Ghost Whisperer

Season 5 Episode 22

The Children's Parade

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 21, 2010 on CBS

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  • Fantastic episode i just love it

    Loved this episode what a perfect ending to the season/ wrapped everything up perfectly Loved they way adien saved his mum it was perfect how his gift has now been put to good use. Loved it loved it loved it;;; CRY CRY i am so sad that it is being axed this is such a great show lets you have that excapeisim from the norm each episode has you glued to the screen now my night's of coffee and cookies and the antisapation of the GW to start are all over as the exec's have decided to axe the show without viewers thoughts GW has had higher ratings than medium yet they have kept that show even though that is clearly tired and exuasted of story lines not like GW which so far had always been original and captures the imagination . and not pridicatable as hell
  • I loved The Ghost whisperer.

    I loved The Ghost whisperer, I enjoyed watching it every week. With all shows, there are great episodes and some are not so great. But in the overall I loved the show and feel sad that it got cancelled.
    Put it back on guys. the show is well worth it and I always felt the suspense in it and that made my adrenaline pump. Now I am desperatly looking for something alike, but nothing is out there that can even slightly compare with the ghost whisperer. Please put it back on the air, not only for me but for all the fans out there.
  • A great ending to a great show.

    It started watching this show in the 3rd season. I never thought it would end so soon. I am going to miss it so much. This is a great ending to a great season IMO. It had evertything a season final of Ghost Whisperer needed. It had touaching parts (every episode did because I cry everytime J Love Hewitt crys. He eyes are so beautiful). It had creepy parts too. Hewitt is such a great actress. She is able to go from nice to evil like that. The whole season i kept wondering how they were going to end this storyline and they ended it nicely. The ending where Aiden tell his mom that she is his hero was a great way to end. I wanted ABC to pick this show up but it seems they have not and I am sad because of it. I love you Ghost Whisperer. My fridays will not be the same with out you.
  • Possibly, the end.............

    In this episode of Ghost Whisperer, the following happens. When Melinda sees a ghost in the hospital, she learns that she can no longer tell the different between the living and the dead. And so she sets about finding the ghosts mother to cross him over.
    We soon that Melinda has changed. Yes she can't tell the different between the living and the dead, but she also seems be nasty and cruel. We see that the shadows have taken her over. Luckily Aiden manages to get the shines to help him out and manages to get the shadows out of his mother. Overall an interesting finale, which answered a lot of questions. If this is the last ever episode, at least it went out on a good one. I have watched this show from the start and will be sad to see it go, but I think that the time is right.
  • I forget what it is about but I think it take place in a hospital.

    Its a great show. I think it is the best one out there. I love it when she help the kids to go in to light. She is so helpful and kind. I think she is very happy for be in a show. If I was her i would hate the gift that she has. I would be scared and would hate me self for have it. I dont what else to write. I want to see all of the shows that she made. I want to a show when she was small and of her grandmother. Its very interning!
  • the finale

    And Ghost Whisperer is now over, but did the show go into the light? Not really. We did not get the closure to these characters we would have liked, but that was to be expected as this was intended to be a season, not series finale. At least we did wrap up the shinies and shadows story arc.

    GW was never the best show on television, but it was a good escape from the norm that CBS offered us. It was original scripted programming on Friday nights, so it had that working for it.

    The finale was entertaining, but the acting was a bit underwhelming. That sentence probably sums up the series as a whole actually.
  • The battle between Light and Dark!!!

    I loved this episode. It had everything a season finale needs and maybe even a series finale. If ABC does not save the show for a 6th season, i will be some what fine with it. Continuing the problems with Melinda's power was great, and her not being able to tell the difference between ghosts and people reminded me of the season 1 episode with flashbacks of when she first was able to tell the difference with her dead grandmother. I'm just sure if those problems are solved now that the shadows were defeated. This could be a great storyline for season 6.

    The scenes with Carl was really good,i never expected that he might have been controlled by the shadows in the episode before this, when he told Melinda to stop Aiden from seeing ghosts. Finally finding out who the shinies are, was awesome. Children ghosts who have crossed over. It all makes sense. Shadows consume children to keep them from becoming Shinies. And having that little girl, Cassidy return was a good choice. She was great in her other episode, in i think the 16th episode of the season.

    The Night to Day scene was stunning. But i wish i could have seen more of Dark Melinda in the shop. What exactly was she doing there? or should i say, what were the shadows making her do? There was a good amount of screen time of Ellie,Delia, and Ned. Jim got a lot more scene time this episode which was a good change from having Ned and Ellie in the center with Melinda, The two of them have had a lot of screen time this season, so having Melinda and Jim be together was a breath of fresh air.

    The Hospital ghosts storyline was also good. It had a connection with the shadows vs Shinnies arc which was a must for the season finale. having all those kinds go into the light with the shinies was really sweet. The last line was really perfect...i can't exactly remember it right now but i know it was awesome.
  • Perfect!!!

    This episode had everything a season finale would have even possibly a series finale! I really do hope that ABC pick up ghost whisperer for a 6th season but if not then this was a really great way to end five amazing years of ghost whisperer. I loved the hospital storyline with the children, it was really entertaining. It was great to see Cassidy again, she was great in 'Old Sins Cast Long Shadows' episode. They finally revealed to us who the shinies were which was a good tie to that storyline. The final battle scene between the Light and the Darkness was amazing! But I must say my favourite part of this episode was evil melinda! She played the part so well seeing as she's always the protagonist. The quote at the end of the episode was the best way to end this series: 'Mel: You were my hero tonight. Aiden: Just like you are to mum, every day'

    Absolutely perfect