Ghost Whisperer

Season 3 Episode 14

The Gravesitter

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2008 on CBS
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After graffiti is repeatedly painted on Melinda's shop doors, she seeks out the town blogger convinced he is the one causing the mischief in an attempt to expose her. Melinda is forced to encounter the dark side of Grandview in order to help the latest ghost cross-over.moreless

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  • And Shame the Devil...

    "The Gravesitter," was different then the typical norm episode, and I frankly loved it. Justin Yates, was a character I knew I would love from the get go, always curious and suspicious for the abnormal. Tonight, it all finally was laid into play. Resolving many unanswered questions/plot left hanging, such as the stealing of files on Mel from Payne's laptop [watch "The Underneath"], or the captured security tape catching Mel in the act [watch "Slam"] to tonights somewhat exposing of Mel's gift. The answer ... was guilt and curiosity of what is beyond the barrier of the living and breathing. That explains the why but what about the cause? Guess you, like I did have to watch to find out. One thing I will say, the Justin plot and his curiosity of the beyond is one you will not have seen coming.

    Moving along to mythology plot, the Dark Spirits and the Underground strike again. They are indeed "getting stronger" to quote Mel from Season 1. I found it clever how John [since he wrote it] showed the Dark Spirits were getting wary of Mel's "peace is in the light, not here" chatter by unwillingly ripping them from the surface and then, safely in their world, converting them over. Also, the ghosts trying to force themselves from beneath the concrete to the surface was a great way to show progression from the tease they laid in the premiere to what is to come out of it.

    It was a nice change of things to see Mel converse with the other 3 characters. I do not think this has happened since "Weight of What Was," especially with each in their own right helping out with the situation of the episode. Also, it was a very positive sign after last weeks episode to see that Delia has relaxed and opened up to Mel's ability. All in good time too.

    Overall, the episode was different but in the purest and best way it could and should be. Inching closer and closer we are, all but a few questions are still left unanswered. Luckily, we still have 4eps till we can say "rest in peace" to Season 3.moreless
  • Another Fantastic Episode and I have to say I liked Justin in this episode!

    So everyone was afraid of this.. I personally do not want everyone to find out about Melinda's ability to speak to the dead.

    The painting or graffiti on her shop's front door are just annoying and scary at the same time.

    So Melinda isn't the only one who is experiencing strange stuff! Justin is finding his room upside down?

    So what is going on with Justin? He is being very Strange!

    This is very interesting.. So Justin knows that he is sick and is going to die - He is alone because he knows what's going to happen to him.

    Justin wants to find some who is dead when he is dead? Julie.

    JUstin went through a rough patch and made a really tough decision to leave Julie behind. You can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice how much he wanted to die that day and that he thinks that he should die now.

    That was very strange.. no wonder he saw Julie because he passed away in his sleep.

    I guess Julie wanted him with her... Since he died we have learned a lot of new things about him and that made me like him cause I learned who he truly is.

    He does not deserve to be with Julie and he needs to go to the light. Julie was trying to hurt him to make him stay with her.

    Justin is a good guy and he wanted to say goodby to his family and he wanted to say he is sorry.

    JUstin is cute - I really like him now... He was sorry for stealing the files and he understands what she does.moreless
  • The best episode this season.

    I really love season three. It is clearly much better than the second season. The writers did a great job at finishing Justin's storyline and we were also shown that ghosts can be saved from the darknesss of old Grandview. Malinda finally has a great victory against the dark spirits. Also until this episode I really hated Justin for his curiosity, but this episode changed EVERYTHING. He showed Melinda (and us) that he is very strong and interesting person.

    The episode was also a little scary and that's great of course. The plot was really very clever and it showed many new things to the viewers I think. Also the ending was great - scary faces and hands. BOOmoreless
  • Justin sleep walks and paints all ove malindas door at the shop; justin tells malinda that he is dying, and he needs to find hi G/F that passed away

    Another really good episode. I loved justin in this one. I always wondered what exactly his whole role was in this season and it was finally answered. I was however shocked when he turned out to be a ghost himself in the end, even though I should have seen it comming. At first when he started to paint on malindas door i really thought that it ws a ghost but then when he was cought on camera i was a little confused as to why he would be trying to out her, but then it come out that he was in fact not aware of his doings. Anyway good show and hope they keep on getting bettermoreless
  • A good episode with Melinda and the blogger finally having their long anticipated showdown. I really liked how it appeared a fanatic was after Melinda. The slow unraveling of the plot showing it was the blogger was done well. I didn'tmoreless

    A good episode with Melinda and the blogger finally having their long anticipated showdown. I really liked how it appeared a fanatic was after Melinda. The slow unraveling of the plot showing it was the blogger was done well. I didn't expect to hear he had an inoperable brain tumor and the scene where he found out he was a ghost panned out perfectly. I was a little annoyed at Melinda doing her crybaby thing again. I get that she's the sweet beautiful heroine but come on are all those water works needed? Still a good episode giving us what we expect from the show a great and enduring story.moreless
Omid Abtahi

Omid Abtahi

Justin Yates

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Assaf Cohen

Assaf Cohen

Andy Yates

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Katie Lowes

Katie Lowes

Julie Anderson

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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Professor Payne: A possession?
      Melinda: Yeah but I think it's a temporary thing. Remember it happened to you?
      Professor Payne: I think I'll be remembering the time the ghost got into my body and made me vomit blood long after I've forgotten my name, my address and what a car key is for, yeah.

    • Melinda: He also said it could be a reaction to medication or alcohol.
      Jim: Well if that were true I would have sleepwalked through my entire senior year at college.
      Melinda: Is that a guy thing? Making jokes about college and sleepwalking?

    • Professor Payne: Melinda, I have no idea what is going on. Should I be scared?

    • Melinda: Alright if you're too scared...(walks away).
      Professor Payne: She plays me like a piano!

    • Justin: This is a bad time.
      Professor Payne: Justin, this may be a good time to tell you a fascinating new idea called the hanger. (Holds up a bunch of Justin's rumpled clothing).

    • Professor Payne: Graffiti here in Grandview? Are you sure it was graffiti? Was the handwriting nice at least?

    • Rick (ranting): There is absolutely no entertainment value, whatsoever, in owning a gerbil. He won't eat a hot dog, he turned his nose up at a potato chip earlier.
      Melinda (trying to get his attention): Uh, hello?
      Rick: This guy won't show me any affection! He doesn't snuggle with me, I need– I need an animal that will cuddle!

    • Justin: You've given me a lot of hope. You do that for a lot of people. Don't stop, OK? No matter what. And tell professor Payne that I'm sorry for stealing his files. And for posting all those disses on the blog. Oh, and tell him that the gerbil, he only eats organic food.
      Melinda: I don't think he knows that.
      Justin: I'm gonna come back. Some day I'm going to come back, and I'm gonna tell you what's on the other side.
      Melinda: I'll be waiting. Thank you...for keeping my secret.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: May 22, 2008 on Kanal 4
      The Netherlands: October 5, 2008 on Net 5
      Norway: January 22, 2009 on FEM
      Turkey: February 18, 2009 on CNBC-e
      Czech Republic: July 6, 2009 on AXN
      Slovakia: November 29, 2009 on JOJ
      Finland: March 6, 2010 on Nelonen

    • Featured Music: "The Moment I Said It" - Imogen Heap (the song at the end)


    • Professor Payne: I think I'll be remembering the time the ghost got into my body and made me vomit blood long after I've forgotten my name, my address, and what a car key is for, yeah.

      In Season 2 Episode 11 Cat's Claw, the ghost of Dr. Martin Shaer temporarily jumps into the body of Professor Payne. Since Dr. Shaer was suffering from Dengue Fever and had a mouth full of blood at the time of his death, this also caused Professor Payne to vomit up blood.