Ghost Whisperer

Season 5 Episode 22

The Children's Parade

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 21, 2010 on CBS

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  • Possibly, the end.............

    In this episode of Ghost Whisperer, the following happens. When Melinda sees a ghost in the hospital, she learns that she can no longer tell the different between the living and the dead. And so she sets about finding the ghosts mother to cross him over.
    We soon that Melinda has changed. Yes she can't tell the different between the living and the dead, but she also seems be nasty and cruel. We see that the shadows have taken her over. Luckily Aiden manages to get the shines to help him out and manages to get the shadows out of his mother. Overall an interesting finale, which answered a lot of questions. If this is the last ever episode, at least it went out on a good one. I have watched this show from the start and will be sad to see it go, but I think that the time is right.
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