Ghost Whisperer

Season 2 Episode 20

The Collector

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2007 on CBS

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  • WOW another ghost whisperer in Grandview!!

    This episode was a really good one. I didn't think there would ever be a person with the same abilities as Melinda. None the less in Grandview. I thought it was good to see the girl from the plane again. Im glad that she now wants to go in the light. I felt bad for Rick. I really thought he would forgive his wife so that she could cross over. I didn't think that she would go with the others who haven't crossed over. I reallly want to know what's going to happen to all the living people. I want to see if Melinda can save them or what. I really want to know who is going to be hurt or pretty near killed due to the 5 signs of death. I like how Delia is now becoming more interested in Melinda's ability. She completley changed from telling Melinda that she needed help to asking her all these questions about what she does with ghosts. Im glad that she came back to work with Mel though. Anyhow this was a really goood episode and I can't wait till next Friday!!!
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