode this season. The whole shadows and shiny plot this season had great promise but up until this episode, it just hasn't lived up to its potential and this episode changed that.

    The episode brought back my faith in the series. Up until this point, I found the whole season to be rather boring and uninteresting, ruined by the five years jump. The 100th episode was a good tribute to the show's earlier seasons and brought out the "soul" of the series but this is the one that reminded us of how wonderful the show can be with great writing and brilliant acting led by Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    The action as well as the revealing of the plot reminded me very much of how great the show was back in the earlier seasons. I too really liked the fact that they once again reinforced how different the character of Delia is to everyone else and in particular to Andrea. Delia is the perfect character set up to bring some reality back into the supernaturalness of the series. Thanks to this episode, I am now eagerly awaiting the next one and can't wait for the plot to run it's course.
  • Is it just me or is this show running out of steam?

    I really love this series but this is a really dire episode. The acting of the guest cast is atrocious, particularly Ned's tutor. It makes me sad to see a show as good as this run out of steam and head towards mediocrity. I think the writing team really need to make some drastic changes to this show's format as it seems to have lost some of it's magic. For one, they need to axe Ned and send Melinda's son off to boarding school. Ever since they killed and resurrected Jim and then sent the show 5 years ahead it hasn't felt the same. The 5 year jump worked in desperate housewives because it drove the story forwards. With this show the jump only seems to have allowed the writers to by-pass the Melinda with a baby stage and give her a spooky child instead, other than that - it hasn't driven the story forward and the result is episodes like this one. It makes me sad because this show used to be so great.
  • Another amazing episode for this saseason!

    This was another really aemotional episode and another one that I really enjoyed,. The storyline was well executed and I must admit, it was very intersting.

    The storyline was really sad, and the little girl was so cute. Felt really sorry for her, and loved the way that everything resolved itself, in this particular episode.

    I would highly recommend this episode, as this show is coming to an end, and there aren't too many episodes left. This was a great one, and I think it may lead to some interesting developments as the serires reaches its demise.

    Please keep it up, Ghost Whisperer, right up until the end! Can't wait for it!