Ghost Whisperer

Season 2 Episode 6

The Woman of His Dreams

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

It's night and a car stops. A woman who is wearing pants and who we only see below the waist takes a suitcase from the backseat and goes to the front door. She puts the suitcase down on the porch and before she can knock Jim opens the door. We now see her face and she asks if this is the house. Jim confirms it is. Josie introduces herself as she walks in and Jim takes her suitcase. There is a party inside and it seems Jim isn't thrilled about it. Melinda passes by with a pitcher of lemonade and tells him, "Cheer up. It'll be over before you know it." Delia tells him he's free to go downstairs and build something. She hands him a drink and tells him to relax.

Josie has come to sell products and is starting her presentation when she grabs Jim. She points out that he has combination skin and says she has a very effective line that will balance out his pH. While Josie is looking in her product case, Jim mouths something to Melinda. She seems to indicate that she's sorry that he got dragged into this but she can't help him. Josie finishes applying the product to Jim's face and when she spins him towards the front, Melinda sees a grotesque appearance. He says he has to go plow the north 40 now and he goes to Melinda. He says she looks like she's seen a ghost. She implies she has and he asks where. She says, "Right in front of me."

Jim washes the product off his face and Melinda says his face is back to normal. She decides they should go for a walk. Outside, he asks if her mom, Beth, called. Beth is having knee surgery. Melinda mentions that Josie sold $350 worth of her stuff. She says that the moisturizer for men was the big seller. Melinda feels lucky that other women find her husband so attractive but he doesn't like when men are attracted to Melinda. Then Melinda sees a cat on the fence. Jim doesn't see it so it seems to be a ghost. Melinda tries to befriend it and it yowls and hisses. It seems to go away but Melinda hears something else. Jim doesn't. Then she is startled when her cell phone rings. It's Beth. The surgery has been moved up.

Jim is asleep but Melinda is awake and gets out of bed. She goes into washroom and has flashes of a surgery. In the morning, Melinda is leaving the house with suitcase. Jim suggests that Beth might prefer to be alone, but Melinda isn't going to ignore the vision. Jim jokingly implies he won't miss her that much since he has poker tonight. He admits that it's his turn to host but he's been avoiding that because of the chance of a ghost to visit. Melinda points out that when she's gone the ghosts are gone. She tells him to host the game and he does.

The poker buddies note that it's been a while since Jim hosted. One suspects that Jim wants to keep them away from Melinda and notes that Melinda was out of town the last time Jim hosted. Then the lights flicker. Then there is a gust of wind that blows cards around. Flaher starts choking and Jim Heimlichs him. Flaher coughs up a green beetle that scoots off. The guys didn't seem to notice that and are ready to resume playing, but then a few more beetles scatter across the floor and there is another gust of wind. The guys decide to call it a night.

Jim is in bed and we see a woman holding the cat. Jim gets out of bed and it seems he can see her. He asks who she is. She gets close. The light comes on and she almost kisses him. It looks like Jim would have let it happen. But then he hears surgical tools clanking on a metal bowl. Jim is then woken by phone. It's Melinda. At first he denies being woken but then admits it. He asks about Beth. The surgery isn't until tomorrow. Melinda says they ordered in Chinese food and rented a movie. Melinda asks him to drop in at the store tomorrow to make sure Delia isn't getting overwhelmed. He agrees but she hears something wrong in his voice. He says he was having a really weird dream. She says, "Uh, well, welcome to my world," but she doesn't realize that it was her kind of dream. She tells him to go back to sleep and they hang up. But then he finds a scalpel on the floor.

In the morning, Jim stops by the store. Delia figures that Melinda wanted him to check up on her. Then she screams as the beetles come out from Jim's collar. The bugs get to the floor and scatter.

Melinda calls Jim and tells him that Beth sailed through the operation. Melinda asks how Jim's hangover is. He says what she sensed wasn't alcohol-related. He tells her what he's seen. She tells him to see Prof. Payne to get an interpretation of the symbols.

Jim was expecting someone older. Payne tells him to come back in 25 years. Jim introduces himself. Jim claims to be writing a book. Jim asks about the symbolism of a cat. Payne pulls out a book with photos of various breeds. Jim quickly picks out an Abyssinian. Payne says Egyptians were crazy about cats. If you killed one, you'd be killed. Then Jim asks about beetles. Payne asks about the color. Jim tells him and Payne says they're scarabs. Payne mentions that the goddess Bast was the protector of cats and women. Bast is the name of the cosmetics products that Josie sells.

Back at the house, Jim has another dream of the woman. There are a collection of people holding their hands together. The woman opens up her face, showing the muscles underneath. Then Jim wakes up. He had fallen asleep on the couch with a book.

Jim calls Melinda. He is looking at Josie's card and it shows Bast's logo is a beetle. Melinda asks what the woman looked like. He says she wasn't homely. She presses for more and he says she was drop-dead gorgeous like a model. Melinda is now concerned about how often he's been dreaming about another woman. But Melinda concludes that this isn't related to her mom's surgery. Melinda wants him to look at Bast advertising and find the model. At a newsstand he finds her on the cover of one magazine. He grabs a number of random magazines. Payne happens to show up there. The newsstand operator reads off the magazine titles.

Delia has lunch with Josie at an outdoor café. Josie is suggesting that Delia spend $750 to do Delia's colors. Delia doesn't want to throw away that much money. Then Josie notices Jim at the newsstand and he comes over and asks them about the model. Josie gasps. Delia identifies the model as Eva Turner. Josie says Eva was a friend of hers who died a couple of weeks ago. Jim claims that one of his buddies at the firehouse is into the model and Jim was going to ask Josie for an address to send a fan letter. Josie says Eva used to live in her building and was the one who got her into selling Bast cosmetics. Jim asks how she died. Josie says something went wrong with the anesthesia during an appendectomy. Josie says she's going to a memorial tomorrow in the city. Jim apologizes for interrupting their lunch and he leaves.

Jim tells Melinda about this. She thinks he should go to the memorial. He fells weird about it but she suggests going with someone else. He gets Flaher to go. Flaher sees Delia with Josie and remarks that Delia looks familiar. Jim says she works with Melinda. Flaher find Delia attractive. Then Jim sees another woman he knows. She lived in the town where he grew up. Jim used to mow their lawn. Then Jim sees a board with various photos of Eva, including one from when she was young with glasses and pigtails. He now recognizes her as Eva Kaminsky.

The woman Jim first recognized is Eva's mom, Marybeth. She begins eulogizing and a gust of wind blows the chapel doors open. After, Jim talks to Marybeth outside. She wasn't even aware that Eva was going into the hospital. She remarks that Eva never liked hospitals. Marybeth always thought Eva's sister, Linda, would be the one in the spotlight. Linda joins them and she says Eva would be so glad that he came. He doesn't think Eva would even remember him, but Linda says Eva talked about Jim. Linda says Jim gave Eva a great gift. Marybeth says she has to get back to Upton. She doesn't really like the city. It makes her nervous. She kisses Jim on the cheek and suggests he visit.

Jim noticed a woman and asks Linda who she is. Linda identifies her as Diana Lassiter. She was Eva's agent and is now Linda's. Linda has headshots out there but hasn't really gotten jobs. Linda mentions how Eva had to fight to make it but taught her a lot. Linda kisses Jim on the cheek and says she has to get back to mom's. She echoes Marybeth's invitation to visit.

Delia sees Flaher standing by himself, waiting for Jim. He introduces himself by his full name, Tim Flaherty. Delia remarks that he must be in "hog heaven", since Jim explained that his friend had a thing for models. Tim says they're too skinny. Delia likes hearing that.

Jim introduced himself to Diana, mentioning how he used to mow their lawn. Diana knew Eva for 5 years. Jim mentions that he knows she's representing Linda now. Diana says it takes a certain toughness to make it. She reveals that Eva was a bit of a wreck. It seemed that Eva was worried that Linda might replace her. Diana thinks that Eva was trying to prove something to somebody. The more successful she got the more she was afraid of losing it. Diana has seen that happen.

At home, Jim looks at Eva's magazine photo and a gust blows the magazine closed. We see Eva but Jim can't. He assumes she's there and he talks to her. He says he wishes he could help her. He doesn't know why she remembers him. He remembers her as just a kid who was too shy to say hello. We see her try to stroke his cheek. Then he has a flash of her pouring punch at a school dance and being bumped and spilling it on herself. But then young Jim introduced himself and asked her to dance. She accepted without saying a word. He tells her that she's the prettiest girl there and tells her not to forget that. Then the ghost says, "You're the first person who made me feel pretty." It's unclear if he heard that but then she disappears as a car approaches. It's Melinda.

He asks Melinda how a ghost could put something like that in his head. Melinda says Eva has a strong connection with him. He wonders what Eva wants. When he mentions that Marybeth didn't even know Eva was in the hospital, Melinda suggests that maybe Eva just wants to apologize for that. Jim senses that it's something more than that. Melinda asks Jim what he thinks they should do. He figures they should go see Marybeth. Melinda agrees. Jim says he's glad Melinda is back. She says he can show her. He kisses her.

They go to see Marybeth. They talk outside and Jim says they think Eva is still there. This freaks Marybeth out. Eva wants mom to repeat some of the nice things she said about her. Eva adds that mom left a few things out at the memorial. Marybeth decides to go inside. Eva says Marybeth told her that homely girls shouldn't expect too much from life. Melinda says that Eva feels that mom criticized her and compared her to Linda. That stops Marybeth. Marybeth attributes Eva's career to her pushing. Eva goes on but Marybeth goes inside. Melinda tells Eva that Marybeth can't hear Eva. Melinda figures that the operation wasn't for an appendectomy. Eva says Diana knew the truth.

They go to see Diana. Diana isn't sure that she should be talking to them. Melinda thinks the family deserves some closure. Diana says she tried to talk Eva out of the plastic surgery. Diana says Eva was on diet pills and didn't tell the doctors. Melinda thanks her for being honest. Melinda wants Diana to tell the family. But Melinda says she and Jim have to be with her.

At Marybeth's house, after Diana tells the truth, Melinda says she wants Diana to tell Linda something. Melinda says Eva is here. Eva says it was Diana who told her not to tell the doctors about the pills because he wouldn't do the surgery if he knew. Diana was the one who told Eva that the surgery would add 10 years to her career. Diana is indignant. Diana insists that Eva wanted the surgery. Melinda says Eva isn't trying to blame anyone. She just doesn't want Linda to buy into it. Linda looked up to Eva for overcoming. But Eva says she never overcame anything. She just became what others wanted her to be. She wants when Linda dies to leave a life filled with real things. Melinda promises to tell Linda. Eva now sees the light. Melinda tells the family that Eva is ready to cross over now.

Jim tells Eva that when Marybeth talked to him after memorial service he could see how much Marybeth loved her. Eva goes into the light. There is a gentle gust of wind.

At home, Melinda is in bed and as Jim gets into bed he says he doesn't know how she does this on a daily basis. He cuddles her. Melinda says her ghosts aren't as fascinating as his. He jokes that he's going to miss the beetles and scalpels. Melinda says at least Eva was easy on the eye. Jim agrees. Melinda didn't want to hear that. But he says Melinda is the most beautiful woman in his world. He says, "Welcome home, dream girl."
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