Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2005 on CBS
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Melinda Gordon just got married. During the wedding she sees something being drawn on the window and she knows it's a ghost. But for the first time, the ghost comes inside her house and that unsettles her. Despite being afraid, she tries to help him reunite with his family and pass along the message he needs her to say.moreless

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  • Amazing series!!!

    When I first heard of this show, I thought it would be corny. I mean talking to spirits? I didn't think they could pull it off, but they did. I recently watched this episode. It was scary, suspenseful, intense, tragic, and heartwarming. All at the same time. I really, really enjoyed it. Jennifer Love Hewitt plays an excellent ghost whisperer! The acting is phenomenal & it feels so real. It's well filmed -- It's a winner. It's not a crappy supernatural rip-off, on the contrary, it's ADDICTING! WHAT AN EXCELLENT WAY TO START SUCH AN AMAZING SERIES :Dmoreless
  • Melinda Gordon just got the wedding she sees something being drawn on the window,she knows it's a ghost. But for the first time,the ghost comes inside her house she tries to help him reunite with his family and pass alongmoreless

    I Think that it is an awesome episode....and I am a bi fan of the series..but i love this episode more..because wentworth miller act in is very great thing..really he is so talented..about the series..the idea of someone talking to earthbounds spirit people is a great idea..about the episode wrote by john seems to be that he is a great writer..the first condition with milenda coming with her marrige..that's so you must feel scared lights all this give u the feelings that u r with her making this advantour and living this drama..go on jennifer you are great..go on wentworth you are really awesomemoreless
  • Excellent start to the series

    I just recently began watching this show and in my opinion this episode was a great start.It leaves you wanting to find out what happens and you are always disappionted when the adverts begin. As more of the story unravels, your excitement builds up and you want to know more. I thought the idea of a dead soldier was a great way to start the show. It was cleverly planned the way he was triggered because of his son's wife being pregnant.It's better because if he had been roaming for that long you would have thought that he would have been to see Melinda by now so it was clever the way the episode was plotted.

    It makes you feel mixed emotions because your sad that he never saw his son but you are happy he was able to pass over. It also makes you feel scared when the man appears and some of the scenes are actually quite dark and may scare you! All in all, it was a great way to start the show.moreless
  • Wentworth Miller

    Alright, alright... I'll admit that the first time I got attracted to this series is because they showed Wentworth Miller in the pilot. But it's a very emotional pilot!

    A dead father's spirit came back to visit his son that he'd never seen. Even though when at first the father's spirit looked like hell, but then it became clearer and clearer. He tried to remember where his chopper was shot down and fell. He remembered that his wife was carrying his soon-to-be-born baby, but at the final moment he realized that he'd never get to see his son.

    Who would've thought that he finally get to meet his son, even communicate with him through Melinda.

    With Melinda's curiosity, the place where the chopper was shot down could be located, and the ghost could have a "proper burial". This led him to see a light, where his next destination is going to be.moreless
  • Hooked Hooked Hooked

    Wow I have only just started watching Ghost Whisperer. In the UK they have just finished rerunning Season One on E4. I am addicted already. I think its excellent. It has everything a girl could want.... comedy, scariness, romance, fashion, beauty, friendship... I could go on & on. I watched the pilot episode after watching the last 10 episodes of Season 1... so a bit backwards. It was fantastic and it works brilliantly at giving the viewer an excellent taster of what is to come. If I'd seen it in the correct order I woul def of carried on watching.

    I must also add that I think it is a wonderful move to have great likeable characters with strong relationships in the programme. Too many shows have two faced characters and stressed relationships. Its so refreshing. I certainly prefer to watch this positive angle rather than arguing and nastiness.moreless
Grace Fulton

Grace Fulton

Young Melinda

Guest Star

Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller

Sgt. Paul Adams

Guest Star

Jody Hart

Jody Hart

Honor Guard

Guest Star

June Squibb

June Squibb


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Goof: When Melinda asks if they forgot to pay the light bill, Jim says he blew up the circuits. However, right next to him there's a lamp turned on.

    • Goof: Just after Melinda tells Jim what his brother told her, and his brother walks away from the house, when the camera goes over to Michael's (Balthazar Getty) car, if you watch the door, below the driver's side window, you can see the reflection of the cameraman (his pants mostly) walking toward the car for the close up, before Michael gets out.

    • Goof: The pilot shows a California license plate on a vehicle. Subsequent episodes show New York license plates.

    • Melinda: (to Jim) It's hard to get used to ... being cared about so much.

      This may be an allusion to people that have hurt Melinda, especially in reference to her gift. In Season 1, at least two people are noted in this way: former friend Lexie and former boyfriend Kevin.

    • Sgt Paul Adams is listed on the Grand View veterans' memorial as MIA in Vietnam in June, 1972.

      Also listed are Lt Ryan Beeman, February, 1970; Capt William Green, March 1964; Sgt Lee Ross, killed in June 1972; and Capt Michael Rizzo, MIA, December 1965.

    • Melinda narrates at the beginning of every episode:

      I just got married. I just moved to a small town. I just opened an antique shop. I might be just like you. Except from the time I was a little girl I knew I could talk to the dead. Earthbound spirits my grandmother called them. The ones who have not crossed over because they have unfinished business with the living and they come to me for help. To tell you my story, I have to tell you theirs.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Melinda: Paul, you told me that you were in a low valley of some kind. I think you might have actually been in the place called the Lo Valley. L-O and... I just need for you to remember your last day there. Remember what happened?
      Sgt. Paul Adams: Sometimes, I see bits and pieces. I remember being in a helicopter. I could see tracers coming up at us from the tree tops. I could feel the chopper slipping. I could hear the pain and bullets off the hallway. And I knew we were hit. We were going down. I remember seeing a waterfall as we went down. I remember thinking how beautiful it was and I was glad that the last thing I was gonna see was pretty. And I remember crying. Because I was never gonna see my baby.

    • (Jim is carrying Melinda)
      Melinda: You know, you only have to do this for the doorway, not the whole street.
      Jim: Well now she tells me.

    • Jim: (to Melinda about their new home) Don't be too impressed. The inside still looks like Legoland.

    • Melinda: You know, it really explains a lot.
      Andrea: Right, although not to me.

    • Melinda: (to Paul Adams' ghost) You're not supposed to be in my home. It's not how this works.

    • Andrea: In your house?
      Melinda: Yeah, it's never happened before.
      Andrea: Personna non grata. As we say in Latin. What did Jim say?
      Melinda: You know, I made an executive decision not to spoil the moment.
      Andrea: Good call.

    • Jim: Alright, step one. Remove blindfold.
      Melinda: Oh, thank you.
      Jim: Step two, um, close one eye so you only see the part of it that's almost finished.
      Melinda: Damn, wrong eye.

    • Melinda: "Speak & Understand Latin", "A Conversation, in Latin", "Latin for Dummies". Please not another hobby.
      Andrea: It is not a hobby. I'm trying to improve my mind.
      Melinda: I thought you were teaching yourself how to play the guitar.
      Andrea: I was... Wicked blisters though.
      Melinda: Hey, you know, no one actually speaks Latin anymore.
      Andrea: That is exactly what appeals to me about it.

    • Dan Clancy: The thing about Jim is that, he can take away your fear. He makes more of a difference than he knows.
      Melinda: He would so love to hear that from you.
      Dan Clancy: (whispering to Melinda) I'm giving it to you. Save it for when he's really ready to throw in the towel. You'll know.

    • Dan Clancy: Hey. Don't tell me I scared you.
      Melinda: Ah, very funny. I just didn't know if you were gonna make it.
      Dan Clancy: Are you kidding? I finally get to see my only brother settle down.

    • Melinda: (at her and Jim's wedding) Can't we sneak out? They'll never miss us.
      Jim: We haven't collected all of our gifts yet.
      Melinda: Oh, true.

    • Michael: (to Melinda) It's amazing how much you can miss somebody you never met.

    • Jim: Don't tell me you see something?
      Melinda: No, no. No. No way, it's nothing.
      Jim: That's good, that's good. Because it'd be nice to keep the celebration, you know, among the living.

    • Melinda: Did we forget to pay the light bill?
      Jim: I have a headache... and I crossed two wires in the basement and blew the circuits.
      Melinda: That's why you're a paramedic and not an electrician.

    • Andrea: Oh my God. You must have been dying to tell him?
      Melinda: Tell him what? That his dead father was dripping mud on my living room last week?
      Andrea: Point taken.

    • Melinda: The window just came off in my hand.
      Jim: I meant for that to happen.

    • Andrea: Are you saying that Village Java is haunted?
      Melinda: No, places aren't haunted, people are haunted.

    • Melinda: You're looking out for me, uh?
      Jim: No, I'm looking out for me. You punch pretty hard during these bad dreams.

    • Melinda: Oh, well, let's see, two weeks in Bermuda or Andrea's salary?
      Andrea: Honeymoons are totally overrated.

    • Melinda: Jim's got some big surprise going and he wants me to stay away from it.
      Andrea: And this is the only place you could think of to come? That's unbelievably sad for you.

    • Michael Adams: Must be great having supernatural powers.
      Melinda: Not really.

    • Melinda: (to Jim) We're in a life business. Death is just a part of it.

  • NOTES (7)