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Ghost Whisperer

Season 3 Episode 1

The Underneath

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Jennifer goes to Melinda's store to sell some belongings that came from her deceased parent's house. Melinda then helps Jennifer with her father who died when she was only a toddler. Someone takes photos of Melinda and they show something suspicious. Melinda finds that she has a hidden connection to Grandview while digging into her family's past.moreless

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  • For a disclaimer: I hate rip off premises. The so called "Steal from the best and make it your own" not always convince me, especially when the audience can tell exactly how much is "stolen" and how much is "your own".moreless

    That being said, the season premiere of Ghost whisperer has clearly stolen the half-brother-with-powers theme from "Medium" and added the rival element of "Tru Calling" counterpart to his motivations. However, the "make it you own" award goes to the twist on Medium's main love triangle as Professor Payne admits his feelings for Melinda on camera for the first time; this way the intellectual turns out to be NOT the medium's husband but rather the silent man yearning on the side and the hunky guy – i.e. Jim – the guy she's married to (rather than the silent detective yearning on the side). Plus, there're still no children that could suffer the consequences of mum decision over her two guys.

    The case is classic "Ghost whisperer" as Melinda must try to correct her mother's mistake that cost a little girl her parents over 15 years ago and give her the pictures his father saved for her before he died in order for her to reconnect with her birth family and more importantly to allow her to see a picture of her mother face for the first time. The episode also gives us some clues as to what should be the arc of the season: Mel's quest to reconnect with her father and half-brother and the mysterious message neither one of them could deliver to her last season finale.moreless
  • Season 3 is here to stay.

    Well Melinda is back, the story picks up from last season final episode. Some spirit is haunting her, she thinks his her father.

    A girl came to the antique and left a trunk full of stuff from her parents, they both died in the same day when she was young. Melinda gets a plate for her courage to save the kids and a photographer takes some pictures. He finds something in the pictures, the shadow of a man and when he works the photo a bit he discovers that there are some things around Melinda's head. This is not the first time, she already saw a face in her x-ray's.

    At the end it wasn't her father, is was the girls father and Melinda's mother is also involved.

    They day the guy died, she was there and he asked her for help to say goodbye to his wife and daughter. She couldn't do it and the wife run to the hole cause by the gas explosion. There was a second explosion and she died too.

    Melinda fixes the problem and the guy has a chance to say goodbye to his daughter and tell her about her family. He also pointed her to a photo of her mother.

    There is something strange in Melinda's mother voice when they talk at the end. She tells Melinda to leave Grandview but when Melinda says no she has a strange reply.

    I almost got the felling she was behind the force that wants Melinda out of there, strange felling, don't know.

    Lets way to see what happens next.moreless
  • OMG b rill :) from this episode you can tell season 3 is gonna be scary and soooo good.

    Wow. I could not tell what was gonna happen! This epsisode has to be one of my fav so far!!!! New story lines starting to appear - Melinda's mum and dad used to live in Grandview and the underground grandview which look to be haunted soo far. The ghosts seem more evil than i can remember, which can be classed as a goood thing or a bad thing, i'm not too sure yet. all in all this episode has for sure set the standards for season 3 which you can easliy tell the Ghost Whisperer is here to stay for a very long time.moreless
  • great season opener

    This episode starts off where the last season ends. This episode made me cry & laugh & get a little spooked which is awesome. And for the record I don't like Melindas mom...something about her just erks me...I have a strange feeling that she knows more than she is telling Melinda. I hope we see Melindas dad soon...becuase I want to know what he has to say and who her brother is. But for the first episode I think it was great. And I think it gives us some insight into the rest of the season. I think its going to be a little darker this year.moreless
  • the show is better than ever -- Rick Payne is a regular

    Much as I liked GW the first season, I thought it lost its way toward the end of that season. This "lost way" exposed weaknesses in the series - weaknesses largely strengthened last season and represented very well in this episode.

    The introduction of Jay Mohr to the cast is an immense boost to the energy of the series and the character himself is a wonderful complement as sometime-mentor/sometime-student to Melinda. The chemistry between them is tangible. And their comic timing together is flawless. The show, for me, is now their shared journey. And even Jim (largely amounting to a male June Cleever) is given something to do by glowering at Rick.

    This episode underscored the improvements -- the beautiful scene where Rick "rehearses" his confession to Melinda, along with their wonder banter ... The show is reborn and better than ever.moreless
Wayne Pére

Wayne Pére

Doctor Hayes

Guest Star

Jayma Mays

Jayma Mays

Jennifer Billings

Guest Star

Chris Ufland

Chris Ufland

Young Town Official

Guest Star

Anne Archer

Anne Archer

Beth Gordon

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Professor Payne: Are you sure it's not a reflection?
      Melinda: Yes I can say that I'm reasonably sure it's not a reflection.
      Professor Payne: Maybe someone that was there but you forgot they were there...
      Melinda: It's a ghost, get over it.
      Professor Payne: Sweet!

    • Delia: Do you want anything?
      Melinda: A muffin.
      Delia: Healthy or disgusting?

    • Justin (showing the picture): What do you think?
      Professor Payne: Ahem. I think I look scattered and distracted. Darn.
      Justin: No, um, I mean... I mean this. Dude, he's like not there in every other picture, and he just randomly appears in these two!
      Professor Payne: Justin, I'm not one to stand on ceremony, but if you
      call me "dude" again, I'm gonna have to bounce your head off of one of these walls.

    • Delia: Is there anything I can do?
      Melinda: You're doing it. Thanks for listening to the rantings of your very weird and haunted friend.

    • Melinda: My dad was always this villain in my life, and now, all of a sudden, he's gone, or at least physically gone, and, I don't know, I just feel like there's this big hole.
      Jim: You didn't really think he was gonna come back, did you?
      Melinda: I used to fantasize about it when I was a kid. You know, that he'd show up one day after school and have this explanation of why he had left. You know, like he had been kidnapped by spies and they'd burned all the letters he was gonna send to me and then he had finally escape and fought his way back to me.
      Jim: Hmm. That's funny. Your mom thought you might romanticize him.

    • Melinda: Mom, is there something that you're not telling me that could help? Do you know where he was living? What's the last thing that you remember about him?
      Beth: The last thing I remember about him is how hard you cried when he left... for days. Don't romanticize him, Melinda. He doesn't deserve it.

    • Melinda: Right now I'm just gonna concentrate on what happened to my dad.
      Professor Payne: How are you going to do that?
      Melinda: Guess I have to talk to my mother. If she's calmed down enough since the accident.
      Professor Payne: Well, don't you think she would have told you if she saw him?
      Melinda: Not necessarily. My mom has spent her whole life trying to deny that she could see spirits. I just found out she could see them 2 years ago. She hates talking about my father, and she hates talking about anything that has to do with her real feelings.
      Professor Payne: So it should be a productive visit, all in all.

    • Melinda: Something else weird happened to me at the doctor's. There was a face behind mine in the x-ray.
      Professor Payne: Do you think it was your father?
      Melinda: I don't know.
      Professor Payne: Even your x-rays are haunted. That's hardcore...

    • Melinda: So what do you think me seeing this door means? I mean, it had, like, a viewport and I could hear strange noises coming from behind it, like, wood falling and beams crashing.
      Professor Payne: Sounds like me doing home repairs.

    • Melinda (to Jennifer): It's hard to get through life without a few tears.

    • Melinda: Hey! Did we get the check?
      Professor Payne: Yeah!
      Melinda: Oh, good! That is mine. I asked you.
      Professor Payne: OK. Well, in that case I'm still hungry!

    • Melinda: Can you get me out of here?
      Jim: I gotta go to work.
      Melinda: How about you? Lunch?
      Professor Payne: If it's a lunch that involves food, yeah I'm in.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Anne Archer (Beth) received the "And" credit.

    • Jay Mohr (Payne) was added to the opening credits. He will be receiving the "With" credit.

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: November 1, 2007 on Kanal 4
      The Netherlands: February 17, 2008 on Net 5
      Israel: June 23, 2008 on YES Stars 2
      Turkey: November 12, 2008 on CNBC-e
      Hungary: March 18, 2009 on TV2
      Czech Republic: April 6, 2009 on AXN
      Slovakia: September 6, 2009 on JOJ
      Finland: December 12, 2009 on Nelonen


    • Rick: You had me at, "um."

      This is a reference to the line, "Shut up, just shut up. You had me at 'hello'." spoken by Renée Zellweger in the 1996 Cameron Crowe film Jerry Maguire that also starred Tom Cruise and Jay Mohr.