Ghost Whisperer

Season 2 Episode 20

The Collector

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2007 on CBS

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  • WOW another ghost whisperer in Grandview!!

    This episode was a really good one. I didn't think there would ever be a person with the same abilities as Melinda. None the less in Grandview. I thought it was good to see the girl from the plane again. Im glad that she now wants to go in the light. I felt bad for Rick. I really thought he would forgive his wife so that she could cross over. I didn't think that she would go with the others who haven't crossed over. I reallly want to know what's going to happen to all the living people. I want to see if Melinda can save them or what. I really want to know who is going to be hurt or pretty near killed due to the 5 signs of death. I like how Delia is now becoming more interested in Melinda's ability. She completley changed from telling Melinda that she needed help to asking her all these questions about what she does with ghosts. Im glad that she came back to work with Mel though. Anyhow this was a really goood episode and I can't wait till next Friday!!!
  • i loved this episode i just make me wanna see the nexts ones soo badly!

    OMG loved it! from when we first met kate (paynes wife) i though she was dead!! and she is, and i thought payne would forgive her so she would cross over! now shes gonna do something i just know it but now im quiet scared about which loved one will die cause the 5 signs have came ! and i really don't like gabrile! i hope something happens to him, i really do. somehow i do not think that the air steward crossed over , so i don't know about her tbh. also i really want to know what happened to the wide brim and the laughing man! and was the the ghost guy in the house that was bleeding the man with the bleeding hands??? so many questions and only 2 episods of the season left??? and i don't they all will be answered! Also at the house when you saw all the other ghosts who didn't cross over you start to name them, i.e randy and the bleeding hand guy.
  • Why I watch the show!

    I love this show too as it is a feel good show and that hopefully it will remain on the CBS schedule for years to come as it has great storylines and acting. Melinda sees a person who has the same time of abilities as her. But that person wants to do harm rather than good. As that is the only difference between the two. Keep up the good work!
  • She's not alone!!!

    Another great episode of the series and evidence of why so many people are hooked on it every Friday night.
    Melinda encounters a young man, named Gabriel, who can also see the dead. At first thrilled to no longer be the only one with her gift, she eventually discovers that Gabriel isn't using his abilities to help those lost souls. He's collecting them. He's discovered that the more souls who block the way into the light and remain here on earth, the greater power the dead have in our world. It's his desire, and we learn the desire of others around the world, to harness that power. To help the dead rule the earth.
    Seriously spooky stuff!
  • I was nevous the whole episode!

    This episode was so powerful episode. i can't believe there is another Ghost Whisperer in town but he is evil! I also can't believe What Kate Payne did to her husband Rick Payne I mean that was so sad and when Melinda was reading it out loud it made me more sad for Rick Payne and I totally wouldn't have guessed that that was going to happen. I knew that Kate Payne was dead because I saw on some forums that other people thought she was dead and then I started to think maybe she is dead. I so can't wait tell the next episode!
  • I was on the edge of my seat for the whole episode!

    It's rare for anything to really grip me and hold me in, especially when it comes to TV shows with commercial interruptions, but "The Collector" succeeded to make me part of the story, instead of just making me some guy sitting on a couch watching TV.

    The episode is different in the fact that it doesn't exactly have one strict storyline of a ghost who goes to Melinda and there's some problems and then they cross over. The writers pulled it off very well, there is mostly focus on the actual plotline of Ghost Whisperer, rather than the story of an individual episode. From the very beginning where Melinda found another person talking to ghosts, I was intrigued. Later when Melinda found out he was lying about who he was and what his intentions were, I could really relate to him and his strong distrust for the living, and the things he had to go through because of his "gift"

    The scenes with professor Rick Payne and his wife were also rather touching, and quite sad too, although I was a bit hazy on the details of what exactly happened between them.

    Overall, "The Collector" is a brilliant episode and I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Another Ghost Whisperer roams Grandview.

    The girl from the plane is asking Melinda for help. She says that someone else has appoached her. Melinda is confused until she sees this man for herself. Her dead funeral director fills her in that he likes to hang at funerals. She watches the man cross over a biker. The new Ghost Whisperer's name is Gabriel. Meanwhile, Melinda realizes Professor Payne's wife is dead. After contacting Melinda for help to settle what is keeping her earthbound Melinda seeks out Payne. He reads a diary chronicling his wife cheating on him. He refuses to forgive her. She goes with Gabriel whom by now Melinda realizes aren't crossing over but actually staying with Gabriel. Gabriel is preparing to take over the world with his spirits. Melinda has to find a way to stop him.
  • Brilliant! They hit the nial right on the head iwith this one!

    This was a terrific episode of Ghost Whisperer, and it developed the storyline very dignificantly and very interesrting ly. The episode was about another Ghost Whisperer who had come to town, and Melinda found him.

    It was quite a strange episode, and there were many weird moments, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was very dsuspenseful. It alos ended on a great note to set up for next week!

    I thought it was a top notch episode. I think there was a long string of great episodes prior to this one, and this one was no exception to that chain.

    Keep it up, Ghost Whisperer! I highly recommend this one, and I think it was absolutely and incredibly magnificient! Keep it up!