Ghost Whisperer

Season 5 Episode 2

See No Evil

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2009 on CBS

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  • one word.... CREEEEEEEPY!!!

    so far ive liked both episodes of season five!! i think its a new spin for the show, with adien and all. but this episode was creepy!! and i love creepy episodes like this! HOT moment between mel and jim at the beginning hehe!! ghost of the week was interesting and the chain email... i think i should forward all my chain letters from now on haha!! BUT the ending was real spooky with the little girl and that scarecrow looking ghost girl (at least i think it was a girl!!) i mean what is her deal?? it looks like this season of ghost whisperer will be very exciting!! i just hope they explain the scarecrow girl in a later episode because its SCARY!! good to see somewhat of the old ghost whisperer back with the new intriguing ghost stories and all!! looking forward to more episodes to come!! :):):)
  • Ahhh classic GW...

    Loved this episode. At first I thought it will be a ripoff of The Ring, but I was wrong. The idea may be similar but the story was unique. I believe that this episode was the beginning of the storyline of this season - a union of two angry souls - one alive, one dead (or I want to believe because I don't think Aiden should be the main story element - although he's a great asset to the team). I am really hoping that the ghost girl in the end of the episode will appear many times in this season, because she looked just horrifically great. Also it would be great if the writers would somehow incorporate the Old Grandview storyline here.

    All in all, this was a great and really creepy episode.
  • A killah e-mail yo homie.

    Better than the season premiere, but still not great. Ghost Whisperer is really starting to get lost in the shuffle of all the great CBS dramas such as The Mentalist, CSI: NY and NCIS: Los Angeles. Jennifer Love Hewitt seems mentally checked out during the broadcasts as of late, not really exhibiting fear or any true emotion about the ghosts that are floating around her life. Yes, she has been at this for years, but is it wrong to get a little freaked out?

    I know Ghost Whisperer can be better than this, after all its being shown in repeats on ION, Lifetime and WE, so obviously there is a market for the show's good episodes. Now, just start trying hard to make those good episodes this season.
  • I really liked this episode but it seemed to end suddenly. It seemed like there was something missing.

    I am enjoying this season so far which is a surprise for me. I thought it would be the end to the show when it was announced that it would jump five years into the future but so far it has be done well. I really liked this episode but it seemed to end suddenly. It seemed like there was something missing. There appeared to be a break as if the editors was editing the episode and they ran out of time to they cut half of the scene. I hope that they continue the thread into the next episode and don't leave it for ten episodes as is their tendency.