Ghost Whisperer

Season 2 Episode 17

The Walk-In

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2007 on CBS

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  • I dont have anything to say about this particular episode I just watch it from time to time when I'm dateless on a Friday. I am writing a review for the first time for this show after all the episodes that I've seen I have to say that this show is average

    Compared to Medium of course. It is just boring seeing the same old premise every wk. I miss my husband, I want to tell my girlfriend I want her to move on,I didnt get a chance to
    get a quickie just once more, blah blah blah sappy sapfest.
    I even hate it even more when they pretend its gonna be scary like the 1st season the man in all black the brim man they call or something? or this season like the wanna be ghost rider ep. where the ghost wanted to kill his living ex. that was cool at first even though it was a desperate attempt to be hip and get a younger audience I dont think I'VE EVER seen so many people under the age of thirty on this show b4. And what about the ep. when Jennifer Love Huge t.ts ex was a ghost and haunted her hubby that was scary at first but got sappy real fast. I've gotten to the point of just watching until the last 10 min. then I turn. Final thought the show would have more interestig drama if they stop reducing her hubby to patient, waiting on the side lines , in touch w/ his feelings champaigne drinking sissy that he comes off as sometimes. At least the husband on Medium is a strong likeable father of three whats this guys excuse(toughin him up and give him bigger roles please) , not to mention I thought it was real jacked up to kill off Aiesha T. character it would of been easier and soooo much nicer to just not make her a reaccuring character than a regualar if they were going to do this the first season, and then replace her w/ the chubby knuckle dragger fromthe practice. I dont mean to be so... well mean about that chick but she is by far so not a better replacement for Tylers character even if this new has a rebelliouse psycic son, I think maybe the show needed someone who wouldnt be competition in the pretty dept. Out of nowhere they pull a I got the minorities hooked, met my minority quota, dont need you anymore move LIKE on Smalleville w/ the Pete Ross character but at least they let him move away not die, or even better S.G. Atlantis the character Ford has super powers and even though these two characters were unecessarily kicked off the show they are still alive so they can make a guest appearance from time to time. If they were going to kill off a regular why not kill off Hewitts hubby in the show or Tylers characters brother that would of made better storylines I think, just somebody any body other than Tyler heck I bet she bought a house close to the set all to be stuck w/ an expensive house and noooooo GOOD job, if thats not messed up I dont know what is. So now that they kicked of the TOKEN I am finding less and less of a reason to watch the J.L.Hewitt fashion show w/ a spooky sappy twist. And yes miss Hewitt we all know u have money but your character is a antique shop owner w/ hardly any business and a mortgage, and yes whether her hubby has a good job or not tone down the BLOOMINGDALES clothes and be more modest some stuff she puts on is just rediculouse, is she going to a club,a job interview, or to help a lost spirit. ITS O.K. to wear JEANS and a T. shirt from time to time and the male viewers will appreciate it and think her character is more down to earth, not her just trying to wear as maaaaaany cute outfits as she cans b4 the ep. reaches the 40 min. mark!
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