Ghost Whisperer

Season 2 Episode 21

The Prophet

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 04, 2007 on CBS
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Five accidents, and four signs, something else is going to happen. Melinda becomes concerned for the safety of the people she loves when a ghost prophet shows her visions of the future. The fellow Ghost Whisperer, who Melinda doesn't trust is still in Grandview.

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  • Great episode, I have to say the second best so far (the best so far is season 1 finale).

    This one actually kept me in the edge of my couch. From beginning to end this episode showed me how vulnerable Melinda and her loved ones are. I also have to say that keeping Profesor Payne's character was an excelent idea because he adds all the sarcasm and light comedy to the show. The fact that Gabriel is still hanging around is a sign that something big is really gonna happen. I predict that the finale of season two is going to be huge because it not only involves Melinda and Grandview, but many people from around the globe are involved. Can't wait!moreless
  • Great Episode!

    This was a really good episode and I can't wait for the conclusion! but I hate it when the words To Be Continued . . . . . . come up on the screen it drives me nuts! I wounder what will happen for that death of a loved one I wounder who will die and it kills me waiting. I would hate having cars come down on me that would be freaky. I wish Gabriel would just leave and leave Melinda alone. Also he should stop making the good spirits into bad spirits. I hope that one day Melinda will defeat him. Also I feel so bad for Delia and what happened I was basically screaming at the T.V.moreless
  • Will Delia go the way of Andrea?

    I enjoy Ghost Whisperer. It did take me some time during season one to become a dedicated fan. At the end of season one and the astonishing demise of Aisha Tylers character Andrea Moreno, I knew that it was must see TV.

    And this second to last episode of season two has a lot of the hallmarks that last year’s finale had.

    I'm convinced that we are being led down a false least I hope we are.

    With Gabriel substituting the "Wide Brim Man” from last year, I sit watching this episode trying to figure out if he is part of the conspiracy that Gabriel is apart of.

    At times I speculate if this show is as clever as it seems, or if I am simply over thinking it.

    But no matter what. It is great viewing and 'The Prophet' is top of my list of action packed episodes.

    The CGI and special effects are above par, out performing some similar Hollywood genre films (i.e. Silent Hill)

    A lot of questions have been raised over the last 21 episodes. I truly hope that they are answered in a way that respects both the show and the audience.moreless
  • Probably the most creative episode of Ghost Whisperer I have ever seen...

    This episode did what every episode of Ghost Whisperer does: blow me away! When the symbols in Melinda's Ghost encounters add up, she comes to a conclusion that her dreams are symbols to a tragic event in the near future. She begins to act upon her discoveries in attempt to stop the upcoming event in which her loved ones might get hurt in. Throughout the episode, the Melinda gains trust in her Co-worker and developes a stronger love for the friends around her. Not only was this story plot full of compassion, it was full of suspense as well. This episode kept you at the edge or your seat wondering what will happen next.moreless
  • Breathtaking...

    This is exactly the direction I wanted Ghost Whisperer to go since the series premiere way back last year. I've always had an idea for Melinda to actually to threw to the spirit world without actually dieing and maybe just maybe that'd be the cast *shrugs*. Tonight's episode "The Prophet". I loved it. It was truly one of televisions finest hours and I've seen a lot of shows. The visions of the past events were really amazing, even better then the plane crash last season. The cars falling from the broken bridge totally made me go aw and the sinking ship so took me back to Titanic lol. Finally after seeing that orange wearing jacket Ghost following Melinda at the end of "Delia's First Ghost" the Ghost is actually revealed. Sure it wasn't what I expected, I thought the ghost was going to be a Dark Spirit (alas Ramono and Laughing Man) but it was a nice a different twist to see someone light coming to help Melinda. A very different aspect they touched on in this episode was kids from around the world that from out of nowhere begin to draw/mold things that Melinda would need in the final fight. Thought that was nifty too. Storyline wise I loved that they tied in the dove to the five signs I've always thought that the dove just was a representation of the plane (since the place had the symbol of a dove as it's logo). They mentioned Andrea again! That was a great moment for Melinda to finally reveal why she blamed herself for Andrea's death and also why she waited/didn't want to tell Delia. Gabriel though only a short appearance in this episode IMO was enough to keep us guessing. I unlike other people actually like having him in Grandview and hope he stays for awhile longer. He adds mystery that GW's been missing from the beginning and also conflict for Melinda. Ramono and Laughing Man can be here all the time they are after all dead. As for who's the loved on that dies. I don't know but I'm sure that no matter who I'd be we'd all be shocked. If it's Jim, Payne, Delia who die I'll still stick with GW it's the reason I watch GW, for great clever stories and the amazing acting. Also the reason I began watching was for Jen anyways. I didn't mention Ned cause I don't think he'll die if Delia dies I have a feeling Ned will be adopted by Mel and Jim as their own.

    Jennifer I have to say I've really like the subtle changes in these last few episodes. First it began with her actually putting her hair up in "Delia's First Ghost" to now lightning the hair color even more and along with it a majority of the thickness of the hair. I give props to Jennifer for not being shy to finally change her hair style.

    10 out of 10, Only 1 more week till the resolution!moreless
Ignacio Serricchio

Ignacio Serricchio


Guest Star

Julian Sands

Julian Sands

Ethan Clark

Guest Star

Vivian Wu

Vivian Wu

Prophet Ghost

Guest Star

Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr

Professor Rick Payne

Recurring Role

Thomas F. Wilson

Thomas F. Wilson

Tim Flaherty

Recurring Role

Tyler Patrick Jones

Tyler Patrick Jones

Ned Banks

Recurring Role

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    • Melinda: (about Ethan Clark) This guy is filthy rich. He actually owns the ferry company from the accident but that's just a part of it. He also owns an airline, a shipping company and three quarters of a soccer team.
      Jim: What, he couldn't afford the other quarter?

    • Melinda: You've got to see this! (Rushes in).
      Professor Payne: Hey come on in, don't be shy it's not like it's 12:30 in the morning or anything.

    • Professor Payne: It was raining cars and you didn't call me?
      Melinda: I did call you.
      Professor Payne: After the fun as usual!

    • Delia: Wow I'm going out with an audiophile, who knew?
      Tim: You are going out with a guy who knows how to look up things fast on the internet.

    • Melinda: What about last night, it seemed like there was some kind of mining accident.
      Professor Payne: Yeah but you said they were all wearing suits and ties. I would think suits and ties in a mine would be a kind of fashion don't.

    • Melinda: It takes awhile to make a house a home.
      Jim: It took while to make this house a house.

    • Melinda: I'm sorry I just need to know that you're okay.
      Delia: Well I'm not.
      Melinda: You're not?
      Delia: No. It's ten after four and I'm awake, why are you doing this to me?

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