Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 20

The Vanishing

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2006 on CBS



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    • Melinda (after finishing a topic with Jim): Although, that wind was warm and so creepy.
      Jim: What do you think it means?
      Melinda: I wish I knew.

    • Melinda: What if it's me? Think about it, I haven't seen one ghost since the accident. Not even in the hospital. What if the ghosts are really here, right in front of me, and I just can't see them anymore?

    • Andrea: You have a very interesting definition of half day.
      Melinda: Well I had to entertain my mother for an hour. Then I needed an hour to come down from it, and yet another wistful hour trying to figure out why she couldn't be this happy when I was thirteen.
      Andrea: Well, better late than never.
      Melinda: True, see you tomorrow.
      Andrea: Half day.
      Melinda: Ya, ya.

    • Caitlin: Why don't you just face the fact they're not out there? There's nothing out there but nightmares and bad memories.

    • Melinda: Jim seems relieved though.
      Andrea: Maybe he's happy you're alive.

    • Andrea: How do you think this happened?
      Melinda: The accident, I guess. Some people lose their sense of smell, I lose my gift.

    • Melinda (points to Mr. Keeler who was outside his shop): You know who that is? Thats Mr. Keeler, Gary's boss.
      Jim: Oh, ya. The guy with the hex on him.
      Melinda: He doesn't really have a hex on him.
      (corbel from building falls inches away from Mr. Keeler)

    • Melinda: When I go back to work tomorrow...
      Jim: Oh no, no going back to work, you just got out of the hospital.
      Melinda: I'm fine. Besides, the week I was in the hospital was the most boring month of my life.
      Jim: Boredom is underrated.
      Melinda: Boredom is boring, and you can't stop me, so don't even try.
      Jim: Three days a week
      Melinda: No.
      Jim: Half days. That's my final offer.
      Melinda: Or what?
      Jim: Or I will withhold my husbandly attention.
      Melinda: You don't mean that.
      Jim: Give me strength.
      Melinda: You don't mean that. All right, fine. Half days.
      Jim: Ah, she gave in to my superior will.
      Melinda: Yeah, but my first half day starts today.

    • Melinda (about her mom): What is with her?
      Jim: I don't know.
      Melinda: She's so cheerful. What happened to the woman who couldn't bare to hear about ghosts? She is freaking me out.

    • Melinda: Where's Homer?
      Melinda's Mom: Homer? Who's Homer?
      Melinda: He's our dog.
      Jim: Sort of.
      Melinda: Actually, he's a ghost dog.
      Melinda's Mom: A ghost dog, how cute.

    • Melinda: Guys, this is ridiculous. I rested for a week in the hospital, I'm fine.
      Jim: Oh ya, really? What happened the night you fell? Do you remember?
      Melinda: Not exactly.

    • Ghost Family: You, you're the one who can see us.
      Melinda: Do I know you?

    • Melinda: I want to meet the guy that has you looking like this.
      Andrea: Like what?
      Melinda: Like, you describe the gold ring on the merry-go-round.

    • Melinda: I have told you a thousand times. I am not telling your boss his dead employee put a hex on him. First of all, there's no such thing!
      Gary, the Ghost: He doesn't know that!

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