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  • Good show. Miss it a lot

    I think the airline crash was the shows "Hotel California". You couldn't top that. I wrote an unsubmitted script called, " Angel". Wish I woiuld have sent it in, yet they jumped in time and left the premise of the original show, so I didn't. . The jump in years to adding a Son and Jim went thru 12 years of Medical school and internship and never aged a minute. It was a bit much. Never referenced the new body he possessed. Killing him made the show leave the rails. It was a lot of change, massive change, matter of fact, and I think the fan never got their feet under them again. I still loved the show
  • blooper

    There's a mistake in Ghost whisperer 5x4 when Jim actually is Sam now but when he was in the hospital calling Melinda, in the back another doctor called him using JIM's last name "clancy" not sam's.

    Still the best serie ever
  • Ghost Whisperer

    i love to watch ghost whisperer every friday, saturday, and sunday
  • a great show

    i just finished watching ghost whisperer it very good and thank to netflix
  • Should have been based in a large city

    One thing I never understood about this show is that she lives in a small town with a small population, and yet no-one knows about her gift, even though she helped hundreds of people. Let's face it, if this was real life, after she helped the second person in episode 2 of the show the entire town would find out about it because people talk.

    My other problem with this show is the crazy number of people who get killed in this small town, all the accidents, suicides, fires, drownings, murders,.... there is no way all these deaths could happen in a small town in such a short period of time because there won't be anyone left alive.

    In seasons 4 & 5 every time she tells someone that she sees ghosts they immediately believe her, at least in seasons 1-3 they would argue with her or tell her to get lost. I think the how needed better writers.
  • A great show

    This series is epic! Jennifer Love Hewitt is such a good actress and I knew ghosts are real.
  • Melinda's BED!

    Maybe someone can help me out here - Where are the best images/scenes with Melinda's amazing wrought-iron bed? I tried to save an episode on my DVR with a good image, but it's long gone now and I cannot recall what episode it was. Seems like it was a very short scene towards the end of the episode... I build custom furniture, and was really taken by this image - can anyone tell me where it is?

    It was an amazing show, there should be kickstarter for a movie of G

    W, if Veronica Mars can do it(also a fan and help with the kickstarter),

    Ghost whisperer fans can iswell
  • Amazing

    I absolutely love this show! I watched this show everyday on Netflix and thought it was just AMAZING! All of the episodes are really good and some of them creeped me out! Like the one where Andrea dies, that espisode scared the $H!T out of me! I am eating this show 8.5 because of the ending, it was good but not enough I would've liked more to happen and not that! I would give it a ten if the ending was better.
  • Final words of the ghost

    I started watching ghost whisperer on Netflix about 3 weeks ago and immediately I got hooked. I love the show, but there are a few things that get under my skin. When Melinda is translating the message of the dead to their loved ones she never repeats the last words that are usually important. She always just says " I'll tell them" That drives me up the wall. Also she never really fully translates exactly what the ghost says. She always sums up everything in her own words. I also hate how she sort of walks over her husband when she's on a mission to help someone. Always hanging up the phone in his face and never lets him be there for her when he needs to be. Other than that I just love the show lol.
  • Absolute best show ever, never should've been cancelled.

    After the 5th episode of Ghost Whisperer I got hooked immediately watching Melinda helping with her gift to help the recently deceased find closure and crossover by walking into the light. Season 2 were introduced to a few characters, Delia Banks, Ned Banks and Professor Rick Payne. Season 4 we saw Jim die and instead of crossing over entered the body of a paramedic so he can stay with his wife. Season 5 helped a lot with the birth of her and Jim's son Aiden who also has the gift of seeing the dead. Every week I would check the overnight ratings for the show and they were incredibly high, CBS never should've gotten rid of this great show and would be in it's eighth season by now.
  • Best Show EVER!!!! Shouldn't have been canceled.

    At first the idea of a woman able to see spirits sounded corny to me -- but I gave the show a chance. After watching the Pilot, I instantly got HOOKED. I love the fact that Jennifer Love Hewitt is playing a good-natured, helpful ghost whisperer who helps the spirits cross-over in peace. I love the show for a number of reasons.

    The acting is phenomenal!!! Every episode is either filled with happiness, sadness, hilarity, and often tragic. All in one. A MAJOR reason why I'm a true fan at heart. The casting is perfect, I couldn't imagine any other actress playing the famous.......

  • it'd be nice.

    I want them to fix jim's death to be a bad dream of his or melindas, an all that followed, bring the show back and as for the shows view on death I hope more than anything that it's like that to be honest. . it'd be nice.
  • We miss the show, it was family friendly... PLEASE bring back~!

    There are very few shows we can watch as a family, that are not just about crime, or reality shows that are just crazy... so then you take away one that we can watch.
  • get ghost whisperer back on tv

    you should being it back, hate it now i can not watch it.
  • Love and Hate

    I can't agree with the metaphysical message that the series conveys but I agree with the values it defends. The script is OK and the actors have been cleverly well chosen. Most of all Jennifer is a loveable person and a kind one too.

    this show kept me attached to it for years. A job well carried out.
  • To Help the Unseen

    Jennifer is an extra great actress in this show! I'm glad she has her own show. Here, she works with paranormal matters. I've been a fan of her for a long time and each day she gets more talented as an actress. This show highlights some more of her talent. I'm glad she doesn't freak out for talking to the dead... I would. But, Melinda has a unique gift. Great to watch!
  • I Watch Ghost Whisperer On Netflix

    I watch Ghost Whisperer on my Netflix. I am already on season 5. I looked up on the internet and i found out it only has 107 episodes. 5 seasons is the 107 episodes. I am on episode 18 on season 5 and there are only 22 episodes on the season. That really stinks. I love Ghost Whisperer. Its like my fave show. IO dont know what i will watch on Netflix after i finsh Ghost Whisperer. I can stand 1 day without watching it.
  • Absolutely Amazing Show!

    This show was cancelled way before it's time! It had very great storylines, plot development and it has you hooked. The series ended weirdly though, mainly due to the fact the fifth season probably wasn't intended to be it's last season, and I say a TV Movie would be a great way to wrap things up.
  • Dumb

    God does not lose people and let them wonder around on earth scared, afraid, and ignorant of it. And people would at least see their guardian angel. It's dumb.
  • If you've somehow missed seeing Ms. Hewitt's bosom, this show will get you up to speed quickly.

    The premise is terminally silly. Ms. Hewitt's character sees so many dead people that it's amazing that she can find room to walk on the sidewalk.

    The show seems to exist mainly to put Ms. Hewitt in situations where she can wear different outfits that display her famous cleavage. We see her wake up in the morning, wearing a low-cut nightgown. We see her go to work in a low-cut blouse. We see her have dreams where she's wearing low-cut lingerie.

    Not that that's not entertaining, just don't expect much from the stories.
  • Melinda Gordon is a young newlywed with a great husband and her own antiques shop. She also sees, and talks to ghosts. She helps them find out why they have not crossed over. A bit far-fetched, but a lovely idea that one can't quite disbelieve...

    I have to say that my husband and I really liked the show for the first few years, however, we stopped watching when Jim died and then jumped into the other guy. I am very disappointed in the writers and producers who went to this extreme--did they really think that would improve the show? In fact, they probably lost a lot of viewers. Also, the substitution of Jamie Kennedy for Jay Mohr was a bad idea--he just doesn't do anything for the show; plus he's not the actor Jay is. I actually was upset when Ayisha Tyler's character died in the plane crash episodes as I do not like Camryn Manheim at all, but, since I do like her son (even though he grew up overnight into a different person, it seems, from one season to the next--what was that all about?)I'll put up with her...or I did until the show did the jump-the-shark thing. Even though I hate the "it was all a dream" thing (done with "Dallas" and "St. Elsewhere") if it brings back Jim as himself, then I accept it!!.

    My Partner loves this show and does not miss it!. He also watches swimming, tennis, running, marathons on tv. This goes to show there is not a lot of thinking or imagination required. It is just awful. It was my worst tv show of all time but "the storm" came along and knocked them off. I seriously hope they dont mix this show with medium, medium is far superior!
    Jennifer Love Hewitt may be pretty but as acting goes, no, she cant act!!!! The story of the ghost game reality crossover was so bad it was funny though. This show is like vomit and dog turd on a cream cracker - extremely hard to swallow!

    VERY VERY BAD!!!!!!! BAD TV, BAD BAD TV!!!!!
  • No Please Not Jim!

    What are they thinking?! You can not kill Jim. Melinda won't be melinda without Jim. I too beleive they have not only killed Jim but their audience too. I am so disgusted. Tonight I think was my last episode. The writers need to seriously find a way to fix this or they can kiss this series goodbye. Some think the main character is all that matters but that is not true. The main character is only as good as their supporting actors.It was one thing to kill Andrea, we can live without her, but not Jim. Just two words for the writers....YOU SUCK!
  • this show is about a woman name melinda gordon(jennifer love hewitt)who can talk to ghosts.


    melinda can see ghosts and she pass messages for the ghosts to ppl they love or care about.

    melinda also gets vissions of things to come and sometimes she gets them form ghosts.

    the show gives us some great acting skills from jennifer and rest of the cast.

    the special effects are pretty decent.

    the show has a nice plot to go along with everything.

    so even tho the acting great,and the special effects are good and the show has a nice plot.

    the thing i hated and cant seem to get over of is after every ep when it gets ready to go off and the ghosts is saying his or hers goodbyes and melinda is telling the also becomes a crying scene which got really annoying overtime.

    not only that but the writers would just change stories like it wasnt nothing just to fit the show.for example when the writers wrote themselves in a hole about melinda and gabriel being brother and sister b/c how did gabriel get his they made it where they werent siblings.then they started changing so much stuff it got to me.

    so not only that they would drop stoires lines like it was no one businesss.i mean what happened to gabriel?what ever happened to the white brim man?they would make every end scene a crying scene and they change to much stuff.

    so even tho the acting good,the special effects are cool and the plot is nice...the writing can be terrible if not god awful at times and they just drop too many stories and forget about others.

    ill say give this show a chance but in the middle of season 3 youll be disappointeed every season until season 5 when it ends.the show started out good like charmed and become awful like charmed in the end.(charmed still a better show than this tho)



    I LOVE Ghost Whisperer. I have no idea why CBS cancelled GHOST WHISPERER. I really really want to watch season 6. Ghost Whisperer Is The BestShow Ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love Melinda, Jim , Delia , Ned, Dr. Payne, Eli, Andrea and Aiden. It made me crywhen Jim died and when Sam remembered he was Melinda's husband.

    Aiden is ssssssssssoooooooooooooo cute. I love Andrea. I wonder why they killed her off. Dr.Payne is really funny. Jim and Melinda are also funny. I like how Ghost Whisperer is funny, suspenseful , scary and romantic all at the same time. Once againI llllllooooovvvvveeee Ghost Whisperer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazing and Brilliant!


    I love this show. I wish it would have continued.
    The only problem was that I pretty much hated the whole Jim/Sam thing and the shadows and shinies of seasons 4 and 5. Melinda and Jim are pretty much my all time favorite TV couple so the Sam thing made me sad, and was pure stupidity. It felt like a horrible attempt to fit David Conrad back into the show after he almost left it or to redeem something like a failed idea perhaps. Then the shadows and Shines and especially the book of changes were far too 'Charmed'(the show about the three sister witches). It took away from the show's original Hallmark feel of helping the ghosts cross over and maybe having some of them get Melinda into a bit of trouble, the stalker for example from season 2 or 3 I am not exactly sure. The shadows and shinies took a lot of attention away from the needy ghosts and gave it a supernatural cliche kind of. I thought it quite unnecessary, Aidan should have had the ordinary ghost seeing gift like Melinda. His being special and the constant danger it caused him to be in is very very sixth and seventh season 'Charmed'. They did a concept exactly like that(except the demons didn't want to kill the kid, they wanted to raise him to be on their side).
    My mom and I believe this is may be why it was canceled, viewers didn't like all of the drama and complexity of the shadows and shines and may have felt it too much of a change. It was. I feel like Jim/Sam and the shadows and shines(especially since they are pretty much copied from another show) were a desperate attempts for ratings boosts, such ideas usually are.
    Other than that though it was a wonderful show, and I will miss it. Because since they defeated of the shadows they could have gone back to the original concept. I was truly sad to hear it had been canceled.

  • Why was this cancelled. I want Ghost Whisperer back on the television for a sixth season!!!!


    Why was this show cancelled? I am really mad at CBS! This was one of the most family friendly drama shows I've ever seen.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt did the best acting in her whole entire life on this television show. All the characters were memorable in their own way. This is one the best shows ever and the pilot will make you hooked from this show from the start. cancelled Ghost. All the fans will remember your show just by watching the re-runs. I wish CBS did not cancel Ghost Whisperer.

  • i loved the show!! i wish it would come back!

    Great movie, I have know idea why they took it off? It was funny, it was real sad, but it was always interesting! There is times that it would scare me even. My daughters and I would watch it together or record it on the DVR and watch it later. I thought all the characters are great. They made it fell so real! I thought that it would be on for a couple of more years, if not longer. Now there is nothing worth watching on Friday night. So I record very show that I can on my DVR. Wish they would have not took it off.

    i really love ghost whisperer and everything about it.its the best show in the entire world.the show has all the potential it needs to succeed and so much more. i am really happy to see a show thats inspiring,joyful,and truthful.i really enjoy seeing my favorite actress jennifer love hewitt play the character of melinda gordon in the show.i also love the other characters jim,andrea,dr.payne,delia,ned,and the rest of the entire cast of the show.every episode gets better and better.all of the stories are great.hopefully the show will be on for a very long time.thank you cbs for a truly amazing show.i love you jennifer love hewitt!!!
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