Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The spirit of the mother of a teenage boy attempts to communicate with her son via white noise. Melinda must find a way to get her messages across.

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  • A ghost appears to Melinda in form of EVP...

    Melinda and Jim's car is stolen by a troubled teenager boy whose mother died in an accident in the woods. He feels that his mother betrayed him when she was alive and can't forgive her, because she was having an affair with a friend of hers. Melinda must help him understand what his mother wants to help him confess to his father that he is gay and encourage him to continue writing, since he is so good at it. His mother was an electrical engineer who died via electrocution and can only communicate by EVP (Electric Voice Phenomenon). This is the first time that a ghost can make Melinda sick, because of the so many voices that "talk" through the white noise (EVP).moreless
  • A very different ghost

    Melinda deals with a ghost that travels through electronic devices in this episode. It sounds corny, but the writers and producers actually made the episode work. The ghost was a woman who was cheating on her husband with another man. The person she hoped to fix things up with was her son, who was lost and couldn't find his way since his mother's death. I liked the bond between them and how by one act the whole relationship fell apart. I'm just disappointed they couldn't think of a more unique ending, if they had managed to do that this episode would have been perfect.

    Meanwhile, Melinda also deals with her husband's obsession with his mom's new boyfriend.moreless
  • Absolutely beautiful. A mother's love for her son that has to be sent through Melinda is very original.

    There are no words to describe how beautiful and wonderful this show is. Our beautiful angel Melinda does it once again. This time the ghost of a distraught guilt-ridden mother, trying to reach her trouble and closeted homo-sexual son to tell him that she does love him and that because of keeping a secret from him that he had to stop hurting himself. Only Melinda can give him that message. I thought that the subplot of Jim's Mother dating a new man was kind of shakey but it too was still very good. I just couldn't find the reason why Jim would suspect this man. That's all that was truly wrong with the episode. Other than that this episode was a touching and warm-hearted episode that mother's and children should watch together. Truly triumphant.moreless
  • Melinda helps a ghostly mom reconnect with her son, and helps the boy reconnect with his father.

    The episode begins after an evening out, Melinda & Jim's car gets stolen. The cops are able to apprehend the culprit a few miles away, and it appears to be a teenage boy, whose father arrives on the scene and pleads with the Gordon's not press charges and he will pay for the damages.

    After getting back their car they hear extremely high static on their radio, and a woman can be heard screaming in the distance, and the noise appears to be affecting Melinda greatly. It turns out to be a ghost who is trying to connect with her through EVP.

    Lacy was eletrocuted when she was running in the woods with her lover, and when her son found out he lost his faith in her, himself and his talent for writing.

    He wrote a short story called the Red Glove, which is about a boy who is afraid to tell his father that he is gay. It appears that the mother knew, and encouraged him to tell his father through his writing.

    As usual Melinda is able to get through to Kirk, and he has a tearful good bye with his mother and his father is giving the story by Melinda.

    During this time Jim's mother is paying them a visit with a new boyfriend who Jim distrust immediatley, but his doubts are soon put to rest when he gets to know Ellis a little bit better.

    Overall, this episode was very dull, and once again, I'm concern for the show's future.moreless
  • A bit dark, a bit light and a decent Episode.

    I like this Episode it has that darkish feeling to it along with a bit of lightness that goes cleverly well with the Plot. The Effects were also cool cause the ghost appeared in a different form than it normally does but it could have down without her falling into the well and than the ghost getting up like nothing happened would have liked it better if they just left out the ghost part and let the guy find out she was died would have had a much better impression.

    I really like that this Episode also had some Character developement for Melinda and Jim and also having his mother their made it perfect cause it showed that he is a protective son that only wants whats good for her.

    Again all of the Main Cast did a good job cause everything just balance out for a perfect Episode along with the Guest-Stars.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Goof: After meeting the ghost at what looks like a power relay station, Melinda is seen driving to the boy's fathers' house in an old style Jeep Cherokee (18:56). However upon pulling up outside the house, she is now driving a new style Jeep Liberty (19:15).

    • Goof: When Melinda was driving from her antique shop to the woods at 13:34, we can clearly see that she is wearing the red headgear. Then right after that, during the close up shot of her, she's not wearing the red headgear anymore.

    • The ghost of the boys mother appeared to Melinda in a static form but once Melinda was able to help Kirk the ghost changed its form into a non-static form before she finally crossed over into the light.

    • Goof: Near the end of the show, when the clock-radio starts talking, the close-up shows that it's 11:32. When Melinda walks over to the clock, however, the distance shots say 11:31. In the subsequent close-up, it's back to 11:32 again.

    • Christine Baranski returns for the second time as Jim's mother.

    • Goof: The time line at the antiques store doesn't make sense. It's clearly full daylight when Melinda is in the store and sees the the spirits on her computer screen. But in the next scene she drives to the woods and it's completely dark.

    • In this episode, when Melinda first hears the EVP, Jim can also hear it. Though Jim has felt some of the ghosts Melinda helps, this is the first time they both experience the same initial "introduction" to a ghost. Also, Kirk sees the ghost of Lacy in TV screens, marking the first time someone else has seen the ghost Melinda is helping.

    • Ellis Conway is from Philadelphia, and met Jim's mother when he installed a security system in her home. Though he goes by "Ellis," this is his middle name. His first name is Vincent (or Vinny).

    • Goof: Right before Kirk throws the trash bin through the store window, you can see a reflection of him running away at a fast pace, however when the camera switches to when he picks the trash bin up, he isn't running at all.

    • This episode marks the first time Melinda gets sick from the voices.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • (Andrea talking to Jim at the Market)
      Andrea: Hey! You're supposed to pay for those.
      Jim: (Jim watching Ellis) Keeping track.
      Andrea: All right, what's up with you and Ellis?
      Jim: What about me and Ellis?
      Andrea: You haven't spoken two words to the guy.
      Jim: It's nothing.
      Andrea: Does it bother you that him and your mom...
      Jim: Hey hey hey! Do we have to put a name on it, huh?
      Andrea: I don't get it, he seems like a perfectly nice guy.
      Jim: So how come he's checking up on that blonde who is clearly not my mother?
      Andrea: Because, Jim, that blonde is a nordic goddess with huge... pastries. A Priest would be forgiven for glancing.
      Jim: It's not a glance, it's a leer. Come on. I don't know, it's just something doesn't feel right.
      Andrea: Has your mom dated anybody since your dad past away?
      Jim: Not that I know of.
      Andrea: (Andrea begins to leave) Say no more.

    • Faith Clancy: (to Melinda) Let's hope he gives Ellis a few crumbs at least.

    • Melinda: What are you doing?
      Jim: I'm coming with you.
      Melinda: We can't both leave in the middle of the night, it'll look weird.

    • Jim: Just when I think I can't love you more, you prove me wrong.

    • Mr. Jensen: I lost about having the rug pulled out from under you.

    • Jim: I've been kind of a jerk when it came to Ellis.
      Faith: Kind of?

    • Kirk: Nothing like doing some hard time in the Grandview jail to turn a guy around.

    • Kirk: I get why she lied to my old man, but why did she lie to me?

    • Kirk: Do you know what it's about?
      Melinda: It's about a young man who doesn't know how to tell his father that he's gay.

    • Melinda: I can't believe you tried to put the bags in separate rooms?

    • Melinda: She's a little impulsive.
      Andrea: That's great, I love impulsive.

    • Ellis: We all have our wounds, kid.
      Jim: Not as big as the ones I'd like to inflict on myself right now.

    • Dr. Huffman: You seem a little surprised...
      Melinda: No, no, I'm sorry. It's just you sounded... older on the phone.

    • Jim: (to Melinda) Oh, he messed with your stations. We should prosecute. Let's go back.

    • Melinda: I don't think that waiter got your sense of humor...
      Jim: I think that's because he was looking at you so much.

    • Christine: He's my... boyfriend is ridiculous isn't it... he's my special friend.

    • Kirk: Why are you even involved with this?
      Melinda: Because it was my car you chose to steal, and maybe that was no accident.

    • Faith Clancy: Are you ok? You look worried.
      Melinda: Yeah. I guess I'm always worried about something.

    • Miles Jackson: Are you a social worker or something?
      Melinda: I get that a lot. Not really, no.

    • Jim: Do you ever think there will be a day where you can say, "you know, sorry, I can't help you, you're not good for me, you're making me sick, you're making me cry"? Do you think that day will ever come?
      Melinda: I don't know.

    • Jim: You get a headache. My mother arrives. Interesting.

    • Jim: Normal come I can hear them? (hears the voices on the car radio)
      Melinda: I don't know. There's a name for this.

    • Jim: I need to wake up and be sixteen and get over being an adult.

    • Jim: (referring to his mother) She likes to think she's low maintenance.
      Melinda: Don't we all.

  • NOTES (3)


    • EVP

      Electronic Voice Phenomenon is where voices are heard in the background noise of an electronic device, especially on the "empty" bands in a radio or TV signal.

      EVP played a key role in the film White Noise.