Ghost Whisperer

Season 2 Episode 8

The Night We Met

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The ghost of a chef who died in a fire at a Chinese restaurant meets Melinda after the restaurant he died in burns for a second time. He demands that Melinda go out and find the person that really set the fire he was blamed for.

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  • A second fire at a resturant and the anniversary of Jim and Melinda. Does it get any better than this?

    There is a second fire at a resturant and a ghost is haunting it. It was also a flash back episode showing how Jim and Melinda got together. That little excursion into the land of love almost over shadowed the ghost that so needed Mel's help in getting peace so he could cross. The gift Melinda chooses for Jim is priceless. Jim, for the matter is more sneaky. When Mel found the umbrella because her first one was destroyed on their first date, it just melted my heart. A good way end my two days off and start my weekend. I can't live without my Friday night CBS shows! Oh, and Mel does cross the ghost over and that end of it was good too.moreless
  • lovely episode, Melinda in peril, Jim being a hero...

    I really liked this episode. Being a total Jimel fan why wouldnt I?

    I thought that having Melinda in trouble, seriously affected by a ghost, gave us a lot of character developement for the ghosts and told us a lot about the progression of this season so far as ghosts gaining power etc.

    The anniversary of Jim and Melinda was really well covered. I thouhgt that the flashbacks were well linked in to the other action and the picture was sufficiently treated that it seemed to be a nightime memory.

    Undeniably, my favourite part of the episode would have to have been at the very close when Jim said: 'dinner at the umbrella room'. I'm not ashamed to admit I was crying with Melinda.

    As usual jlh and david conrad did a fab job of being the more perfect that perfect marriage everyone loves and the supporting fire story fitted really well. Jlh reaction when Jim got knocked down also sticks in my mind.

    Only negative point, I thought that Warren's partner (dont know his name)was a bit dull and kinda dum, unexpected on a realtively smart show.moreless
  • I loved this episode - not only was the plot good, but the beautiful anniversary sequence between Mel and Jim was amazing. Almost perfect.

    I have to say, when I sat down to watch this episode a few weeks ago, I remember thinking, "Ok, so it's to do with a restaurant fire. This is probably gonna be one of those great-but-predictable episodes." Oh how wrong I was! The great twist as far as the fire was concerned - and the arson - I think was very well thought out and planned. I didn't see it coming! The story line may not have developed the bigger plot much, but it certainly made for good T.V. Now, the real reason why I think this is almost-perfect, is because of the wonderful anniversary sub plot. I didn't see it coming, and honestly, when I saw what Jim had given her, I was so close to tears it's unbelievable. Absoloutly wonderful episode.moreless
  • Really good episode

    I loved this episdode. I though it was such a good idea for them to finally show us more about melinda and jim's relationship. I would personally love to know where their second date was and where Jim proposed. I love how he tricked her into thinking that he had forgotten their aniversery but really he knew all along. All in all i think that this was a really great episode and anyone who hasn't seen it really should. I also did like the storyline with the ghost who was on fire. I though that the first time you saw it it was pretty cool.moreless
  • I found my eyes watering as this episode ended.

    I love watching Melinda Gordon's experiences as she helps out strangers reconnect with their deceased loved ones. This episode also touched on Melinda and Jim's past, how they met eachother. The two leads gave beautiful performances as usual, but I also loved the random ghosts that Melinda helped out. The ghost in the funeral home was just hilarious, and there were so many surprises when we realised which ones were ghosts. The story with Warren's death was certainly intriguing, and I was happy when the world didn't work out for every single character. But I was in tears when Warren finally revealed his love for his wife... so beautiful. And then more tears flooded when Jim gave Melinda her anniversary gift. Jennifer Love Hewitt continues to touch our hearts with her beautiful acting and beautiful teary eyes.moreless
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Jason Gedrick

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Beverly Todd

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    • Melinda: Who are you?
      Burning Ghost: It burns, everything burns.
      Melinda: What's that mean?
      Burning Ghost: He knows, he knows why.
      Melinda: Who knows?

    • Melinda: I don't think you came here just to make fun of my husband.
      Professor Payne: No, no I did not, although I do enjoy it. But I miss you. I miss you and I... You're avoiding me.
      Melinda: Not intentionally.
      Professor Payne: Did I scare you off?
      Melinda: I don't scare easily.
      Professor Payne: Crazy (Melinda suddenly found blood drops down the pillar, she looks up the pillar)
      Professor Payne: Your neck exercises?
      Melinda: Uhm Yes, actually you know that reminds to me I have a question for you.
      Professor Payne: You always have a question for me. This time before you ask, lets talk a little quid pro quo. If you get to ask a question, I get to ask you questions.

    • Melinda: Delia Banks, this is Professor Payne from Rockland University, he teaches the courses on…
      Professor Payne: I, I teach the use of symbols in the world of the occult. Man's need to believe in the unbelievable.
      Delia: OK (to Melinda) I'm going across the street and get some air freshener?
      Professor Payne: Air freshener? (Sniffing at his armpit)
      Melinda: Nothing to do with you.

    • Delia: So what is it?
      Melinda: The gift, I just had to get it out of the window before Jim saw it. Anyway, I'm gonna leave it here till Friday.
      Delia: So do you know what he's gonna get you?
      Melinda: Oh, I think he forgot, he has plans to play poker on Friday night.
      Delia: A ha, trouble in paradise.
      Melinda: No, he's just been exhausted. Working doubles. He got his dates mixed up. He'll realize it, figure it out.
      Delia: So, do you want me to drop a hint, the next time I see him? I'm pretty good at it.
      Melinda: No that's OK, thanks. I really want him to remember on his own. I mean it was a big night for him, for us. I just can't believe he would forget.

    • Jim: Tell me more about this ghost. He was on fire?
      Melinda: Yeah, he felt petty powerful.
      Jim: But nobody died in the fire. Where's he come from?
      Melinda: I don't know. It's like he was getting his power from the fire, I mean he looked at me and I got the chills.
      Jim: (chortles, points at Melinda) Chills, get it.
      Melinda: Oh alright, you're delirious. Get some sleep you're gonna be so sore in the morning.
      Jim: Oh, I'm already sore as hell. Ah, hell (referring to Melinda about her ghost on fire) fire.
      Melinda: Ok, sleep before I slap you.

    • Jim: I need you to lie down.
      (Melinda leans back against the pillows by the headboard)
      Jim: That's not lying down.
      Melinda: Well, why don't you turn your head sideways and then I'll look like I'm lying down.

    • (Melinda is helping Jim take off his shirt after he fought a fire)
      Melinda: Ooh. Ouch.
      Jim: No. That's my line.
      Melinda: You're too tough and stoic.
      Jim: It's good you reminded me 'cuz I wanted to scream when you were taking off my shirt.

    • Melinda: (teary eyed, to Jim after finding her surprise in the closet) I thought you forgot.
      Jim: I would never forget.

  • NOTES (3)


    • James Sutherland is a character from Konami's Survival-Horror Silent Hill 2.

    • Delia mentions to Melinda that men are very busy this time of year, and one of the things she mentions that they're busy doing is watching America's Next Top Model. America's Next Top Model is a show that airs on The CW, hosted by Tyra Banks, a competition between aspiring female models. The winner of the competition gets to be managed by Ford Models and gets a spread in Elle Magazine, along with a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl.