Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 20

The Vanishing

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A head injury caused by an accident puts Melinda's abilities at risk. Melinda must deal with the possibility of permanently losing her gift as she attempts to help a young girl whose boyfriend has recently died.

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  • Vanishing act...

    Melinda loses her paranormal powers as the result of a bad fall. A young girl is haunted by her dead boyfriend, and wants Melinda's help. Melinda struggles to find a way to help her. The episode starts out with a boatload of spirits seeking Melinda for her help, and the effect is almost comical as she by now knows many of them by name. But it quickly turns tragic when she swerves her car to miss a ghost family standing in the road, and encounters the dead boyfriend in the nearby woods seconds before she falls and cracks her skull. She even loses sight of her ghost dog! Mom comes around, feeling very chipper since Melinda is no longer haunted. The ending is quite conventional for this series.moreless
  • A Head Injury Causes Melinda To Lose Her Gift (Or So She Thought), She Helps A Young Girl Get In Contact With Her Deceased Boyfriend.

    Brilliant Episode, A Head Injury Causes Melinda To Lose Her Gift, Or So She Thought, She Helps A Young Girl (Caitlyn) Get In Touch With Her Deceased Boyfriend.

    Melinda Didn't Lose Her Gift!! :) Yay! =] Something Is Driving The Ghosts Away From Grandview. This Episode Is So Cool :D I Love It, Liked The Story Of Caitlyn Losing Her Boyfriend (Ok, Didn't Love That Part!) But I Loved It At The End, When Caitlyn & Brian Danced Together! :) It Was So Cute!

    Caitlyn Thought He Was Going To Break Up With Her, But He Wasn't Going To, That Girl That She Saw Him With Was His Dance Teacher! :) Amazing Episode!moreless
  • Melinda thinks she has lost her gift after a bad accident.

    This is one of my favorite episodes because I was so sad when Melinda thought she had lost her gift. I was also happy when Melinda saw Brian and I cried when Catlin and Brian started to dance. I was also a bit confused at the very end with "Wide Brim Hat Man" and "Laughing Man".
  • This was a Fantastic Episode

    This episode was really good. I was shocked at what happened to Melinda and how worried Jim was. I have the complete first season on DVD's and I watched this episode millions of times and still don't get sick of it if you have the complete first season and don't know what episode you want to watch I suggest you watch this one. It really emotional and makes you laugh all in one episode it is a great episode, one of my all time favorite episode. When she had to deal with losing her gift (what Melinda thought) and helping that girl it must have been very hard.moreless
  • Not much of n episode, but we finally get closer to the big finale.

    Melnda has been seeing a lot of ghosts lately, and aftr an attempt to help a ghost family, she is left helpless, in a coma. She gets well from the coma, a swift recovery. When she gets up, there is something very wrong. Melinda can no longer see ghosts, well, that's what she thought. It turns out all the ghostsare being drawn somewhere except for the young and powerful ones. Melinda helps a girl whos boyfriend has been haunting her. In the end of the episode, Melinda finds closure in knowing that she did not lose her powers, but there's something very wrong going on.moreless
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    • Melinda (after finishing a topic with Jim): Although, that wind was warm and so creepy.
      Jim: What do you think it means?
      Melinda: I wish I knew.

    • Melinda: What if it's me? Think about it, I haven't seen one ghost since the accident. Not even in the hospital. What if the ghosts are really here, right in front of me, and I just can't see them anymore?

    • Andrea: You have a very interesting definition of half day.
      Melinda: Well I had to entertain my mother for an hour. Then I needed an hour to come down from it, and yet another wistful hour trying to figure out why she couldn't be this happy when I was thirteen.
      Andrea: Well, better late than never.
      Melinda: True, see you tomorrow.
      Andrea: Half day.
      Melinda: Ya, ya.

    • Caitlin: Why don't you just face the fact they're not out there? There's nothing out there but nightmares and bad memories.

    • Melinda: Jim seems relieved though.
      Andrea: Maybe he's happy you're alive.

    • Andrea: How do you think this happened?
      Melinda: The accident, I guess. Some people lose their sense of smell, I lose my gift.

    • Melinda (points to Mr. Keeler who was outside his shop): You know who that is? Thats Mr. Keeler, Gary's boss.
      Jim: Oh, ya. The guy with the hex on him.
      Melinda: He doesn't really have a hex on him.
      (corbel from building falls inches away from Mr. Keeler)

    • Melinda: When I go back to work tomorrow...
      Jim: Oh no, no going back to work, you just got out of the hospital.
      Melinda: I'm fine. Besides, the week I was in the hospital was the most boring month of my life.
      Jim: Boredom is underrated.
      Melinda: Boredom is boring, and you can't stop me, so don't even try.
      Jim: Three days a week
      Melinda: No.
      Jim: Half days. That's my final offer.
      Melinda: Or what?
      Jim: Or I will withhold my husbandly attention.
      Melinda: You don't mean that.
      Jim: Give me strength.
      Melinda: You don't mean that. All right, fine. Half days.
      Jim: Ah, she gave in to my superior will.
      Melinda: Yeah, but my first half day starts today.

    • Melinda (about her mom): What is with her?
      Jim: I don't know.
      Melinda: She's so cheerful. What happened to the woman who couldn't bare to hear about ghosts? She is freaking me out.

    • Melinda: Where's Homer?
      Melinda's Mom: Homer? Who's Homer?
      Melinda: He's our dog.
      Jim: Sort of.
      Melinda: Actually, he's a ghost dog.
      Melinda's Mom: A ghost dog, how cute.

    • Melinda: Guys, this is ridiculous. I rested for a week in the hospital, I'm fine.
      Jim: Oh ya, really? What happened the night you fell? Do you remember?
      Melinda: Not exactly.

    • Ghost Family: You, you're the one who can see us.
      Melinda: Do I know you?

    • Melinda: I want to meet the guy that has you looking like this.
      Andrea: Like what?
      Melinda: Like, you describe the gold ring on the merry-go-round.

    • Melinda: I have told you a thousand times. I am not telling your boss his dead employee put a hex on him. First of all, there's no such thing!
      Gary, the Ghost: He doesn't know that!

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