Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 12

Undead Comic

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

After a stand-up comedian commits suicide, he's left in between worlds. Melinda tries to help him find closure.

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  • Melinda's first suicide

    This was the first episode that I watched from this series, missed the entire first season of this and tuned in, with the start of the second season. I recently went and bought the first season on dvd, and I believe this is Melinda's first suicide that she deals with. I love these episodes they have a beginning and an end, so no matter which episode you tune into you understand what is going on. Jennifer Love Hewitt is great on this series. For this being my first episode I saw it did spectular for me to tune in every week, and make this one of my favorite shows.moreless
  • Dying is easy. It's the comedy that's hard...

    This episode is all about Marty, who Melinda finds while she is at a comedy club with Jim and Andrea. He starts doing all kinds of strange things such as balancing Melinda's arm chair on the coffee table and balancing glasses and throwing them to the floor, which starts to scare her a bit. She goes back to the club at night and finds it full of those who have not crossed over. Melinda believes he died in a horrific event which explains his disgusting disfigured look. He remembers he killed himself on a bridge. He stepped off the bridge, but then realized he had made a mistake. He finally figures the reason why he killed himself: his girlfriend, who was also a comedian at the club, got a break in the big time and he didn't. When she refused to go, he felt like he was taking her chance to be good. There are good co-stars in this episode. The rest is up to you to watch but I bet you can guess the ending.moreless
  • A Dead Comedian Comes To Melinda In Hope Of Finding Closure And Cross Over To The Other Side.

    Well..I Loved It! Especially When Melinda's Keys 'Defy The Laws Of Gravity'!

    I Thought This Episode Was One Of The Classics, As Was 'Hope And Mercy' (Personal Favourite).

    The Storyline Is Just So Great, You Couldn't Help But NOT Watch It! (I Certainly Loved It!!)

    When I First Saw The Ghost of Marty, I Thought 'Wow' But As The Episode Went On, I Thought He Was Very Very Nice! Especially Jumping Off The Bridge So That The Woman He Loved (Bless Him!) Could Be A Star Instead Of Him, I Mean, C'mon How Many People Would Be Willing To Give Up Their Lives So That YOU Could Be A Star Instead Of Him/Her??

    To Round It Off, Thought It Was A Bit Of A Tearjerker At The End, When Marty Was Stroking The Woman's Face And Saying 'I'll Be Watching You Tonight'.

    Very Very Good Episode! The Writers Should Keep Coming Up With Quality Stuff Like This!moreless
  • This episode has a required taste.

    Melinda, Andrea and Jim take interest in a comedy club named "The Comedy Cave." There, Melinda meets a very scary looking ghost, but later on becomes more civilized looking and she finally was able to start helping him. Like most times, it is a romance problem with one that is still alive. Melinda tries to contact the partner of the ghost, but finds convincing the partner more difficult than she expected. This episode is quite emotional, but it also has its twist of comedy, but what would you expect, the story is centered on comedians?

    Overall it was a very unique episode, I don't think much people would really enjoy it, but it has required taste.moreless
  • Bad!

    Bellow average episode. The story didn’t click for me. The casting to be blunt, sucked! The guy who played Marty was the worst but Sandra and the other chick weren’t much better either. On the plus side, Jennifer Love Hewitt looked absolutely delicious. Very, very hot! As to the episode, it’s one of the worst of the season so far. Even the jokes at the comedy club failed. They need to do something with the show. It’s getting stale already, after only a dozen episodes. I mean, JLH is great eye candy and all, and some stories really are sad/beautiful but that alone doesn’t hold a show together.moreless
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Jed Rees

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