Ghost Whisperer

Season 5 Episode 3

Till Death Do Us Start

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2009 on CBS

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  • i thought i wasnt going to like this one but it turns out i did :):):)...

    Wow this episode was great!! At first i thought, its about eli i wont like it as much, BUT, after i watched it i loved it!! The whole plot was great and all the twists and turns really shocked me, especially when eli's mum revealed her lesbian affair!! AND can i just say that i lovee aiden!! it is a mystery how he knows all these things and put them in the picture which helped unravel he plot in this episode!! i really think eli should date casey so he can actually have someone instead of always butting jim and mel's 'hot scenes' LOL!! overall a great episode and i shall stay tuned next week for a new episode from grandview hospital!!!
  • *shakes head*

    Do the writers for Ghost Whisperer know who Jamie Kennedy is? He is a comedian, who has appeared in various, albeit unfunny, but still comedies and hosted the before-Punk'd series The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. He should be in there for comic relief, not to drive forth a very serious storyline and yet that is what they tried to do with him here. I have no desire to see a nearing 40 year old comedian crying on my television screen yet that is what we got tonight.

    Get it together Ghost Whisperer or I will drop you from my tv viewing schedule.