Ghost Whisperer

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2008 on CBS

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    Broke my heart when Jim died, this episode managed to see Jim and Melinda's relationship in new light and the different challenges they face. I hope they can be together again now that Jim entered another body!!
  • Jim does not want to cross over.

    Ghost Whisperer has entertained people for four years but never was there an episode like this. The whole moral basis of the program was tested here as Melinda was forced to say goodbye to husband Jim. As Melinda dealt with the ghost of her deceased husband another ghost began appearing only to him. But this episode was not about the course of the norm. This episode was about accepting the concept of crossing over and if it is truly necessary. You can read too much into this and think about its message or you could do what I do and just try to enjoy an entertaining program in an entertaining season. With Jim gone Ghost Whisperer is going to be a different show but I am excited about what is in store for us.

    There were some boring parts, and some odd parts to this episode such as the dancing at the funeral, but Eli was amusing enough to make up for it. The scene with him trying to get information at the hospital with Jim helping him was hilarious.
  • This episode was very painful to watch and completely out of character for this show. Jim dies and then at the end he goes into someone else's body. wtf???

    I was hoping that they would not do this to this show but they have not offically "jumped the shark." I am not sure what the writer's were thinking but it makes no sense. This episode was all over the place. There was the teenage girl and Jim and then the drunk dad. It was really jerky. First they were here then they were there. I'm not sure if I am making sense but that is how the show left me feeling. I cannot believe that they had Jim die. Are their ratings that bad that they had to try some stunt like this? Maybe they can pull a Dallas and have this whole season just be a dream. That would be nice but until then I am going to have to find something else to watch on Friday nights. Thanks a lot cbs.
  • I know it's November sweeps, but please Ghost Whisperer, say it ain't so!

    This episode started strong, predictably bringing tears to my eyes throughout the first 20 or so minutes. The celebratory tone of Jim's funeral was great and a perfect time for Melinda to see him...but from then on, this show just got lousier by the minute. I am a HUGE GW fan...having said that, I'm afraid the show has "jumped the shark" with that ending. Jim repossessing another man's body (the new guys used to be on Jericho btw)...WHAT?! I mean, I was upset they killed Jim off last week, because he and Melinda have the best chemistry on TV today! It was perfect and sad to see it go...and I guess I'm glad Jim is still on the show, but I don't know, the ending still makes me mad. I mean, does only Melinda see Jim's face? What, are they going to try and have a baby still? Yeah, kid you look like your father.....IN HIS PAST LIFE?!
    I'm still going to watch, but this show has a lot to prove now... oh and writers, what's going on with the mystery story arc you've given us the first few years... the creepy laughing man with the hat, the underground world? It seems this season that all the other stuff has been forgotten. Let's hope it is all just a dream.....
  • I disagree. This was a pivotal episode.

    I think the lesson is what it is. There are plenty of folk who lose someone or something only to find a closer relationship with the Divine because of it. Grief brings tears. Tears and heartache turn one to god/God (or whomever one chooses as a transcendental authority outside of one's reality).
    Melinda (as a character), is using her gift in service to others. Does that glorify what she does for mankind and accrue Grace? Of course it does. Is it evident for all to see in all cases, well no, it isn't, but it's not something we should dwell upon. What you see before you is a scriptwriter's vision who recognized that good works bring an easement to tears... whether she becomes aware of it or not in the next episode remains to be seen. Just a paste that's help me cope with my own losses... "Grief is a great friend, for it opens one's eyes and
    shocks them to search the secret of peace and happiness." - Baba
  • Worst episode ever! This is not a family show any more!

    Is this the message the show's creators want to share with their audience, that if you're good-hearted, nice and giving you're rewarded with pain and sorrow but if you're unethical , selfish and cunning you get what your heart desires? So helping people results in Melinda's character to lose everything and everyone she loves(her best friend, her father, her other father, her husband, even the child in her womb), but when good Jim decides to go bad and becomes a selfish body thief he gets to live again? Immorality is rewarded? Is this some kind of lesson they want to teach us? And is this something we want to watch with our families?
  • A story about love!

    That was a super cute episode.

    I guess it shows what love can do and how when we love too much, sometimes it is just not right.

    Jim didnt want to cross over for Melinda, because he loves her so much, it would be too hard on him. Unfortunately that's a bit selfish of him. I mean he needs to understand that he needs to let go and let her fix her heart. If he keeps there, he wont ever let her live.

    On the other hand, we see how Melinda loves him, it would be so much easier to let him there, but she knows it isnt the right thing and she made her best to make him to cross over.

    I hope he understand and he goes, and he doesnt keep in that body, it will be too sad if this happens.
  • i love this show it's the best ever

    i love it the best i always see it i hope it stays one for ever i can't wait to see whats going to happen every time i see it jenffer is the bast at this show i just wish jim didn't die but now he is in someone elses body so i'm glad he is still around too my whole family love this show too so don't let it stop.... it just gets better and better.... keep it up every one. i'm hopeing one i can get all the seesons for the show.... and one day i hope to see more
  • Although Jim is dead, he is very much in this episode

    In this episode of Ghost Whisperer, the following happens. We open with Jim being with his dead brother Dan. Dan is there to cross Jim into the light. But Jim says he can't go and leave Melinda. We then see Jim in a building opening doors into different parts of his life with Melinda. We then jump to 2 days after Jim's death and we learn that Melinda hasn't seen him or any ghosts since he died. Delia and Ned are with her, trying to get her to start planning Jim's funeral. Then Jim's mother arrives. We learn from Dan that Melinda can't see ghosts because her grief over Jim is too strong and it's blocking her ability. Strange things keep happening such as dishes braking and Melinda believes that it's Jim, only it's not him. We then see Jim's funeral taking place. We then see everyone dancing. Then finally, but only for a moment, Melinda sees Jim. Then he re-appears and she dances with him. Jim doesn't want to cross over, he wants to stay with Melinda forever, but she tells him that he has to cross over. Melinda deals with a ghost who tells her that Jim's death is her fault (the ghosts not Melinda's). We soon learn that the dead girl's stepfather is the one who shot and killed Jim. Melinda goes to see the stepfather and manages to get the girl to cross over. At the end of the episode we see Jim, moving into the body of another man. But when he comes round, he doesn't not know Melinda, although now to her he looks like Jim and not the man who he really is.
  • I hate the fact that they officially killed off Jim, even if...

    I really do hate the fact that they officially killed off Jim, even if he *is* back in the show.... really, in someone else's body. Jim was a very good influence in Melinda's life, and I really, really, really wanted them to have a baby of their own.

    Granted, it still might happen, but not by Jim's actual body (unless he actually managed to get Melinda pregnant before his death), only in spirit. It's going to take quite awhile before other Sam and/or Melinda are comfortable in taking that step in this new life of their's... and Melinda seems to be the type of person who would want to get married Before they actually take that step in their lives...
  • Very intereesting occurences! and very interesting advancements in the storyline!

    Ghost Whisperer heated up again tonight, with anothe scintillating episode, to continue the storyline from last week. I found the concept of Melinda being unable to see ghosts through her grief as a good one, and the scene with Melinda dancing with what seemed liked nothing to be very randomly hilarious!

    I thought the case with the female ghosts was good, and very interesting that it led to Det. Carl Neely, who was the man who accidently killed Jim.

    I also thought the lastr few scenes were really amazing, and now, maybe Jim won't die after all, but he won't know who he is, either!

    Wow! So much confusion and developments in one episode! I'm really captivated and enthused to see what will happen next!
  • I love that GW has incorporated some Eastern/Buddhism aspects into the show like Karma and Reincarnation. Karma is you reap what you sow. Reincarnation means rebirth. Since Jim was a soul with good karma, he was able to take on a quick rebirth.

    In Buddhism, when people die they go to a new rebirth. This all depends on their good/bad karma. Jim was a good person with good karma. He was able to take on a rebirth right away. It is rare that rebirth takes on this fast. Of course, this is a TV show. Jim cannot go back into his body, because it is his destiny for that physical body to die. Most Buddhists believe in cremation. This will prevent other ghosts feeding on the dead body's energies. Souls are eternal. The physical body dies. Since Jim has taken on a new rebirth he is not a hungry ghost/earthbound spirits. He can live life again. He can learn other lessons that life needs to teach him.
  • What...the...hell???

    I don't know....maybe I'm becoming more stupid everyday, but I have no idea what happened in this episode. I thought that there are only two options for this kind of story: 1) a very heartbreaking episode where almost every viewer should cry every 5 minutes, or 2) a very interesting episode where the dead one is resurrected in the end. It turns out that there is a third option - a very strange episode where it's impossible to understand what the hell is going on. The only interesting thing was the Light. It is really very beautiful just like all the ghosts said. So...I'm really disappointed about this episode - I'm sure that the writers could have made it ten times better, because it should have been a very special moment.
  • Stop crying and give the show a chance!

    Okay I get it. Everyone is upset about the whole jim thing but I've never saw so many people insulting the show. I know the Jim and Melinda thing was pivotal to the show but it was also getting tiring and repetitive. It opens new storylines and possiblities for new and more interesting characters. We can't keep every character we want and we just have to deal with the fact that he is gone. The show is about Melinda and we should be happy that they didn't kill her off and did a jump the shark. We should give the show a chance at least until the end of this series. You never know, the show could surprise us all!
  • Wtf, CBS?!? Are you serious?

    I absolutely adore this show, I never miss an episode. But I couldn't believe the crap that they tried to pull in this episode. Most of it made absolutely no sense. Why could Jim enter a random stranger's body but not his own? I want him to stick around, but NOT like this! And WHY did they kill him off in the first place? That was probably the stupidest thing they could've done. Are they trying to get the show canceled? And the way they did it was completely unbelieveable. A real cop would NEVER shoot at a shadow like that if there was a chance that he might kill or harm the person he didn't want to hit. Congratulations on royally jumping the proverbial shark, CBS. I've already decided that if Jim's gone for good I'm never watching the show again. *sigh* Oh Ghost Whisperer, what's happened to you?
  • I can't believe what the writers are doing to this show. Why oh why would they do this to one of the main characters on the show? This episode just pissed me right off because it makes no sense at all. What on earth are the writers thinking? This is sad..

    So am I suppose to believe that Jim can connect with someone elses body but can't connect with his own?? This has to be one of the most upsetting episode ever. I did not want Jim to be alive like this. When he was to go into that body, I thought he was going to go back to his own body and enter his. I do not believe that his body is dead and he can't reconnect with it. So now we have Jim in someone elses body and all of the memories that he had with Melinda are gone?