Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 2

The Crossing

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2005 on CBS
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A boy who was killed in a collision with a train wants Melinda's help to ensure his mother that his death was not caused by her. Melinda's mother-in-law pays Melinda and Jim a visit and they have a deep conversation.

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  • Best episode!

    I got HOOKED to this series, recently. It's wonderful -- I LOVE the fact of Jennifer Love Hewitt playing a ghost whisperer. This has to be one of my favorite episodes....It was emotional and at times, very hilarious. I enjoyed every second of it. Kenny is extremely adorable!!! :D This TV show is a WINNER.
  • a great episode!!!<br /> tuching script! fantastic casting!<br /> after an average pilot the show rises to its potential!!

    Wow!! this is the reson to watch this show!!

    the show itself doesnt seems to be very special, regardless of beautifull jeanifer love hewite, and the pilot is medium at best, but this episode was phenomenal!!!

    the pilot wasnt as powerfull as it could've been, which is why at first glance ghost whisperer doesnt seems to thouch you at the right places. In this episode the writers fix that first impresion and show as the great potential of this show.

    there's nothing like the innocense of a child and the writers played that card to its full impact. the script was chiling especialy kenney's part. when kenny was informed that he was dead and started wondering if he would be rememberd even my eyes where wet. also, the choise of cast was brilient!! Joseph Castanon made kenney's facial expressions and voice unforgetible. David Eigenberg and Paula Cale where also good as the parents. i highly recommend this episode and this show, in hope that the writers would duplicate the quality of this episode along the show.moreless
  • I was sitting home watching a channel specializing in reruns, and this came on. I said, what the heck. Why not watch it? And it got me hooked!

    I was sitting home watching reruns of a variety of shows and this episode came on of The Ghost Whisperer. It was the first time I've ever seen the show. And I am now hooked! The acting was great and the story line was unpredictable which is unlikely in shows like this. Researching the episode later on, I was surprised to see was only the second episode of the first season. I am looking forward to continueing the series all based upon this one viewing. I have set my TV to record all episode due to the price of DVDs being high! Great job, The Ghost Whisperer!!!moreless
  • A young boy who died in a train crash comes to Melinda but doesent know he is dead. Melinda helps him find his way to the light. Faith, Jim's mom comes to vist for the first time.moreless

    This episode is one of my favorites. I thought Kenny was very cute. I liked this episode because you get your first look at Jim's mom. I thought Faith was a very good comic relif for a sad episode. The whole friendship between Dylan and Kenny was really cute too. How Dylan's mom said that he was to old for an imaginary friend and he was saying that Kenny was real and not imaginary and then Kenny finding out through Dylan that he was dead. I liked the end when Faith suspected Melinda to be pregnant and whent out and bought them stuff only to find out that Melinda wasent pregnant. Over all I think this episode was very, very cute.moreless
  • A little boy (deceased) seeks Melinda's help with communictating with his mother.

    Now I must admit wasn't too impressed with the pilot episode, but this episode "The Crossing" had a much better teaser. This, in my opinion would have been a better choice for the pilot. Joseph Castanon (Kenny), is the cutest little boy and I think he did a wonderful job with playing the deceased. Jim Clancy played by David Conrad is payed a visit by his mother, Faith (Christine Baranski). I think she did a great job with getting the audience to not like her so much at first but we warm up to her at the end. Was it just me or did anyone think that off white dress Jennifer was wearing was a little too much? Who selected the wardrobe? The scene where Kenny's mom decribes Kenny's deaths was really heartfelt. Very sad. claasic moment was when Faith comes back with the baby dress and the worlds best dad mug. She thinks Melinda is pregnant when she really isn't. Overall I think this episode was much better than the first but i'm not ready to run off and buy season two yet.moreless

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