Ghost Whisperer

Season 2 Episode 6

The Woman of His Dreams

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2006 on CBS

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  • jim's old friend that was really kind to, visits jim and asks for his help to cross over.

    the episode is horrible. Jim's acting is boring and melinda is so missed in this episode. i mean, the show is about melinda and jim's role should be minimized to melinda's husband...

    plus the story sucks. a girl that died during a plastic surgery? i mean come on. and what about jim seeing ghosts and signs snd stuff. that's melinda's job not jim's.

    i hope the next episode is better. and i hope they never make another episode with jim. I mean if i wanted to fall asleep i wouldn't watch ghost whisperer. worst ghost whisperer episode by far. you'll need lots of patience for this one fellas.
  • What a boring, boring episode. Has to be the worst episode in Ghost Whisperer history and maybe because it was Jim's episode.

    So Jim's first ghost.....boring....

    Honestly, I gave it a chance, sat through the whole episode and realised how important Jennifer Love Hewitt's character is. I MISSED Melinda so much but even when she was involved, it was one of the least interesting episodes. I bet I'm gonna get so many fans who disagree with me and the only reason that will be is because you’re worried that too many negatives can turn into thousands and that leads to the show getting cancelled (maybe not)
    I hope the next episode is at least good because if it isn't, I will pull the plug on it (meaning I will stop watching cos there are so many better shows).

    Good luck GW fans.
  • This show was about a model that die trying to get plastic survery done. She comes to Jim cause he was nice to her at a high school dance and made her feel pretty.

    I love this show. It was great to see Jim have to deal with a ghost was Melinda was gone. It loved that the fact the Jim made this ghost feel special at a dance. It enforces what a great guy he is and how lucky Melinda is to have him.
  • I like this show, it shows that one can be spiritual without being religous. The same thing Joan of Arcadia was trying to show.

    This show continually makes its point with the writing. I mean there are situations that it has taken on that really could have been silly or treated contritely, but the writers have treated each story according to the needs of the characters and not just the storya dn how to end it in an hour. Even though there was one or two stories that I have to admit were rushed a bit. I don't usnderstand why Aisha Tyler did not want to reprise her role. I guess she did not feel that her charachter had anywhere to go. Now to go off ona little tangent. I really believe that this show and Joan of Arcadia would have complemented each other so well that CBS would have been a monster on Friday nights and nobody would have been able to touch them. But I guess we will never know. I hope CBS doesn't try to screw this show over by changing the line up next season.
  • Adventures and misadventures of Jim Clancy. Very original

    Wow! Quiet the twist I must say. It\'s Jim\'s adventure this time. He had to find out about this supermodel aquaintance from high school. What she wanted, why she was there. He had to do the work. The message of this episode really touched me. About how physical beauty really means nothing because everyone is beautiful in a different way. Don\'t change. That really does make a good statement that every single person should live by. It really makes one think. The very end where Jim said Melinda was his dream girl made me laugh. You can\'t have a sweeter man than Jim. YOu can just see how much he loves Melinda.